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Defender of the Earth

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Summary: This was written for the Fang Fetish Awards’ Third Slayer Challenge. Potentials across all universes are called during Willow’s spell in Chosen. Crossover with Dr. Who. Gen/No Pairing

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralUncagedMuseFR1311,597021,0052 Jun 082 Jun 08Yes
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and/or settings are the poperty of the writers and owners of Dr. Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. No copyright infringement is intended.

A/N This is my first crossover and I would very much appreciate feedback.

“I love you.”

The image of his face as those words ripped from her in sobbing cries for the first and last time was seared into her mind forever. Her heart and soul were nothing more than bits of broken glass, shredding her apart from the inside out. She was torn to ribbons by the cruel fate of being sucked into this parallel universe, locked away from him for all eternity. Living this normal life, working in one mundane shop after another and enduring the happiness of her family killed her a little bit more each day.

He wouldn’t like what she had become; this pathetic, empty shell which housed only grief. At his side, she’d seen and done the most brilliant things, past, present, future, this world and that. Met many wonderful and scary races of beings across time and the universe, all so very different. She could still feel a thread of connection to each, even with those bent on destruction. He had given her everything, breathed life, joy, and love into her very core.

Today, her last bit of hope to one day get back to him had been ripped from her grasping hands, plunging her into a dark world of nothingness.

No more putting up a brave front while trying to use Torchwood to find a way back to her Doctor. No more getting out of bed. No more eating. Just no more. He’d tried to tell her with two words when she’d asked if she would ever see him again. Two very devastating words.

You can’t.

And now she new the truth of those words.

The agony of losing him would never lessen over time, no matter how much her family insisted it would. If anything, it had only grown with each passing moment. With today’s blow, she knew her life was over. Without him, everything was meaningless.

This is the end, she thought as she crawled into her bed one last time and willed her body to shut down. This is the way Rose Tyler will die. Pity that.


The Powers That Be looked down upon their vessel, Willow, as she invoked the Goddess. This was the moment they’d been waiting for, the one that would change not only this world, but thousands of parallel worlds. Her magic would bring forth new warriors for the Light in all universes.

Not all of them would be the same. In some, it would be the male of the species. In others, only a handful had the potential. In one, it would call forth its very first Slayer to be Chosen. A woman the Powers had been waiting to bestow their gift of superhuman strength that would match her already strong will, true heart, and natural talent for battling the forces of evil.


Rose lay staring sightlessly at the ceiling in her darkened room. She hadn’t been out of bed in a week as she waited for her body to give up and let her die. Her mother had been forcing drops of water between her lips every so often, but Rose had managed to stop her from doing anything else to keep her alive.

Suddenly her wasted limbs tightened in warning. Something was happening. She could feel it moving under her skin, sense it burning through her veins, changing her, making her feel stronger instead of the slow weakening that she’d welcomed before. Whatever was taking over—forcing itself upon her—she didn’t want.

She tried to scream, but her throat was so sore and dry all she could manage was a small croaking sound. Why? Why wouldn’t the world allow her to blink out of existence never to be, never to feel again?

A soft glow began to fill the room, and she slowly turned her head to look. The glow seemed to be emanating from a shimmering figure at the side of her bed. It appeared to be human except for the luminescence of its almost translucent skin.

“An invasion is it?” Rose whispered, her voice hoarse from disuse. “Have at it. I’ll not try to stop you.”

“This is the one he once called Defender of the Earth? This cannot be her.” The creature stared upward with an expression of disgust. It appeared to be talking to someone Rose couldn’t see.

Rose Tyler, Defender of the Earth.

She remembered those words clearly. They were among the last he’d ever spoken to her.

“How do you know that?” Her voice was becoming stronger with each passing minute, as was her body. “Are you after the Doctor? Bad luck, that.” A bitter laugh wracked her too-thin frame. “He’s in another universe. Can’t reach it from here.”

“Oh, alright! You can stop your complaining now,” the glittering fellow said. With a huff, he turned his attention to her. “No, this is not an invasion, nor am I an alien from some distant galaxy. You, missy, are going to quit lying about and listen up. I’ve a lot of important things to tell you and a very short time in which to do it.”

“Really? Well, the way I see it, popping in out of no where and glowing like a torch add up to not from here. I’ve got loads of experience in that area. Seen it a time or two,” Rose rebutted.

“I know what you’ve seen. I know what you’ve fought, won, and lost. I know every emotion that is tearing you apart and has driven you to this point—that of a warrior waiting for death. I know these things because I am a representative of the Powers That Be, and no, they aren’t aliens. They are what most humans would call gods or goddesses. They are the keepers of the balance between good and evil.”

“Yeah, and I’m the Queen,” she scoffed rudely.

“Look, you’ve been around the block a time or two, and by your own admission, you’ve seen all sorts of things. So could you please keep an open mind and a closed mouth and let me give you their message?” When Rose hesitantly nodded, he continued, “Smashing! As you know, there are many universes. Some are parallel to this one, while others are much further away. All are very different. We are the beings that oversee all realms, all dimensions, and all possibilities. Our purpose is to keep the balance. If the balance is tipped too far for either side, be it good or evil, in any of these places, that universe would be destroyed. Evil has been getting a stronger hold, but our vessel did her duty. With a spell that we allowed to flow across worlds, she has restored the balance in all universes. You, Rose Tyler, are the result of that spell.

“You are the first and only of your kind in this world. You alone will stand against the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness that try to gain a foothold in this world. You’ve been blessed with the gifts of heightened senses, speed, superhuman strength, and accelerated healing, making you more than a match for your opponents. You are the Chosen One. You are the Slayer.”

Rose stopped him again, unable to believe a word he was saying. “I’ve heard enough! Vampires and demons? Is this some sort of distraction technique? If so, it’s not a very smart one.”

“Fine, don’t believe me, but let me ask one favor? Get out of bed. Stand on those legs of yours that should be too weak by now to actually keep you upright and use one hand to lift your bed.” At her dubious look, he rolled his eyes in exasperation and snatched the blanket from her. “Go on, try it.”

Okay, Rose, let’s give it a go. If we put an end to this charade, maybe he’ll kill you and move on to the next victim, she told herself. She sat up with surprising ease and then stood steadily on strong legs. Bending, she placed one hand under the frame and lifted with all her might, sending her entire bed flying. It crashed violently into the ceiling, raining plaster down upon her head before landing in pieces on the floor.

Rage, sudden and white hot, coursed through her. “Why did you do this to me?” she demanded. “I don’t want to stop your forces of evil. I don’t care about this world or any other. I’ve no reason to live, let alone fight!”

“Whether you know it or not, you are a Warrior of the Light. Your heart is pure and your faith is strong, even now at the darkest point of your life. Stop lying to yourself! If you had truly given up, you would have taken a handful of pills or sliced your wrists open. You may not think you have anything to live for, but you do. There are ways to get back to your world. There are ways to see him again. And one day in the middle of a fight, when the Powers find someone they feel can take your place here, a portal will be opened and you will find your Doctor waiting.”

The being began to fade from sight and his voice became fainter. “A man will come to see you soon. He will help you with your mission, Rose the Vampire Slayer, Defender of the Earth.”

With his parting words echoing in the air around her, he flickered out of sight, leaving Rose alone with her restored hope.


The End

You have reached the end of "Defender of the Earth". This story is complete.

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