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Blue Moon

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The BlueMoonVerse". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Crossover with Twilight. Post-Eclipse, pre-wedding. On one rare sunny morning in Forks, Bella Swan receives two visitors who will turn her life and the life of the Cullens upside down once again.

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A/N: Finally, the epilogue… I actually wanted to post it on the weekend, but once it was done, I just couldn’t wait, so here it is! I don’t want to say much, seeing as there’ll be a longer author’s note at the end of the chapter, so I hope you can enjoy this epilogue as much as any other chapter of this story!






There was no better way to describe Isle Esme.

With its white sand beaches, turquoise water and clear blue sky. No other human for miles and miles on end and only a few animals sharing this island with us.

Edward and I were like Adam and Eve, living in our own Garden of Eden.

After we had found the way out of the bedroom, Edward had begun to show me everything noteworthy on the island and in between we were just lazing around, or doing things that required more physical activity.

I grinned. Only at the moment, Edward was confined to the house, the shadows or to long-sleeved clothes, while his bad sunburn from our first day at the beach healed. That’s what happened when you didn’t put on any sunscreen and fell asleep in the glaring midday sun. I still had to grin, when I thought of Edward cursing through the procedure of putting body lotion on the deep red skin to help it heal. I had to remind him that lots of people forgot to put on sunscreen and that it was only natural that he hadn’t thought of it, seeing as he hadn’t needed to do it in more than eighty years.

Edward had grumbled a bit afterwards, threatening to be once again swallowed by one of his moods, but I had quickly and successfully distracted him. It was getting slightly better, especially now that we were here, where we could just be Bella and Edward, two people in love on their honeymoon. But I knew that once we were home again, I would need a lot of patience with my dear husband.

I had to make sure that he wouldn’t feel inferior, without giving him the feeling that I was coddling him. So I opted for brutal honesty and understanding, when it was once again time to snap him out of his brooding. But I was sure that, given time, Edward would no longer regard himself as a weak human and could enjoy this new life without the shadows of doubt hanging above him. Our love for each other would make sure of that.

With a sigh, I put my book down and got up from the towel lying on the hot sand. Edward was sitting in the shadows of the house, reading as well, while I had wanted to enjoy the sun and the heat that I never got to experience in Forks. But it was getting late and I needed to shower before I started on dinner.

Edward just loved my cooking and he had become somewhat of a chocoholic. Who would have thought that a former vampire, who had loved to drink the blood of mountain lions, could have such a sweet tooth? For tonight’s dessert I had planned to make chocolate mousse, which Edward would surely enjoy a lot. One step of my plan to help him adjust to being human was to make him explore all the pleasures of the being human, including delicious food.

Of course, there were also many other pleasures one can experience as a human.

Smiling seductively at Edward, I said, “I’m going to take a shower. You wanna come?”

“Do you even have to ask?”

My knees immediately went weak, when he gave me his crooked grin. Fortunately his skin was almost back to normal – no, that was a lie. Since when did redheads get a tan? I had always thought that they would stay pale! But here he was, Edward with a light tan, which would probably even darken the longer we stayed here and it hadn’t even been a week.

Three weeks at Isle Esme – I still had to shake my head when I thought of the fact that Carlisle had bought this island for Esme – were our honeymoon. Edward had kept it a secret until the very last second, when I had set foot on this island. And I just loved it!

Just as I had loved our second wedding – though it was our first for everyone who didn’t know that Edward and I had married in secret before the confrontation with the Volturi. Alice had truly outdone herself and even though I would have loved to keep it all a lot simpler, it had been perfect. If I had really wanted to say goodbye to my human family and friends with the wedding, this would have been the way to do it.

I smiled, as a few of my favorite memories of that day flashed through my mind.

Rose had been pretty nice, having come back just in time for the wedding, while she and Alice had done my hair and make-up, telling me that she and Emmett had decided to travel the world and look for other Mohra demons after the celebration. If she could have cried, she would have, when I kissed her cheeks and wished her good luck on her quest.

Her and Alice’s work had been stunning. I almost hadn’t recognized myself, when she allowed me to take a look into a mirror.

Charlie had been great, when he had given me away, leading me all the way to Edward while I had been too out of it because of some unexplainable nervousness and the beautiful creature waiting for me and the end of the aisle, while Renée had been crying all through the ceremony.

Carlisle had been Edward’s best man, but I had barely noticed him, because next to him, looking absolutely handsome in his dark tuxedo, was my husband – and soon-to-be-again-husband. And then, as he had met my awed gaze, he had broken into a smile of exultation, having shown nothing of the strain of the past few days, the battle and everything that had happened after. When I saw his smile, it had only been the pressure of Charlie’s hand on mine that had kept me from sprinting headlong down the aisle.

