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She Walked II: Not Alone

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This story is No. 2 in the series "She Walked". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Logan, Buffy, and Dru go up against the X-Men Universe's version of Wolfram and Hart to try to save Buffy's double.

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On the Way

Disclaimer: I own no slaves. My use of characters from BtVS and The X-Men is not for profit. They’re participation is strictly voluntary and ain’t nobody compensated for nothin’.

Warnings: This might become a little threesome-ish with Buffy, Logan, and Dru. We'll see.

Feedback: Is what keeps me writing. I appreciate all comments and corrections. I am in this to become a better writer, so please let me know what you think. Thank you in advance for your support!

Pictures: Check out KoohiiCafe's pics! They're fabulous! I can't get it to copy into here, but click her to see them and leave her a review. She Walked II: Not Alone

A/N: You’ll want to read She Walked before this, but I’ll recap a bit. Buffy is immortal. A child-mutant named Sandy accidentally opened a portal from Buffy’s world (over 700 years in the future) to the X-men’s world (in September of 2002). Xander and Dru joined the story. We learned there are no Slayers in this world, but there are some mutants who keep an eye on the vampire population. When Buffy, Logan, and Dru left the rest of the X-men, Xander stayed at Xavier’s Institute.

Now we join Buffy, Logan, and Dru on their way to Los Angeles. FYI, just ‘cause it’s based in LA doesn’t mean this fic's got anything to do with Angel.

So go, enjoy the ride!


P.S. I would love to link to any pictures anybody might to like make for this or any of my other fics, so if you’re feeling creative … Pretty please?

To the outside world, they looked like three average people driving home for the night. The blonde was resting her head on the window, her eyes roaming over the dark scenery. She sat with her legs crossed under her, one finger twisting in her short hair. She said something to the driver and he changed lanes, heading for a rest stop.

The driver, a man with fluffy brown hair, had one hand rested on the top of the wheel and the other on the gear shift. He glanced in the review mirror, which showed an empty back seat, then returned his eyes to the road, nervous.

In the back seat, a brunette sat forward. Her long hair trailed over her shoulders. She stared at the man’s neck, then shook herself and abruptly sat back. She put her feet up on the seat and rested her crossed arms on her knees.

The car’s clock read 11PM in red LCD numbers and the I90 was relatively clear. Logan pulled into the rest stop Buffy had pointed out and jumped out of the car as soon as he could yank the keys from the ignition. Dru waited as Buffy climbed out and opened the back door. Together, the three walked toward the building.

“Buffy, I would like someone with pretty olive skin, please.”

“Dru, I told you. You’ll take whatever I find for you.” Buffy opened the door for Dru then followed her in with Logan right behind them. “First things first, though. I gotta pee. Stay with Logan. I’ll be right back. And if I find you’ve been sipping, I’ll be upset with you.”

Logan just stared at her back as she entered the restroom. Dru sighed and started looking at the novelty mugs. She giggled at one with a picture of a bloody knife that said ‘Who do I have to kill for a cup of coffee around here?’

A couple of minutes later, Buffy stuck her head out the door and quietly beckoned the vampire. “Dru-come in here.” Then she disappeared once more.

Inside the bathroom, Dru found Buffy at the sink. She looked around, but no one else was in the room. “Who shall I eat, Pretty Death?”

“Please, Dru. I’ve asked you to use my name – Buffy. And lock the door.” Dru did as she was told.

“Who shall I eat, Buffy?”

“Me. I mean, drink from me.” She held out her arm and Dru stepped forward, taking it gently in her hands. Her eyes met Buffy’s for a moment before Buffy remembered to look away. “Don’t look in my eyes, Dru. I don’t want any pretty pictures. Just drink. Until I tell you to stop.”

Dru nodded and turned her gaze to the perfect skin of the Slayer’s inner arm. She knelt before it, kissed it, licked it, then gently bit it. Buffy rested her other hand in Dru’s hair. The pull was soft and slow, and didn’t hurt.

Eventually, Buffy spoke. “Enough Dru.”

Dru stopped, licked the wound, kissed it, and straightened up. The two women leaned forward and kissed. Dru’s arms wrapped around Buffy and pulled her close. It took a moment before Buffy came to her senses and stepped back, smiling.

“We should get back. Logan will be worried.”

“Did I do good, Buffy?”

Buffy cupped her cheek and gave her a peck on the lips. “Yes Princess, you did perfect.”

Logan kept his eyes on the ladies room door. Finally, they came out hand in hand.

“Everything okay?” he asked.

“Yep. What do you say we get something to eat? I’m starving.”

Logan followed Buffy and Dru as they headed for the food line. They were still holding hands.

After eating, Buffy pulled a page from her pocket. “I brought along Dru’s prophecy or whatever it was. I’ve been thinking about a few of these lines. Here, look at this part.”

Buffy turned the page and pointed to a section. Logan read allowed:

“Pretty Death, her other dress fits two. NotYou guides the little lost ones. Mister NotYou rides like a shiny knight while his papa wields fang, horn, and blood. NotYou is like them (mutant). But it’s a secret, for now. She’ll find out soon and her knight will tell his papa.

“You’ll see! Fang and Horn and yummy Blood all swirling around her. It’s so sad, so sad, so sad. Poor little baby’s cradle to fall. NotDeath is so scared, her baby doll taken by the wicked. Little squirrel and Fallen Saint and Pretty Death all at tea where the angels spin and play!”

Buffy pointed to the last line. “See this – this is why we’re going to Los Angeles. I’m ‘Pretty Death’ and I think Dru is ‘Fallen Saint’.”

“Which makes me ‘Little Squirrel’.” Logan looked sideways at Dru, who was wedged in the seat between Buffy and the wall. She was staring at her nails and paid him no mind. He grunted his displeasure.

“Right,” Buffy continued. “And if we’re going to find this universe’s version of me, then it would make sense to look there. What has me worried is this up here: Fang, Horn, and Blood. Have you ever heard of a law firm called Wolfram and Hart?”

Logan shook his head.

“Well, I think we might be going up against them.”

“Against a law firm?” Logan looked both surprised and terrified.

“It’s even worse than that. The Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart was the name of an ancient group of demons. This group has grown and done damn well for itself, spanning dimensions and continents. They have their hands in a whole lot of bad stuff. These guys – they call themselves the ‘Senior Partners’ now – use various business and organizations to run things. One of their major footholds in my universe was a law firm called Wolfram and Hart.

“I’ve had a few run-ins with them but, truthfully, we kind of tried to avoid each other. See, as long as there’s evil on Earth, the Senior Partners will do just fine. But, since I kinda wrecked they’re facilities in Rome, Albania, New York, and Chicago … they’ve kept their distance from me.”

Logan asked, “And you think that’s who Dru means? Shit. So, if there's really a baby involved, it looks like these demons are after it.”

Except for the humming coming from Dru, the table was silent for a moment before Logan muttered, “Should have flown.”

Buffy put her hand on his on the table. “I know it seems like time is of the essence, and it might be, but … I’ve traveled back in time, Logan. It’s not just a different dimension for me – its 700 years ago. I’d like to see what the country is like now. And then there's Dru. I have to be sure she'll be okay around people before we introduce her to the other Buffy, or anyone else."

"Besides,” she smiled. “Can you really picture Dru in an airport?”
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