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And It Begins

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Summary: Willow and Buffy go too far with their protection. Will it turn out for the better? And there seems to be someone in the background.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredRojoOjoFR1355,79811719,57525 May 0830 Dec 11No


Own nothing.
They had spent about 4 minutes chasing Jon around the room for revenge when Xander and Katey came back in to the room. Seeing them all trying to corner Jon, Xander started to giggle then out right laugh. Jon got away with the distraction of Xander's laughter and ran behind Xander and shouted.


Xander without missing a beat said. "Of course prince of the eastern land that my father cometh from! I shall protect you from the evil Sorceress OF THE WESTERN SANDS! "

Catty looked set to kill. If her glare could’ve killed Xander would’ve been in need of a coffin.

"Xander did you tell him about my 9th grade play?!?"

"Maybe" Xander said with an innocent expression on his face.

Catty was ready to kill but made the mistake of looking at Xander’s face. He had the puppy eyes out. She just couldn’t do anything to something looking at her with those sad eyes. Danny and Jack saw the change in Catty's body language, so they looked at Xander to and just like Catty they melted. No one could stay mad at Xander when he looked at them like that. As Catty cursed her father for recording the play and letting Xander see it, Jack and Daniel proceed to walk up to Xander.

"So, any chance of getting the whole story behind that little act?" Jack asked with a smile and was more than a little surprised when Xander told him.

Daniel started to snicker at the look on Jack's face to Xander's answer.


"Because you are a grown up, grown ups have to get blackmail by themselves. Meaning no help from us kids." Xander looked happy with his reasoning.

Catty sighed in relief at hearing this. She was very happy on how much better Xander seemed to be doing better now that a few years had passed since Jesse died. She also admitted that it was very helpful that Jon had a personality similar to Jesse’s. Now if only she could find out if Xander remembered his life before the, well what ever happened to him?? The only reason she remembered was because of the suggestion Xander made about putting spells and tech in to a diary like device to make sure her memories were not messed with. Thank Merlin that she had Jon do the same right after telling him of the magical world! With out the journals Jon would have forgotten all about being adopted by her if the remembering spells on them (the journals) had not worked.

"Catty?! You all right?"

Catty turned her head a little to the right see Jon looking at her in concern.

"Oh I'm fine just thinking on how Xander seems to be doing Ok."

"But not perfect, uh."

"No, not perfect." Catty said this looking at Xander, he seemed happier but that happiness did not reach his eyes at all.

"He remembers." Jon said this in a whisper so low only Cat could hear.

Cat looked up and over at him asked, "How can you be sure?"

"He told a story about you that he was too young to know and there were no other witnesses. It was the only story that he told that did not say any thing about Jesse."

"This is good Jon it's his way of saying he trusts you and remembers. Now go get that new book I bought and give it to Xander."

Cat walked over to where Xander was talking to Daniel about how Daniel was so brave to be willing to tell his theory even thought people would laugh about it. Cat saw that Daniel was looking a bit pained about the topic of the conversation but when she heard what Xander said next, she stopped everyone who was about to interfere.

"The way those colleges discredited you with that information that at the time and later would be proven wrong just goes to show you that one must never underestimate a large group of idiots."

Bending down Daniel asked "so you think I was right?"

Xander looked him right in the eye and answered "You gave the world a THEORY. It may be wrong but looking at the proof of the others it is the most likely to be true. Is it? I don't know but it is a possibility."

Daniel smiled and looks overwhelmed that someone did not out right laugh at his idea. Even if that person was just a kid, not even a teen yet. His smile got even bigger as Xander continued.
"Just remember that many others were laughed at when they came out with new ideas. The Wright Brothers and Thomas Alva Edison are good examples. People told the Wrights that man could not fly. Thomas Edison by many accounts needed to slow down but he never did. Others throughout history were outcasts because of how the main stream 'intellectuals' and those in power thought."

With a smile on his face, Daniel said "I will remember that, thank you. Here I got this for you, I hope you like it."

The gift was wrapped in red and silver paper and had a black bow on it. It was a perfect cube all edges being four inches. Xander looked at with wide eyes and smiled. He took it gently and took the paper and bow off carefully and did not tear any of it. Xander was feeling odd about this. Usually he would tear right in but for some unknown reason he did not and felt that to tear it open would be the wrong thing to do. When Xander opened the box he was very surprised to see it was a necklace was seen as. The cord was pure white almost silver and looked like it was made out of horse hair. The pendent was made of Amber and silver, with an arrow etched into the amber, that looked like it was broken but was still together. Xander’s eyes widened as he looked at the gift and turned to Daniel, then bowed.

"Thank you," Xander’s voice was soft but happy.

Daniel replied "You’re welcome, here let me put it on you."

Xander turned around and let him put it on a grin plastered on his face.

---SOME Where Else_____
One man starred at his sister in awe.

"You got them to do a ritual and be none the wiser. HOW!!!"

"Brother, there are still those on the mortal plain that will listen to the upper plain."

"But to get Daniel to use the protection for a wise child ritual and not get even a hint is amazing."

"Oh, he had hints and does understand that some cultures would think that Xander would get some protection from what was just done but he does not fully understand what he has done."

"I am guessing that the gift itself is understood but not how it was given."

"Yes, by giving the gift with the colors and the paper and trapping handled with care the amulet was given more power to work with. Red to encourage, silver for knowledge his loss and sadness, black for his time to mourn. The message meant to encourage him to move on but not to forget what has gone by."

I know long time but it's here now!

The End?

You have reached the end of "And It Begins" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Dec 11.

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