The ceremony itself had passed in a blur and I hadn’t realized that I had been crying until it had been time to say our “I do’s”. The kiss afterwards had been simply amazing – Edward had had to end it, unless we had wanted to end up undressed in front of our guests. I was hugged and kissed after the ceremony and the wedding had flowed into the reception party smoothly.

All the standard traditions had been kept. I had been blinded by flashbulbs, as we held the knife over a spectacular cake. I was glad to have invited the Scoobies and all the Slayers that had fought at our side, including Buffy of course, because the cake would have been too grand for our group of friends and family. We had taken turns shoving cake in each other’s face and I had marveled at the look of pleasure that had crossed Edward’s face, when he had tasted the cake. I had thrown my bouquet right into Angela’s surprised hands and Emmett and Jasper had howled with laughter at my blush, while Edward had removed my borrowed garter – courtesy of Alice – with his teeth, before he had shot it right into Mike Newton’s face. We had eaten, we had danced, we had talked to everyone present and danced some more, until it had been time to leave.

What would have been a very tearful – and final – goodbye, had things still been as before the Volturi’s attack, was now, while still tearful, also a hopeful goodbye. I was sure that I would see everyone again.

And then, after several layovers, we had finally arrived on this island, our paradise.


“Is this a freckle I see?” I teased Edward in the beginning of our third and last week on Isle Esme.

We were again lying on the beach, enjoying the sun. His sunburn had disappeared completely by now, but Edward had learned his lesson. He had never left the house without sunscreen again after his first mishap with the sun and its power. And it really was unfair – while I was still as pale as I had been when we had arrived, my husband was now sporting a tan. And some freckles around his nose, as I had noticed just this morning.

Edward grunted, not at all happy with the sudden development on his face. But he was still grinning at me and then, unexpectedly, his fingers began to trail along my ribcage. What began as a gentle caress, quickly turned into a tickle-attack.

“Edward! Stop!” I laughed, trying to defend myself, but not even my Slayer strength was of help, when I was rendered completely helpless by my giggles. I tried to wriggle away, which just ended with both of us rolling a few feet in the sand. Edward ended up on top of me, both of us laughing. “Not fair…” I wheezed, completely out of breath, when he finally stopped.

But Edward just smirked down at me. “Come on, Bella. You’re the Slayer and I’m just a lowly human.” I just wanted to berate him again for talking so badly about himself, when I noticed the amused twinkle in his eyes. “If you can’t even take me, how can I ever let you go on patrol?”

My smile, however, vanished suddenly and I sat up. I knew I had to have another important and serious conversation with Edward, but I had dreaded it, ever since I had made that decision a couple of days ago. I had fought long and hard with myself about it, ever since I had a very enlightening talk with Buffy about what it meant to be a Slayer, and of course about boyfriends of the vampire and human variety. Suffice to say that I now understood a lot better where Edward was coming from.

“Edward, we need to talk.”

I had expected him to react with worry, but instead he was only gazing at me with some mild curiosity – and was that amusement? – in his eyes.

I waited for him to say something, but when he just kept looking at me like that, I eventually said, “I’ve been thinking… ever since the day after you’ve turned human. About my future. As a Slayer.”

This time, I thought Edward would react, but he nodded his head once – did I just imagine it, or was there a grin playing at his lips? – and said, “Go on.”

“Ever since I’ve met you, I had been sure about my future. I wanted to become a vampire to be at your side for eternity. But things have changed. You’ve been given another chance at a human life, a normal life, and apparently, so have I. But my life has never been normal, not since I’ve found out what you were and especially since I’ve found out what I am. After I slayed my first vampire, you asked me, what I wanted and I answered that being a Slayer would never be a part of my future.

“Back then, you were still immortal and the only way to be with you had been to become immortal myself, but with things being as they are now, with you being human and me staying human, I’ve been reconsidering…”

“And what did you decide?” Edward surprised me again. He didn’t sound wary, he didn’t sound scared, he just sounded entertained. I raised my eyebrows, wanting to know what was going on. This conversation wasn’t going at all how I had imagined it.

“I want to be a Slayer,” I told him bluntly, now hoping for a reaction. “Of course, I’ll still go to Dartmouth. I want to graduate from college, but I won’t turn from my Calling. The Slayer is what I am, what I’m born to be and now, with the possibility of a new future, I want to be one.”

Now came the part where Edward would argue with me, fighting me tooth and nail. I was ready for this argument, I had long thought about what I was going to say, so one could say that I was stunned into silence, when Edward just said, “Okay.”

“Okay?” I could only squeak.

