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Dark Champions

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Summary: After surviving the Department of Mysteries Harry is required to enlist the aid of a relative who knows all about the darkness that can consume a person.

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Changes and Long Lost Relatives

Disclaimer- I own neither Buffy nor Harry Potter or any other crossover material that may appear in this story. they belong to their original creators.

Dumbledore surveyed the young man in front of him with something akin to despair while simultaneously marvelling at the physical changes that had taken place in the half a week since his godfather’s death. Before heading to the Department of Mysteries Harry had been five foot six, wore plastic framed glasses, had a boyish cast to his features and while not being unfit, he certainly wasn’t as well muscled as he currently was. Now he stood at an even six feet, emerald eyes scanned the room without restriction and his features had gained the hardness of maturity. Madame Pomfrey had been at a loss to explain the changes that he had underwent and had theorised that his magic was reacting to the traumatic experience of losing Sirius. Despite the morbid circumstances Hermione had been fascinated. Dumbledore and Harry now knew better however.

“You are sure?” Dumbledore asked with a heavy sigh.
Harry nodded and Dumbledore sighed once more. Voldemort had added another dimension to the game they had been playing all year.

Since the start of term Dumbledore had been secretly training Harry to fight. Focusing on defensive and offensive magic as well as the defence of the mind, Harry was far more advanced then anyone else knew. During the course of the year though Harry had gained a glimpse of Dumbledore’s true nature and it both disgusted and fascinated him. To secure Snape’s position in Voldemort’s Inner Circle the Potions Master had been ordered to teach Harry Occlumency following the vision of Mr Weasley being attacked. Using Harry’s Occlumency and Dumbledore’s Legilimency they had buried any memories that they didn’t want Snape to find deep in his mind and then played on the man’s dislike of James Potter to get him to basically mind rape Harry and supposedly open his mind up to the Dark Lord. The idea was that Harry would know if it was a true vision if it didn’t pierce his Occlumency shields.

The plan had worked to well. Harry had been able to decipher whether or not several of his dreams were real visions or not accurately until he had received the one about Sirius. Even if Voldemort was unaware of the fact, the vision had pierced Harry’s Occlumency shields, convincing him of its authenticity and he had set off to the rescue.

The odds during the fight would have been a lot more even if Harry had had access to his full power. After performing a ritual earlier in the year Harry’s magical maturation had been brought about early but Dumbledore had been forced to bind most of the power since he hadn’t gained the control needed to wield it like he would have if it had happened naturally. At the Ministry Harry had been unable to draw on the magic required to perform the spells that he’d been learning under Dumbledore’s tutelage. The Cruciatus that he’d cast on Bellatrix had nearly exhausted him which was why he’d cut it off not because the spell had failed.

None of that mattered though with what Harry had just told Dumbledore. When Voldemort had attempted to possess him and felt himself being pushed out he’d left behind a gift. Dumbledore reasoned that he’d decided if he couldn’t kill Harry then he’d turn him. The contents of Voldemort’s personal library of Dark Magic had been deposited into Harry’s mind along with a portion of his magic.

It was Voldemort’s magic that was correcting the defects in Harry’s body but far more troubling was the effect that the knowledge would have on him.
“This changes things Dumbledore murmured.”
Ideas of how to deal with the newest problem flashed through his mind. Everything from obliviating the extra knowledge to removing it using painful Pensieve techniques but as he thought of each option Dumbledore dismissed them.
“Have you considered that this may be the power that is mentioned in the prophecy? After all I doubt Voldemort would expect you to allow me to use Dark Magic or that I would even consider it,” Harry’s voice was soft but it commanded attention, a far cry from the meek child who had first entered the Wizarding World.

Dumbledore felt panic grip him at the thought of another powerful young wizard delving into the Dark Arts. Yet the idea didn’t seem ludicrous, if Harry had the knowledge why not utilise it and eliminate one of the main advantages that Tom had over him. Besides, Dumbledore thought with the calculating side that seven years as a Slytherin had developed; it wouldn’t take much to turn the public against him if he truly becomes a threat once Tom is dealt with and unlike Tom if enough Aurors attack him he will fall, he has no prophecy protecting him. Before they did anything however Harry would have to learn how to wield his new knowledge as well as control any of the darker impulses that come with it.
“You will not be returning to the Dursleys this summer,” Dumbledore doubted that the Muggle family would survive a summer with the new Harry.
“I thought you said that the Blood Protection was too valuable to give up?” Harry demanded, it was an old argument between them.
“It is,” Dumbledore agreed, motioning for Harry to be quiet while he sorted his racing thoughts.

There was one other who he could use to establish the Blood Wards and Dumbledore knew that he would also be able to help Harry control the darker impulses that would come with using Dark Magic.
“Tell me Harry, what do you know of the vampire Angelus?”

Hours later Harry wandered the dark and empty halls of Hogwarts. What Dumbledore had just told him weighed heavily on his mind though it was tempered with the knowledge that he had another relative. Looking around he found that he had walked to the Room of Requirement without even realising it and found himself facing a wooden door. Stepping inside Harry found himself in a replica of the training room that he and Dumbledore used with a faceless dummy waiting for him. As the door closed the dummy slid into a duelling stance. Harry felt unknown spells make themselves known in the front of his mind.

