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The Adventures of Drusilla

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Summary: A series of short drabbles about what happens to Drusilla and who she meets after her last appearance in the episode "Crush." Some are FFA, some are my own ideas.

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Multiple Crossings > Drusilla-CenteredDarkGoddessFR18213,162195,36429 May 0819 Sep 08Yes

Illyria/Drusilla Non-crossover/Crossover Special

A/N: This chapter is a crossover of ‘Five Qwa’ha Xahns Illyria Never Had’ and ‘The Adventures of Drusilla’ and different versions of it will be featured in both fics. This also marks the end of both of them. There are also some possible spoilers for the Season 8 comics.


Drusilla found herself quite fond of her new blue friend. She made her head ring with such power, so many promises of wonderful and horrible things. It was crushing and intoxicating at the same time.

“You are insane,” Illyria said.

“Yes, quite,” Drusilla replied, “but I see all sorts of wonderful things. I see a world crushed under the weight of your glory and I see you reduced to shadows of nothing. I also see a world of nothing but shrimp.”

Then the sky began to scream. Drusilla saw the end of it, the magic and the demons and the vampires, but there was so much she couldn’t see or hear. For the second time the Slayer had made the future uncertain to Drusilla and she didn’t like it one bit.

“It’s too late,” Drusilla said, “The naughty girls wage a battle with the sunset, but they will complete his goals. We shall be sent away with no supper like bad children and she shall laugh at our misfortune.”

“When shall this come to pass? How may it be prevented?”

“Soon, awhile, never, forever,” Drusilla rambled, “The stars say so much and so little and the moon babbles like a madwoman.”

Drusilla found it very rude that Illyria had come bringing her these visions but no presents to make up for it.


The End

You have reached the end of "The Adventures of Drusilla". This story is complete.

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