Nodding, Edward took my hand smiling. “Actually, this is very good. Especially with my training to become a Watcher alongside my medical training. But seeing as I’ve already got two medical degrees, it shouldn’t prove to be a problem to do both things at the same time.”

“You knew?” I asked surprised. “You knew that I was going to do this?”

“No,” Edward shook his head gently. “But I suspected it, when Alice gave me the go ahead to call Giles to make the necessary arrangements for my training. Dawn will come to Hanover with us, finishing high school and then planning on going to college there as well. She and I will basically train together in a kind of correspondence course. We would need to go to London now and then, but with Dawn this is no problem.”

“You could have just told me, you know,” I grumbled, as I crawled over to him and settled down on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck.

“No, I couldn’t,” he told me. “You needed to make that decision by yourself. I didn’t want to influence you.”

Sighing, I gave up. But then I grinned – now Edward’s and my future were intertwined in more than one way.

As much as I loved being here in paradise, I now couldn’t wait to start my future with Edward at my side.




August 25, 2097

It was raining.

Of course it was, after all, we were in the Olympic Peninsula, near the town of Forks to be precise, where it was always raining. Well, almost always, if the tales of my mom and dad were to be trusted. They just loved to exaggerate sometimes. But as far as I can remember, it had been raining very often, while I had been there. And not to forget the almost constant blanket of clouds.

Still, the rain didn’t stop me from pushing my motorbike to its limits. What could happen to me? I loved speed and was invincible after all. My perfect reflexes would never fail. However, I was forced to slow down to abide the speed limit once we reached the town itself. Not much had changed. It was still as small as I remembered it, having only slightly grown in the last twenty or so years since I had been here the last time.

When I slowed, I could hear the other motorbike catch up to me and we came to a halt in front of one of the few traffic lights in town. The other rider pushed the visor up and I could see his golden eyes sparkle in mischief.

“Been trying to lose me back there, luv?”

Rolling my eyes, I replied, “We both know that you have the faster bike, so don’t act as if I could lose you. You were letting me win.”

His low chuckle was easily audible to me, even as the engine of the bike next to me roared to life. The light changed to green and then he was gone already. He didn’t care much for any speed limits, but at least I had managed to convince him not to run over the town’s welcome sign. It wouldn’t leave a good impression, with us coming to live here for the next few years.

Our family had already shipped all our belongings to the house and we were just running a bit late today. We were the last to arrive and mom had already told us where to meet us. Forks cemetery was still on the outskirts of town. It was still daylight, so we weren’t going to the cemetery to patrol. No, today was an important day for my mom and she wanted our whole family to be there.

The rain was letting up, as I pulled to a stop in front of the gates, next to the other motorbike, whose rider was lazily leaning against it. His peroxide blond hair was tousled – and really, peroxide blond was so eighties, and with this I meant the 1980ies – and he was smirking and he had never looked sexier.

When I got off, I took off my helmet and allowed my long bronze colored curls to fall down to my waist. He was immediately by my side, wrapping his arms around my shoulder and whispering something into my ear that made me giggle.

In the close distance, I could hear my dad growl in annoyance.

“Time to face the family,” I mumbled, entwining my fingers with his and pulling him over to where my whole family was waiting – the core group that had been living at Forks when my parents met, and the extended family.

Dawn hugged me tightly, before we had even reached the group. I hadn’t seen her in more than one year, just as everyone else in the family. We had decided to go separate ways for a while, but our family just couldn’t stay separated for long and soon we had looked for a suitable place to stay at together. My mom had shyly suggested Forks, the place where it had all begun more than ninety years ago, and everyone had agreed.

The fact that the Council had just recently located a Slayer here helped a lot. As members of the Watcher’s Council it would fall on us to inform her that she was one of about three thousand girls chosen to protect humankind and, if she wanted to, prepare her for her destiny. My mom, currently the second oldest Slayer in existence with her almost one hundred and nine years, would gladly take over the role as Senior Slayer – next to Francesca of course, who was a lot older - and guide her.

Then, when Dawn was done with me, she jumped at my partner, who embraced her tightly. “Hey there, Nibblet.”

After Dawn, I greeted everyone with hugs, even her husband and her two kids, twins going by the names of Billy and Joyce, both werewolves just like their father and both not planning on stopping phasing anytime soon. My ‘aunts’, ‘uncles’ and ‘grandparents’ – most of them physically younger than me - greeted me heartily, and my partner as well.

And then, after I had said hello to the largest part of my family – both mortal and immortal alike - I was suddenly standing in front of my parents. I threw my arms around them both, hugging them just as tightly as they were hugging me.

“I missed you, Ness,” my mom mumbled.

