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And It Begins

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Summary: Willow and Buffy go too far with their protection. Will it turn out for the better? And there seems to be someone in the background.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredRojoOjoFR1355,79811719,62325 May 0830 Dec 11No

Xander’s New Start

I own nothing of this story but the plot (this covers the whole story)

Willow and Buffy were in agreement, Xander had to be moved form Sunnydale and
soon. After what had happened last week with the two female lead vampire gangs it was a must do.

Flashback (the girls' view of it)

Xander had once again gotten fired because of his inability to set an alarm clock.Thinking that Xander had nothing else to do, they asked him if he would be able to help with research that night and he had the nerve to say that he had gotten a new night job and was unable to! Xander should have gotten a job with better hours! He even lied about what the job was! There was no way he was manger of a warehouse, he just did not have the business know how to be able to. Of course then he calls and says he needs help, well it got Buffy out of doing something boring.

----down at the warehouse-----

Buffy starts to round the corner when she hears Xander.

“Ladies there is no need to make such a big fuss over this!”

Buffy slowed downed thinking that Xander had sounded panicked.

“Yes there is! You are going to make me a perfect husband!”
“ NO he is to be my husband!”

Buffy having heard this from around the corner realized that the vampires would not notice her being this distracted. With the vampires distracted Buffy turned the corner and saw Xander up against a wall with two Vampires in front of him. Both were female, that was were the similarities ended though. One had red hair was about 5'4, pale skin and had very intelligent honey colored eyes. The second was blond, 5'1, golden tan skin, steel blue eyes and looked every battle ready out fit on. As the two fought over Xander Buffy made quick work of the minions.

“Behind you !” POOF Went a vampire that had tried to sneak up on Buffy.

By now the two female vampires had noticed Buffy and saw that they a lot less minions then before. Both of them retreated and promised to be back for their 'Prince'.

_End flashback_

That same night Willow had found a spell of rebirth, both girls thought that this new spell Willow had found was perfect. The spell had two parts, one was a de-aging chant, then the second part erased his mind to a point and rearrange the details a little. They had decided to change some of his body details too, his hair would be darker, skin lighter and give him the eyes the color a richer chocolate almost black color. The chant they had picked would de-age him to that of a ten year old. Willow had found a relative and she would change his memory details to include her more. Though all of this neither of the girls ever thought about how Xander would feel about this, it was not like he would remember.

Xander would believe that his parents and 'big brother' died in a car wreck. He would get a small trust fund, just enough for college when he started in his new life, about ten years form now. The girls even went out and bought new clothes for him to wear. The women they were giving
him to lived in Colorado Springs, her name Katey Hade. She was perfect, she had raised 2 of her own children, both just out of high school and she had plenty of loving relatives. Katey was 45 years old and was adopted, this made it so much easier. Now they just had to get him to sit in a circle for the spell.

------Next day at the college-----

"XANDER!!" Calls Buffy waving her hand to get his attention

Seeing her Xander replies "Hey! WILLS! BUFFY!" The girls look at each other in question.

Finally Buffy asks "Xander we were wondering?"

Xander not liking their looks starts to back off "Uh-oh"

"It’s nothing bad" Willow exclaims.

"Does it have any thing to do with Magic?" Xander looks at the girls looking for warning signs

"Nope."Buffy said with skills any actress would be proud of.

"All right what is it then?" Xander just has to ask.

Both girls shout "Yoga!!"


"Yes." Both are starting to pout.

Xander with an iron will still says "No."

"We will give you a whole carton of twinkles" This bribe form Willow.

"What do you need me to do?" Remembering that Willow tried to break him of his love of twinkles gives in at this.

"Well ............................" both of them start in.

Next day at Buffy’s house

"Buffy? "Xander looks at Buffy in question.

"What?" Hoping that this is not question about the herbs and candles that are supposed to be concealed by a spell.

"Why is my mat a circle with funky designs it on?" Xander has his eyebrow up at this.

"Because it was cheap and I can’t afford to buy you twinkles every time I need a partner for yoga and get a nice mat." Buffy is now relieved knowing that the spells to stop any big questions are in place.

The girls then start chanting softly as Xander sits watching the yoga video. After about a minute of chanting Xander starts to shrink. The girls stop and watch in awe forgetting to start the next chant to restart his mind and make forget his old life. They never even thought that it would really matter in the long run. Really, any one he told would think that he’s just a kid with a very active mind.

_Else where_

"Sister are you sure this will work?"

"Yes brother the Creator said only one who can see all and knows all three worlds can end the Twilight and stop the false gods."

"But sister the Hade woman is not just an evil witch that has sided with the false snake that only gives us two worlds."

"Not with Daniel Jackson moving next door and his need to protect those like him will once again work in our favor."

"Sister, this once again proves that you will make a wonderful Goddess of Plans."

"Thank you brother dear."


A young boy sleeps not knowing what lay ahead for him.
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