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Master of the Forbidden Seals

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Master of the Forbidden Seals". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Halloween Night changed everything for Xander. Bond to a contract with the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon for power, he unknowingly unleashed great evils to the world... Magical Seals, Halloween weapons and mini-starships, their adventures have only just begun...

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween
Anime > Naruto
Television > Andromeda
wraithruneFR181292,0183521385,23428 May 0829 Oct 12No

Chapter One: Konoha Halloween

1. Chapter One: Konoha Halloween

Summary: After Halloween, one very ordinary Xander found that he wield extraordinary abilities, and came into an inheritance that is just as powerful, if not more powerful than what he is. Multiple Crossovers

Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU crossover

Book Title: Master of the Forbidden Seals

Author: Wraithrune

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from Buffy the vampire slayer or Naruto or star wars. This is just a work of fanfiction.

Author’s Notes: Not sure if this idea has been used before. But only the other day I’ve to abandon another story idea because I saw someone writing something along the line of the same concept.^^ With such a huge fanbase, most Buffy fanfiction are seen and done. I apologise if this idea is done before, but it’s been eating at me so it’s time I write it down. Reviews are welcomed. If you guys got any nice fic along the line, pm me.

Chapter One: Konoha Halloween

“There is a story, a legend told long ago.

When the world do not know the power of seals.

And the one who brought it into being.

When the greatest souls of light band together,

Against an overwhelming tide of dark.

First and foremost is the Seal Master

The first of his kind and master of the forbidden.

Second was the feared Slayer,

Who was more than what she seemed.

Third was the daughter of Gaia,

Powers abound, that only she can wield.

Fourth was the silent Slayer,

Swift in her kills and seldom seen.

Fifth was the last true Slayer,

Dark yet champion of light.

Sixth was the Watcher,

Wise and father to all.

Seventh was the Werewolf,

A man of peace and stability.

Eighth was the Queen of Hearts,

Tough yet wise to all.

Ninth was the Romany,

Wielder of magic and technology.

… (Text Lost).

…… (Text lost)

………. (Text Lost)

………….. (Text Lost)

And Thirteenth is Me,

Last of a proud line. Matriarch over all.”

~ 3000 SA(Space Age). Dawn Summers, Grand Seal Mistress of the Intergalactic Watcher’s Council

Poem of Beginnings, edited by Dawn

The new Halloween shop sure was an eye opener, Xander thought ruefully to himself as he eyed the various costumes on display. The last time he had came to a costume shop was when he was five and old man Harris had been in a generous mood to buy his son a superman costume. That was also the last real family outing he had with his father who had began drinking heavily.

Xander sighed looking longingly at the Spiderman costumes on display, heck even Green Lantern costume with the dorky ring and green lantern was there as well. He turned to look at the five dollar bill in his hand and quickly looked away. That was his allowance for the day, if he could find something cheap maybe he’ll even have a few dollars left for tomorrow.

The troll, Principal Synder, had roped Buffy, Willow and him for Halloween trick or treating, acting as volunteers for the little children who need to be lead from house to house. Xander sighed, if it wasn’t for that monster disguised as a school principle, he’ll have no need for a costume.

“Xander! What are you doing? You were gone while I was choosing my costume.” Buffy called out with a huff as she and Willow made their way towards him. They stumbled through the crowd of teenagers and children that were swarming all over in the shop. She beamed happily at him as she lifted up the eighteenth century dress in front of his face.

“That looks incredible, but I’d never have imagined you to be the frills and dresses type of girl. Are you out to impress someone?” Xander asked arching an eyebrow. It didn’t go unnoticed to him that Buffy and Willow were huddled together this morning talking girl stuff, most probably talking about some guy.

And the guy will never be me. Xander sighed wistfully to himself.

“Impress someone?” Buffy laughed nervously shooting Willow a warning look. “Of course not, I feel like showing my inner princess today. So what are you getting for Halloween?”

“I’m not sure actually.” Xander said looking around. “I am looking for something less than five bucks. Most probably I’d be dressing as a soldier since I got some old army uniforms at home, so if I can find a gun at the bargain bin everything will tie up nicely.”

“Hmm… we can always go to the bargain bin and try our luck.” Buffy said as the three of them walked to the big sign that said ‘Bargain! $4 and below!’.

“There are guns, and swords…” Willow said as she riflted through the stacks of costumes, before lifting up a bundle of tied up clothes and what looked like ninja equipments attached to it. “There’s also this… I think someone must have put it in here by mistake, the quality of the clothes alone would make it more than four dollars.”

