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Too Much

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Summary: Faith is leaving, and it's harder than she thought it would be.

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotteramusewithaviewFR1316250351,88831 May 0831 May 08Yes
Disclaimer: I own neither HP nor BS.

A/N: This is the quasi-beginning of a my version of Jinni's Parent Trap Challenge, though whether I continue this or not is really up to the reviewers. Depending on the response, I may or may not write more to this as I have some plot worked out.


Faith blinked up at the ceiling, ignoring the tears leaking down the sides of her face and soaking her pillowcase. Beside her the sound of her husband's deep, even breathing was both soothing and calamitous.

He made her feel safe.

She had to leave him.

As quietly as she could, she rolled over, studying him in the soft light that came in through their window. Her dark eyes traced his features, so relaxed in slumber. He looked his age when he slept. Faith forced herself to breath evenly to deal with the sharp pang that went through her gut and sent a fresh wave of moisture down her cheeks.

Too old for you, baby. Too old, too bad, too dirty... and what did Ron say? Oh yeah, too Slytherin.

She brushed the tears away fitfully and slipped from the bed, dressing in her favorite fighting leathers and covering up with one of his faded, old button-ups. Too risky to try a kiss, he might wake up, so she contented herself with one last deep breath of the smell that was home. Harry's smell.

The hallway was creaky, boards old and warped, but she couldn't leave without one last look. She tip-toed into the soft blue room and looked down at her babies, Liam and Orion. The twins were sleeping soundly, the piercing eyes that were the image of their father's shut in repose. Faith could not resist one last caress of their baby-fine hair, brown and curling like hers.

A few more tears fell down, staining their silky blankets with salt, and she turned to go. The sobs were coming thick and fast now, and even her great control could not prevent a few hiccups of grief. An answering whimper came from behind and Faith bit her lip.

Don't look, girl. Don't look!

Mother's instinct made her turn and she gathered up little Liam, holding him pressed against her chest. He curled into her neck and sighed, a soft breathy sound that made her heart clench and her grip tighten. She rocked him gently for a minute, then tried to set him down. No luck, he started to toss and cry again as soon as she'd let him go.

"Little man," Faith whispered, voice husky with tears, "You're fuckin' up my noble exit."

Liam cooed and stared up at her with bright, wet green eyes.

"Your loss, tyke. C'mon, Lee, you don' wanna go with me! I'm nobody, I ain't never had nothin' so good as your dad and - and you." She choked down a louder sob as she bounced her son on her hip, "I gotta go, son, I gotta let him go, let him have the life he woulda - he shoulda had." Faith sighed and tried to settle Liam into his crib once more, ignoring his soft whimpers as she headed out again.

"Ma! Mama!"

"Aw fuck, kid." Faith turned tear-bright brown eyes back to her son's waving arms and mournful gaze, "Now you've done it." And so she gathered up what few necessities she felt they'd need and struck out with her son for a new life.

The next morning, Harry Potter would wake to find that half his family had disappeared and no-one knew why. Or, at least, no-one would tell him why his seemingly happy marriage had crumbled so suddenly, and so spectacularly.

He couldn't ask his wife. No owl could find her, no spell would track her.

Faith was gone.


A/N2: So? Is there any market for a Faith/Harry romance-gone-sour-due-to-extenuating-circumstances story? If yes, click on that purdy little 'review' link and gimme your opinion. Or, if you think the premise sucks, tell me that too.

The End

You have reached the end of "Too Much". This story is complete.

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