“I missed you two, too,” I replied, before stepping back.

My mom then moved on to hug my partner, telling him to finally get rid of the hairdo, to which he just replied, “Never, pet. Could never betray my style.” When he let go off her, he moved to my dad, offering his hand. “Edward.”

“William,” my dad replied, gripping his hand tightly. At first glance it might seem that my dad and my husband didn’t get along, but, while it had taken them some time to warm up to each other, they were now actually pretty good friends. All in all, my husband had been a good addition to our family.

Rolling his eyes, my husband declared, “The name’s still Spike.”

My dad smirked, as he conceded, “Alright, Spike…” And then they embraced each other briefly in a manly hug. “Good to see you.”

Spike returned the smirk and put his arm again around me. “I’d love to say the same, but I’d like it better, if I didn’t have to watch my thoughts about your daughter now.”

“You better,” my dad threatened, causing me and my mom to roll our eyes.

“Come on, dad,” I interjected, before he and Spike would start one of their infamous verbal sparring matches, which usually ended with a physical sparring match. “We should go now.”

“Of course, Ness,” my dad agreed at once. I grinned, knowing full well that I had my father, actually, every male member of our family, even Jake, wrapped around my little finger.

My dad took my mother’s hand and kissed her knuckles. “Are you ready, Bella?”

My mom nodded and together the whole family entered the cemetery. We walked along several rows until we stopped in front of a withered headstone, which read,

Charles Swan

1968 – 2047

Beloved father, grandfather and friend

We will always miss you


Today was the fiftieth anniversary of grandpa Charlie’s death. He had been seventy-nine when he had died, having just fallen asleep and not woken up again. A good age, but still too soon for his family. His second wife Sue had gone from us just a year earlier, but she was buried next to her first husband Harry Clearwater on Charlie’s request.

Mom knelt down and put some flowers in front of his grave and I swore that, would she have been able to shed tears, they would now stream down her face. My dad joined her, when she got up again and put his arm around her. She buried her face in his shirt for a moment and we allowed her this moment of privacy. First when she and my dad stepped back, the rest of the family began to lay down different kinds of flowers in front of the stone, around the one from my mother.

We stayed in front of grandpa Charlie’s grave for another few moments, each of us lost in our thoughts and memories of him – my human memories of him were a bit fuzzy, but my vampire memories of him all the clearer, and I remembered a man who had enjoyed life, a man who loved fishing, but who loved his family more. Even when first his daughter and then, a bit more than twenty years later, also his granddaughter were changed into vampires.

Suddenly, it started to rain again, or pour would be the better word. While the rain and the cold didn’t bother most of us, it was a bit annoying, so grandma Esme’s suggestion to go to the house was met with great enthusiasm.

I grabbed Spike’s hand and together we slowly strolled back to our motorcycles – we would get wet anyway, so why the hurry? – while the rest of them were running at human speed to their cars. I could hear my mom’s laughter, as my dad tried to cover both of them with his jacket while they were running. In the distance I could see their golden eyes sparkle with love and happiness.

I smiled.

My family might be strange, an assortment of the most different characters – vampires, wolves and humans-, my parents might be physically my age, but they were still my family and I loved each one of them more than my life. I would give everything for them, and I knew that they would do the same for me and for every other member of our family.

Soon everyone would talk about the strange new family in town, the Cullens, but we didn’t care, as long as we had each other.

My name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen, though everyone calls me Nessie or Ness, even my mom who had been pretty adamant at first to always use Renesmee. I’m twenty-three years old, and if someone asked me how long I’ve been twenty-three, I’d say, ‘A while.’



A/N: So, this is it… at least for this story… And I want to thank all of you who’ve read it and especially those who’ve left a review, be it either just a nice comment, or constructive critics, I loved them all! You guys are the best and I didn’t know what I would do without my readers. It just wouldn’t be the same to just write for myself – it always gives me a lot of pleasure to share my work with other people, and even more pleasure when they like it. So thanks a lot!

On another note I’d like to announce that while the story of “Blue Moon” is told, the tales of Bella the Vampire Slayer aren’t. I’m pretty sure that, while this epilogue might have answered some of your questions, it also raised a lot of new questions, and to answer them, I’ve decided to write one-shots which will play in this universe. The one-shots will range from the day Willow activated all the Slayers until the time around the epilogue – though not in a chronological order-, and they will be written in various point of views. This collection of one-shots will be called “Aurora Borealis”, because of the ever changing lives of the Bella and her family and the different characters they will deal with, just as the polar lights change colors.

Well, I hope to get the first one-shot up soon, and I also hope to see you again there!


Yours truly


The End

You have reached the end of "Blue Moon". This story is complete.

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