Xander eyed the costume speculatively before a voice interuppted them from behind.

“On the contrary young lady.” The shopkeeper said with a slight british accent as he bustled up to them. “I just put that damn costume there. Some kid must have ripped it and was afraid to own up. I couldn’t sell ruined costume at full price, so I’ve placed it here. Are any of you interested?”

“Well I am.” Xander said taking the bundle from Willow as he opened it up. He measured what looked like a ninja outfit against his body trying to guage the length. “It’s a little big, but I can adjust the costume. As for the tear, I can fix it with staples and I’ll be set for Halloween.”

“So you’ll take it?” the shopkeeper asked with a gleam in his eyes. “Good good, that’s one worry off my mind. Oh yes, have a nice Halloween!”

Willow looked at the shopkeeper’s retreating back before remarking thoughtfully. “You know, that shopkeeper’s rather nice. First he gave Buffy a discount for her dress, now Xander got a nice costume at a bargain.”

“Yeah! I am so recommending more people to his shop.” Buffy said hugging her dress. Then she turned and took the ninja costume set from Xander’s hands. “I’ll have mom fix the hole in the shirt. For god’s sake Xander, staples? You’ll look like a rag man.”

“Well I wouldn’t say no if you offered to fix it for me.” Xander grinned. “So I will go to your house say around 6 to change into my costume?”

“Yeah, don’t be late. Synder want us to be in school by seven, and I’d rather not have him send us to detention for being late for the babysitting event.” Buffy said dryly rolling her eyes as they made their way towards the cashier.

Willow beamed as she sighted a packet of ghost costume at a nearby table. She quickly swapped it before scrambling to catch up to Buffy and Xander through the crowd.

There was chaos in the darkly lit streets. Monsters he had never seen before were running rampart all over. He sighted the crescent moon hanging over the night sky and paused as he took in his surroundings.

This should not have been possible. He was long dead and had spent a good portion of his afterlife doing afterlife stuff… He shouldn’t be in the living world again mingling with an unidentified horde of creatures.

“What the hell is going on?” Naruto muttered to himself.

Xander blinked groggily, his head pounded as he tried to gather his thoughts. He was leading his children around the houses trick or treating, when a feeling of massive power had washed over him. The next thing he knew, he was standing in front of a stone building with flowers and greenery all around him. Before him was a giant cage and in it… was a humongous nine tailed fox… who was glaring at him in irritation.

“Argh…” Xander let out a strangled cry as he sat onto the stone pavement hard.

“Oh stop looking like a fish and come closer, he should be here any minute now.” The fox said giving Xander an annoyed look. “This is a very strange situation, just wait a while until that old man drops by and I’ll explain.”

Sounds of footsteps sounded behind Xander who quickly stood up and turned around. He saw an old man with a tan weathered face wearing a ninja outfit that looked to be a close match to his Halloween costume. The old man looked startled to see Xander, his eyes widening with something akin to shock.

“What’s this child doing here?” The old man asked in surprise.

“That’s my question! What the hell am I doing here? Who are you people… er creature.” Xander managed with a weak retort.

“Calm down Naruto and Xander. I’ll try to explain to the best of my ability.” The fox said. Xander looked at the fox with a start wondering how it knew his name. “Someone had cast a weird jutsu on this boy and a lot of other children outside, imposing the characteristic of their costumes onto the children. This boy dressed as you and so he became you literally. I became a tag along because in order to become truly you, I have to be sealed in your physical body. From the memories I could gleam from this boy’s mind, his world and our world are totally different. However, based on the chakra I could sense from this jutsu, if we can trace it to the source and destroy it, everything will return back to normal.”

“Destroying whatever caused this is great, but who give you permission to read my mind in the first place? My mind’s meant to be mine alone!” Xander said angrily.

“Quiet child.” The old man, Naruto said in a commanding voice. “Do you not realize that you and the people around you are in a great deal of danger? I’ll try to help if I can. No ninja who used his powers in such a destructive and wanton manner will escape punishment. But first you need to calm down and let me do what I can to stop this mess.”

“Doing good deeds even in death.” The fox said in a mocking voice. “Aren’t you passed that stage?”

“Shut up fox. Just guide me to the place I needed to do battle against this evil ninja.” Naruto said with a scowl. “Oh yeah, lend me some of your powers will you? The amount of chakra this boy has isn’t enough for the most basic of jutsu.”

