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Zeraki Xander

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Xander Zeraki Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When Xander Harris, normal man of a group of demon hunters, dresses as a man who holds a legendary title passed down by demon slayers. Even he doesn't know the ultimate outcome. Xander/Joyce/Jenny/Harmony/OC

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Anime > Bleach
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
TTrunksFR15610,09901023,87127 May 081 Aug 09Yes


Hello all, this is Ttrunks, just a quick warning. I’m going to screw with a lot of cannons ((Timelines mostly)) here. This chapter kind of points to the plot, which is at least five or so chapters off, so enjoy this chapter, brilliantly called “Foreshadowing”.

A man wearing a red coat signed as he walked down a dirty street. This man had white hair and a purple guitar on his back. In his left hand was what looked to be a briefcase. Unseen in the shadows a “Game-faced” vampire snuck up behind him. His movements were in sync with white hair’s, never to early or two slow. Turning around as if spooked white hair saw an empty alley way. Turning around he came face to face with the vampire. The man smirked cockily as the vampire went to stab him with a sacrificial looking dagger. Blocking it was a white gun that seemed to suddenly appear in his hand, the white haired man raised a black gun saying just loud enough to be heard, “Jackpot!”


In another grungy city, a man walked. This one had brownish hair. He wore a green and darker green camouflage jacket. A red headband around the man’s forehead blowing in the wind. Hearing a scream the man went to investigate.

We see three vampires, two holding a woman, one taunting her.

One of the vampires hits the woman “pimp slapping” her. Asking her, “You like that blood bag?”

IN a flash the man grabbed the vampire around the neck, staking it he says, in an obvious accent, “You like that blood sucker?” Even as the other two charge at him, he raises two crosses repelling them, and then lowers them to reveal them to be crossbows. Two simultaneous “Twang” later and there are three piles of dust, and the man we’re following. The man pulls out a small plastic glass looking frog and barriers it slightly in the dust, before turning and walking back into the alley way.


Again we’re following a man, this one’s wearing a green leather coat, black jeans and has his hair slicked back. He smirks spotting an obvious demon, the demon sees him and takes a run for it, getting all of two steps before the man holds his hand out in a “gun” shape and a blue orb fires, vaporizing the demon.


This time were following a high school student. He’s dressed in some kind of school uniform, unlike our heroes he doesn’t seem to care as he hears a woman scream begging for help.

The proud thug yelling, “My name is Moriji Kenjinn, that’s whose honor it is to rob you tonight, and these are my boys, Yeeirji Toyo and Jiimbi Oyota!”

The high school student walked right past them.

Looking over he said, “My job is never done is it?”

With that statement the teenager pulled out an ominous black notebook and started writing in it.


We see a goddess of the flesh walking along a road. A vampire see’s her and says to his comrades, “Let’s go after her.”

One of his “friends” laugh, “Her, I wouldn’t go near her even if she didn’t’ have her cutlasses.”

The young vampire nodded even thought he didn’t’ see any cutlasses on the woman, just two handguns under her arms.


Again we see a goddess of the flesh walking, this time in an old cemetery.

Slowly a demon seems to attack the woman, only for the woman to turn, sending the demons head flying, a blade hidden on her arm the reason. As the demon turns into goo she kicks him and continues on her way.


Now our final woman, this one is wearing an expensive green suit, and smoking an expensive cigar. We see a shadow form behind her, and the ominous words, “What are your orders masters?”


There you go, Foreshadow, I guarantee all of the characters in this chapter will be in at least one chapter of some importance, even if only to that arc. I wonder if anybody can guess them all.

Hello, I'd like to thank everyone who posted that they liked this story. I've decided to redo the next ark. I have this story up to chapter Eleven on, under the same author's name. Check it out and I'm sure you'll see why. Everything up to this point is the same.

The End

You have reached the end of "Zeraki Xander". This story is complete.

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