Harry had learnt that it was impossible to plan more then the first three or four spells of a duel as beyond that a person had to rely on instinct and adapt to what their opponent was doing. The knowledge that he had gained was a mixture of Dark Arts and Battle Magic which was what the Aurors called the lesser Dark Arts so that there wouldn’t be a public outcry against society’s protectors learning Dark Magic.

Harry slid into a comfortable duelling stance and occluded his mind so that a Legilimency scan wouldn’t pick up his surface thoughts.
The bolt of magical plasma flew from his wand and the dummy rolled underneath it.
The dummy’s voice was cold and flat as it spoke the incantation for the entrail expelling curse. Harry side stepped the curse and fired off a blasting curse followed by a wandless severing charm. When he had brought his magical maturation forward he had gained amazing wandless abilities due to being flooded by power and as he learned to control the power he retained the wandless abilities. A dark glint entered Harry’s eyes as he watched the dummy shield the curses. It was time to see what he could really do.

Half a world away Dumbledore was walking through the early morning streets of Los Angeles. The few people who were out on the streets gave him strange looks and a wide berth, mainly because of his choice of attire. How many people wore plum coloured suits since, well ever? It worked to his advantage however; no one wanted to deal with a crazy man.

The Hyperion Hotel was a perfect example of fallen glory in Dumbledore’s opinion as was the owner. Of the two it was the owner who interested him. Walking inside Dumbledore laid eyes on the person he was seeking sitting behind what had once been a reception desk in the foyer.

Angelus or Angel as he was now known possessed an intimidating presence that would make most people wary of him. Dumbledore merely surveyed him over the top of his half moon glasses with twinkling blue eyes while mentally cataloguing every spell that he which could destroy a vampire. Soul or not it didn’t hurt to be prepared.

“Can I help you?” he asked in a voice that held the barest hint of an Irish brogue.
“I am Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I have a business proposition for you.”
The vampire’s eyes widened slightly. You didn’t get to his age without learning about the existence of the Wizarding World and learning to avoid it like the plague. One competent wizard who was prepared to face him would be just as deadly as a Slayer. The name Albus Dumbledore was also whispered about in dark circles.
“You have heard of me?” Dumbledore asked with restrained laughter in his voice, the reaction people had to meeting him amused him.
“I have,” Angel answered warily.
“As I said I have a business proposition for you. Perhaps we could go somewhere and talk?”
Angel nodded and led the way to his sparsely furnished office.

Three quarters of an hour later Dumbledore had finished giving Angel an overview of Voldemort’s first rise, his resurrection and his current problem with Harry.
“I understand your problems but fail to see how I can help,” said Angel once the story was over.
Dumbledore placed a slip of parchment on the table “This is how much I am willing to pay for your help and as to how you can help tell me, do you remember who your older sister married?”
Angel took the parchment and stared at the six zeros in shock before the rest of Dumbledore’s question registered. His older sister, Anne, had survived the massacre of his family after he had been turned because she had married and moved away to another town.
“A man named John Evans if my memory is right,” Angel still wasn’t sure where Dumbledore was heading with the information.

Dumbledore nodded happily, his information was correct.
“To protect Harry I raised Blood Wards around the home of his mother’s sister. His mother was named Lily Evans before marriage, making you a distant uncle. With your permission I would like to raise the Blood Wards around this hotel with you as an anchor. I also believe that with your unique experiences you will be able to help Harry stay true to the path of light as he learns to wield his new knowledge.”
Angel looked at Dumbledore in shock “You want him to use Dark Magic?” he exclaimed and then added as an after thought “I thought you said that most of his magic has been bound?”

“To answer your last question first, after the incident I unbound his power for one of our training sessions and he displayed remarkable control over it. I believe it to be another side effect. As to him wielding Dark Magic I don’t believe he has much choice if he is to survive. I also don’t believe that he will turn from the light. He may turn dark but never evil. Especially if you are guiding him,” Dumbledore didn’t feel the need to add that he planned to kill him if need be.
Angel hesitated; did he really have the ability to guide someone along the right path? An image of Faith breaking down in a dirty alley flashed through his mind.

“I’ll do it,” Angel agreed, despite what he thought about his own ability he didn’t think that he could turn away family, no matter how distant the relation “but tell him that we do things my way. I’ll also be teaching him some things that he won’t learn from you.” If he was going to do a job he may as well do it properly.
“What things?” Dumbledore asked, keeping the hopefulness out of his tone.
Learning how to fight from the infamous Angelus would turn Harry into a force to be reckoned with.
“Weapons, both ancient and modern, unarmed combat and I’ll have one of my employees teach him some Wicca.”
That was far better then Dumbledore ha hoped for even though he found the idea of guns distasteful they would give Harry a definite advantage over Purebloods.
“If you will follow me I will find the centre of the building so I can construct the wards. You may want to inform your staff of what I am about to do if they are present. It may also be a good idea for me to ward a specific room where Harry can practice magic without damaging the building.”
Angel nodded and gestured to the door. Dumbledore smiled to himself; the Wizarding World wouldn’t know what hit it.

AN-So what do you think? I’ve never seen an Angel/HP Crossover before so if anyone has ever read one please give a link to it. For further information see my profile. This storyline is set ten years later then the canon series so Harry was born in 1991 and went to Hogwarts in 2001.
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