The fox had kindly created a mirror which reflect the outside world seen from Xander’s own eyes as Naruto disappeared. Xander watched in amazement as Naruto took control of his physical body and by using several hand seals, teleported himself to the source of the ‘chakra disruption’, which Xander saw to his surprise was the costume shop.

Naruto had gone in and knocked out the shopkeeper who seemed to be the one that had turned everyone into their costumes. The statue in the middle of the room also seemed to be the focus, a fact that the fox had muttered loudly.

“That was too easy.” The fox said disgruntled. “The ninjas in your world are too weak even though they wield so much power! Where’s my blood and gore?”

“Please keep your blood lust to yourself Kyubi.” Naruto said rolling his eyes as he faded into the mindscape that contained Xander and the fox. “But I’ve to admit, that’s too easy.”

“That’s because the shopkeeper’s not a ninja.” Xander said exasperated. “I think he’s a mage, you know a spell caster?”

“What’s that?” Naruto asked turning wearily to the fox. “Is it anything I should take note of?”

“From the kid’s memory, a spell caster is someone who can use chakra in him and around him, but with no ninja training.” The fox said.

“Well that explained why it was so easy to overpower him. But now we come to a crossroad.” Naruto said with a sigh and turned to Xander. “Boy I’ve been thinking.”

“Thinking?” Xander asked with a flicker of uncertainty crossing his face. “Thinking is bad. Why not just smash the statue like the fox told you to and end the spell? I’ll really like my body back.”

“I’ll do that later I promise, but first I have a proposition for you.” Naruto said with a hard gleam in his eyes. “Before I died, I made a promise that I could never fulfill. You could help me in my last wish and I could give you a lot of power in return. What do you think fox?”

The fox sighed as if knowing what Naruto was saying. “You are a persistent man aren’t you? I have no objection. This boy can hide no secrets from me. Because of the weird jutsu that called us to this world, his thoughts are tied to mine just as your thoughts are tied to me. From what I have glimpsed of his memories, he’s a bit like you when you were younger, I shudder to think of living inside someone with the same personality again. But then it’s not as if the great God is giving me any choice.”

Naruto grinned as he looked at Xander. “A bit like me huh. That’s good.”

“You guys are starting to make me nervous” Xander said worriedly. “You are returning me my body right?”

“I will in due time, but first please listen to my plead. I assure you on my honor that I will return everyone back to normal after you have made a decision.” Naruto said motioning to Xander to calm down. “It all began with who I am. I was a very powerful ninja, but since birth, I’ve a demon sealed in me.”

Naruto waved to the fox standing in the cage behind Xander. Xander’s eyes widened as he realized the fox was a demon with a capital D.

“The demon killed thousands of ninjas and innocent people in its rampage and the only way to stop it was to seal it in a new born child. Throughout the years, Kyubi, also called the nine-tailed fox demon, learnt humanity through me. He became a constant companion in my battles against ninjas who would rule the world by force. Though I can’t call him a saint, he was not the evil being he once was.

My greatest life’s work was to find a way to free the Kyubi from me without the process killing either one of us, and destroying our souls forever. I was a master of the secret art of seals, and before my death, the seal that was to free the Kyubi was half done. I would like you to continue my work. And in return, Kyubi would lend you his powers.”

“Powers? That sounds cool, but you know me and the evil redemption thing doesn’t work very well. I always run out of coupons in the end.” Xander said backing away. “And anyway, what if I free the fox and it turned evil again?”

“As proof of our intentions, Kyubi, let him access to both our memories. Nobody can lie in a mind connection, and I’d like you to judge the truth for yourself.” Naruto said nodding to the giant fox.

“It’ll overwhelm him.” The fox sighed as a flood of red chakra spread from him and out of the cage.

As the wave of red chakra brushed against Xander, light bust in his mind as Naruto and the Kyubi’s memories raced through his head.

He saw Naruto as a young boy, hated by all the adults around him because he was the container of the demon that had killed their love ones. He saw Naruto struggling to be cheerful under all the hate, the insults and the assassination attempts. Though for a while the boy bore hatred for his tormentors, he began to slowly realize that they were just people who were hurting underneath due to the past wrongs Kyubi had done to them.

Slowly, Naruto began to forgive them and in time, was able to let go of his painful past. Naruto had grown up to be a powerful ninja that was loyal to his friends and had sworn to protect ‘all his precious people’. Even under great hardship, he would not give up all the people he loves, and on the promises he had made.

