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Twisted Reality: Summer Daze

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Summary: Crossover with the Pretender. Jarod spend time in Sunnydale for research on the scrolls.. & finds something else entirely. But that's nothing new when dealing with the Scooby Gang.

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Television > PretenderSilenceFR1546,7410113,78515 Aug 0317 Dec 03No


TITLE: Summer Daze

AUTHOR: Silence

DISCLAIMER: Joss, Fox, UPN and whoever, own all things Buffy. TNT and them own The Pretender. *Sigh* I wish I did, but I don’t. Everyone else is owned by the rightful owners and what not. Kay?

SPOILERS: I’ll just say everything for both shows. Nothing is safe.


SUMMARY: It’s a um… crossover between Buffy & The Pretender

DEDICATION/BLAME: TNT for showing yummy Jarod so much. Even if they do skip eps. Bastards.

AUTHORS NOTES: This takes place some where after Island of the Haunted of The Pretender. In Buffy.. it’s after the season 6 finale.

Buffy Notes: Willow is a safe house Giles located for her, dealing with everything she’s done and her new lack of magic. Tara is dead.. Anya left town with her new demony ways and sold her half of the shop to some guy.. Dawn is spending time with her dad. Spike is.. somewhere. The only Scooby gang members definitely in this are Buffy & Xander. Of which, Buffy managed to get into the summer semester of UC Sunnydale and Xander is still doing construction. Kay?

Pretender Notes: I’m placing Jarod’s age around.. 40 in this. Just.. bear with me on that half.. I’m not fully in synch with my Pretender writing skills yet.



8:57 AM June 7
The Centre,
Blue Cove, Delaware

A distinguished looking older man, his hair graying, sat at his desk looking over a small homemade fathers day card.


Sydney looked up and slid the card into a box and locked it tight before placing it in his desk drawer. He looked up to see Broots walking toward him, an anxious look on his face.

Broots was a thin fellow, with a slightly ‘geeky’ style. He was probably around his late thirties or early forties. He stopped at Sydney’s desk and placed a plain manila folder on it.

“I was looking for something on those scrolls for Miss Parker..” He started to say.

“Did you find anything?” Sydney asked him.

Broots tapped the folder. “Nothing on that, and I’m telling you I was digging deep. There are things in there I never knew existed hidden in there. But I managed to find this.” He looked around worriedly. “This is big, Sydney.”

Sydney pulled the folder close and opened it. As he read the copied file inside, his eyes went wide. “Do you know what this means?”

Broots opened his mouth to speak, but was rudely interrupted.

“What does what mean?”

Miss Parker had entered the room without either of the men noticing. She was tall, with dark hair that reached her shoulders. She wore a smart business suit, the skirt a dark brown and made of leather. She was beautiful, but it was a cold kind of beauty. She arched an eyebrow as she walked over to them, her arms folded across her chest.

She snapped the folder out of Sydney’s hands. “Broots, I thought I told you to find me something USEFUL.”

Broots glanced at Sydney with a nervous look before he spoke. “You did. And I was. But I haven’t found anything. But I found this and—”

Parker’s eyes went wide as she studied the file. “Son of a bitch.”


3:24 PM June 7
UC Sunnydale,
Sunnydale, CA

Professor Jarod Taylor, supposed mythology expert, sat at his desk idly flipping through papers. Good looking, with longish dark hair and brown eyes, he was one of the main reasons the female populace took his class for the summer semester. The other half being there for actual learning reasons..

His laptop sat beside a turned over Pez dispenser with a penguin head, the stars on the screensaver floating around randomly. Just as Jarod reached for the Pez, there was a knock on the door. He looked up to see a petite blonde standing in the doorframe. Her hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail and she wore a simple pair of jeans and a sheer green blouse over a black tank top.

Jarod smiled at her. “Miss Summers. Nice of you to finally show up.”

Buffy walked over and sat at a desk in the front row, a sheepish look on her face. “Sorry. I had to take my sister to the airport.”

“It’s alright. I wanted to go over this paper you did on prophecies.” Jarod said. “You mentioned how many prove to be true, but not in the ways most people decipher them.”

“Well, yeah, I did. It’s true.” Buffy said nervously. Stray thoughts of wishing she hadn’t gotten into this semester flew through her mind as she prepared for her verbal downfall.

Jarod glanced at her curiously, “You never explained HOW you came to that conclusion.” He tapped the paper on the desk, “It’s well written, you make good points, but there’s no fact. No proof.”

Buffy blinked. “No.. proof?” She bit her lip nervously, then came to a realization, “Wait a minute, you told us the paper was to be.. um.. as if we had nothing to work with. Like we were just guessing or something.”

“I did,” Jarod smiled at her and Buffy suddenly felt at ease, “I guess I just wanted to see some more. You had enough arguments to make me want to believe you on sheer willpower.”

Buffy grinned. “Well, when you’re around me, then the impossible is possible.” She frowned as she looked at the clock. “Oh no!”

“Is there something wrong?” He asked her as she jumped out of her seat.

She shook her head. “Nothing important. I have to be at work by 4! Damn it!” Her hand flew to her mouth and she blushed, “Uh, sorry.”

Jarod chuckled. “It’s alright. I’m about to leave myself, would you like a ride?”

Buffy shook her head. “No it’s okay. I have someone waiting for me. I’m sorry I had to cut this short.”

“Its okay.” Jarod insisted. “We can discuss more of this later.”

Buffy nodded and headed for the door. She paused and turned back, “Hey, I know you’re new around here Professor Taylor.. so.. be careful when you go out at night. Things happen around here.”

As she left, Jarod wondered what exactly she meant by that. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed, it had barely rung when he was greeted.


“Hello to you too, Miss Parker.” Jarod smirked into the phone, “So did you—”

“Jarod.. whatever you have to say has to wait. I have something you need to know.”

Jarod’s brow creased with worry, whatever it was, to have Parker tell him willingly it must be bad. “What is it?”

There was silence on the other line before she spoke, “Jarod.. you’re a father.”

The phone hit the floor with a clatter.
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