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The End

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Summary: The world as we know it won’t end with bang but a whimper and the blame for that will land squarely on one young man’s shoulders.

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Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Moderator)AvaFR1511,015071,67224 May 0824 May 08Yes
Title :: The End
Rating :: FR15
Prompt :: Pulse
Disclaimer :: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and all related characters are copyright Josh Friedman, Fox Television Studios & James Cameron. Dark Angel and all related characters are copyright James Cameron and Fox Television Studios. No infringement intended.
Fandoms :: Terminator:TSCC/Dark Angel
Note :: This was written for the Sarah Connor Chronicles Crossover Community on LiveJournal. The link is here.

Synopsis :: The world as we know it won’t end with bang but a whimper and the blame for that will land squarely on one young man’s shoulders.

The End

There was a sweet scent on the air, a scent that had grown heavier as the month of May slipped away and first day of June blossomed over California and brought with it flyers of all kinds, posted on all lampposts and most buildings. Reminding those that cared of what this month had to offer and where they should congregate—John Connor was not one of those people.

The grove that surrounded John and Cameron as they made their way through it and toward the flat grassland behind was growing darker and denser the further in they trekked. The nylon strap braced across his chest shifted, dug deeper and torqued his shoulder. John ignored it, ignored the irritation and the pain as the grass and dead leaves crunched beneath his boots as he followed Cameron toward the designated meeting point. The sky above them was covered by a layer of thin, transparent clouds that seemed to heighten rather than block the moon’s glow.

He sidestepped a fallen limb and pushed onward until Cameron’s steps began to slow and he looked up, past her narrow shoulder and into the clearing to see the crouching forms of his mother and uncle and a vehicle that resembled a cut down tank. The large, circular clearing that surrounded his family was free of shadows and Cameron placed herself beside Sarah Connor and set down the oversized duffle she carried with ease as John placed himself beside Derek and began to remove a laptop from his own bag so that he could connect it to the ground to sky missile launcher.

Derek nodded to him, mouth set in a grim line as he worked the small wrench over the bolts his mom had set to tighten them as Cameron knelt and unzipped the bag she had carried into the clearing. Her slim hands dipped into the opening and freed the long metal cylinder that would bring the plan John had been working on for the last few months to its climax. The plan was simple, efficient and bound to destroy a lot of lives but in the same moment it would save millions from the future Cameron and Derek came from and since a Faraday cage that could stop an electromagnetic pulse hasn’t been created yet this plan would work.

The SAM was a simple design, one that John had been able to manufacture once Cameron and his mom had brought him the proper materials. Materials that had been hard commodities to come by even after the harrowing raid on a naval base that had supplied them with the mobile launcher that Derek was working over and John was integrating the commands into.

Cameron raised the surface to air missile and easily positioned it onto the launcher, locking it in place with a deft twist of her wrists. “Are you ready?” Hazel eyes rose from their study of the machine that would save them to the machine that would soon lose her life—or whatever semblance of life she possessed.

“As I’ll ever be.”

His mom stood, placed her hand on his arm and met his gaze. “I’ll launch it.”

“No.” He shook his head, ignored the presence of Derek on his other side and stated, his voice surprisingly firm. “I’m supposed to be the savior of mankind. I might as well have a hand in its downfall.”


“No, mom.”

He placed his laptop on the launcher and began the preparations needed to bring it fully online. The green on black screen brought up an image of the sensor’s air-searched radar. The skies above them were clear and John’s stomach tightened as he placed in the command code and Cameron came to his side as his hand hovered over the key that would bring about the end. She drew him into her shadow and her mimicked breathing was still the oddest and most comforting sound he knew.

His head turned, gaze narrowing on her gently slopping features as his finger compressed the button and he stepped back as the missile rose skyward and a pressure built behind his ears as the launcher thrummed before the metal cylinder was shot into the air. Several long, silent moments passed where he simply stood beside Cameron before the rocket ignited and pushed the missile onward towards its destination of at least an altitude of 250 miles for the burst radius to cover enough of the continental United States to matter. He watched the burning light of the missile as it grew smaller and smaller and the tightness in his stomach faded away to be replaced by a hole that grew as quickly as the missile departed.

He turned, watched Cameron track the missile’s trajectory and lifted a hand up, cupped her check and she turned to face him. Her head inclining in confusion with the sadness she saw in his gaze and he ignored Derek’s sound of displeasure and his mom’s startled intake of breath as he leaned forward and pressed his lips against the mouth of what would have been his greatest creation.

It parted beneath his own as the missile destructed above them and a brilliant light engulfed the clearing. He pulled back, saw the pleased smile on her face as she whispered, “Thank you,” and her eyes burned blue before she collapsed. Her body falling back against the machine that had helped to destroy her and its screen smoked, sparked and the launcher locked in place as his laptop’s screen winked off.

On June 1, 2009 they stopped Skynet, they saved the world and John lost his.

The end.

The End

You have reached the end of "The End". This story is complete.

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