Then Xander saw the Kyubi’s memories. The nine-tailed fox was a being of energy that had known hatred for the human race for hundreds of years. In its path was only destruction. But it changed, slowly and without knowing, as the boy he was sealed in struggled to grow up strong, even with the great number of people working against him. Naruto did not give up nor give in to hatred. Kyubi became influenced by Naruto’s love for his people, for his friends. From being Naruto’s special people, they became Kyubi’s special people as well.

Xander saw the Kyubi saving Naruto from death many times, using his powers to protect Naruto and his special people. He felt the love and kindness that the fox slowly but gradually developed. And he felt the fox’s acceptance as Naruto died before completing his promise to release him.

Xander’s head spun as he sank to the floor in a daze trying to absorb the memories which were slowly disappearing. From the memories, Naruto was someone honorable, though not without flaws. The Kyubi as well was a far cry from what he used to be. If Xander accepted Naruto’s proposal, the fox demon would be sealed into his body instead.

“Oh wow.” Was the only words that came out of Xander’s mouth when he came to his senses. He looked at Naruto. “You’ve been through so much.”

Naruto smiled, looking at Xander in acknowledgement. “So what do you think? Do you accept my offer? According to the Kyubi, he can teach you to wield his powers if you agreed to the deal.”

“Yeah, I think so. The powers you guys possess… If I can even have a bit of it, I’ll be a big help to the group instead of just being the donut boy.” Xander said longingly. “You know, I think I would have liked to meet you before you died. You could be someone I look up to.”

Naruto smiled. “Thank you. So would I… Then Kyubi, you ready to stay in this world?”

“Honestly, I don’t mind living again.” The fox said looking sadly at Naruto. “But I know that you with your principles, you would not want another chance at life. I’ll miss you… a bit. Well, what are you waiting for? Smash the statue already! I am waiting.”

Naruto smiled as he faded from the mindscape and took over Xander’s body. Enhancing chakra to his fist, he smash down at the statue which shattered into pieces. As the Halloween spell began collapsing, Xander felt Naruto’s spirit leaving. In that instance, Kyubi gave a terrifying roar in his mind, as if grieving for an old friend. Red chakra began leaking from Xander’s body like a burning flame that consumed the whole shop.

Then he knew nothing more…

Xander regained his senses slowly. One moment he was still with the fox, the next he was in his body looking at a shop gone crazy.

Some of the costumes are moving! Xander thought in shock.

“Oops! I think whatever I did to keep me in this world also turned the rest of the costumes in this shop real.” the fox’s voice said apologetically in his head.

“What?” Xander cried out. His heart leapt out as he saw a Darth Vader human sized model turning towards him. “Do something!”

“I’ll have to take over your body, you’re too inexperience to use my powers now.” The fox agreed.

Xander felt a sense of dislocation as red trails of power leaked out from his body and his hands moved on their own. He grimaced as the fox made him bit his right thumb hard enough to draw blood, and using his left hand to tear a strip of his Halloween costume.

Then quickly his bleeding thumb moved over the strip of torn cloth, writing some weird blood markings that glowed in power. A burst of energy exploded out of him, surrounding every costumes in the shop.

Xander blinked as the costumes disappeared from sight. The blood markings on cloth glowed with an eldritch maroon light, pulsing as if alive. The shop was bare in a matter of moments, leaving only the empty counters, the tables, shelves, chairs and an unconscious shopkeeper.

“What happened?” Xander asked looking around him in shock.

“I’ve sealed every object that was affected by the Halloween jutsu into this cloth.” The voice of the fox said tiredly. “We can decide what to do with them later. Let’s get out of this place for now, before anyone dangerous comes in.”

Xander stared at the cloth in amazement before putting it carefully in his pockets. Then pausing to consider the fox’s words, he rolled his eyes.

“This is Hellmouth central we’re talking about. There’s always someone dangerous across the street.” Xander said. Stepping carefully over the shopkeeper, he strolled out of the shop. He was back to his old self, albeit with a fox demon in his head, and costumes turned real which were sealed in a scroll in his pocket.

Xander sighed. His life had just gotten more interesting.


Kyubi: a nine tailed fox demon.

Naruto: a ninja from the anime and manga Naruto.

Chakra: physical and spiritual energy that one generates. In my story, it’s same as the energy used by willow and the others to cast spells.

Seals: complex formulaic magic that is able to seal away objects or allow other feats.

Jutsu: in my story, is the ninja equivalent of a magic spell.

Ps. I am taking great libertities with Naruto cannon itself. Aside from Kyubi, two other Naruto characters will be joining Xander in the future chapters.
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