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Silly Rabbit

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Summary: All Anya wanted was that morning was breakfast. She got a nightmare.

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Miscellaneous > CommercialsEffieFR71390069662 Jun 082 Jun 08Yes
Silly Rabbit
Summary: All Anya wanted was that morning was breakfast. She got a nightmare.
Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or the cereal--in fact, I don’t even like it!--or the syrup.

She grumbled her way through the shelves of Xander’s kitchen. She didn’t know how he could eat so much but have so little food around his apartment. She opened one more cupboard and sighed when all she spotted where what looked like stale bags of cereal. She grabbed a brightly colored one wondering what it could possible be.

Why did Xander throw out the boxes?

Still, this one looked no more worse or better than the other ones that lay anonymously in their bags. She opened the fridge and sighed in relief when she spotted the milk. She also smiled when she saw something else. Syrup! Also without the label. How did Xander know what he was eating? She wondered briefly.

She poured herself a bowl and a cup of milk with syrup. Perfect. She sat down. She was about to take a bite when something caught her attention in the corner of her eye. Anya dropped the spoon and started backing away.

“XANDER! XANDER! XANDER!” She screamed as they started approaching her.
Xander rushed in, axe in hand. He snarled at the first rabbit.

“Stupid rabbit! Trix aren’t for you!” The rabbit screamed and was about to run when the axe separated its head from its body. The brown rabbit screamed and turned around to run away.

“My floor! You burrowed through my new floor!” Xander screeched as he brought down the axe onto the brown rabbit. It fell, dead. Anya stared at Xander like many of the individuals Buffy saved unexpectedly through out the year.

“Why did they come here?” She stuttered out. Averting their eyes from their beady, little dead eyes and bodies.

“You drank the milk and the cereal.” Xander said as if it was the most obvious thing.

“Come on,” Said offering her his hand. “Let’s get you home.” Anya nodded and let herself be escorted to the door, even if she was still in her pajamas and unappealing sexually. It was Xander after all. Anya never saw Xander turn his head around at the dead rabbits, his eyes flashed. Beady, little eyes.

Yes, it's the Trix Rabbit and the Nesquik Rabbit. And yes the last scene is a blatant rip off of the thriller video.

The End

You have reached the end of "Silly Rabbit". This story is complete.

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