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Dr. Who??

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Summary: YAHF. Xander and Willow are in way over their heads with their choices of costumes for Halloween. Their decisions will have long lasting consequences for more than just their own world.

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Chapter One

I own nothing.
BTVS does not belong to me.
I am playing in the sandbox, please don’t hurt me.

Sunnydale High

No sound is so sweet as that of the dismissing tone of the final bell on Friday.

Xander Harris wandered to the library (carefully avoiding D-hall and its unusual percentage of jocks, namely Larry) to meet up with his preferred family— Willow, Buffy, and the ever-present faithful British librarian, Giles.

Smiling broadly, he entered the library doors to find Willow and Buffy engaged in a very odd conversation.

“So the Versas brand is the stiletto version, but the Versailles are everything with heels lower than two and a half inches?” Willow inquired.

Buffy responded, “Yup! You got it! Now which one would you choose to go with a sea-foam green formal dress?”

Giles was nearby, polishing his glasses in response to the wave of fashonista ditziness that was beginning to emanate from the two young women.

“Why are they talking about shoes and fashion, G-man?” Xander whispered.

The librarian sent a brief piercing glare at the teen, before his expression softened again, lips quirking up slightly at the edges.

“As near as I can tell, Willow and Cordelia have a bet- whoever displays the most knowledge of current clothing and styles in an impartial contest this afternoon picks the loser’s Halloween costume. I fear this will be a dire learning experience for the girl. My son, stay away from bets like these. Why, when I was youth I ended up having to spend an evening at a pub dressed in drag— if that ever happens to you, sit quietly off to the side and do NOT pick fights with bikers,” Giles shuddered.

Being tactful for once, Xander changed the subject.

“Speaking of Halloween Giles, it’s coming up next week. Shouldn’t we be getting with the research for the slaying?”

“Actually, no. The undead and demons have developed a particular distaste to Halloween. It is a day when even the most mundane human has a stronger tie to life and a greater instinctual understanding of the supernatural. Well, ghosts and spirits will be more active, but most of these are bound to a location, object, or person anyway.”

Giles would likely have continued in his lecture, but the library doors once again opened to admit the groups primary nemesis: Principal Snyder. Even Buffy and Willow stopped their erstwhile study session to stare at the invader.

“Aha, volunteers. You will be here next week, in costume, escorting the trick or treaters that Sunnydale high is responsible for. Each one of you delinquents!”

Giles cleared his throat.

“Oh, Mr. Giles. So sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. Please, please, I beg your pardon for disturbing your little library club,” said Snyder, with sarcasm dripping off of every word. “I expect you all have places to go?”

The three teens retreated, leaving their librarian friend alone with the man. They said their goodbyes, and headed separate ways.

The next day

Xander Harris was feeling rather frustrated.

Not only was he required to escort a bunch of little hellions around the hellmouth at night on Halloween of all days, but he had to come up with some sort of costume to appease the resident troll.

‘According to Giles, Halloween is dead as far as the undead go. Better safe than sorry though,’ thought Xander as he planned for the next weekend.

‘I need something that allows me to get away with carrying a ridiculous amount of weaponry— I’d like to save some for myself since I’ll be the armory anyway.’

Xander managed to strap about fourteen stakes to a shirt, which was soon to be complemented by a canteen and small water pistol filled with holy water— a sort of vampire mace, as it were. His pockets jingled with the seven pre-1964 quarters he had collected over the years. Silver, after all, was silver.

‘Next stop— costume store.’ Xander thought.

Buffy and Willow had mentioned something about a new place in town: Ethan's. Shrugging his shoulders, he set off at a brisk pace in the midday sun.

At Ethan’s

Try as he might, Xander could not decide on a costume. He didn’t feel like doing the obvious one of vampire hunter, and Lucifer himself would munch on lemon snow-cones before he would go as a vampire. He muttered darkly to himself before coming across the perfect costume.

Ethan watched the dark-haired youth browsing through the shop with bated breath. The boy practically reeked of chaos, and he was approaching one of the special costumes. Costumes which were just as touched by the madgod as the boy.

126 years prior

Dr. Jekyll had only ever wanted to help people. He had been prepared to accept death as a consequence— but this mockery of all his life, this hell where his very soul was twisted nightly, was something else entirely. Dr. Jekyll, before his grand experiment, believed strongly that revenge was wrong. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,” he would say.

He had been fascinated as a child by the tales of the deadly toxins produced by the pufferfish. The living death, the horrible awareness and helpless paralysis and occasional recovery. Some people literally broke free moments before being buried alive, and just as likely, some only broke free afterwards. At the time he couldn’t believe anyone could possibly deserve either fate.

Fugu poisoning was too dangerous to use as a regular suppressant.

Tonight though, tonight…. Mr. Hyde would pay.

Back at Ethan’s

Ethan furiously chanted supplications to Janus under what little of his breath that had returned, and Janus be praised!

The boy reached out to touch the ancient lab coat, restored to like new glory on the rack, complete with stethoscope. He paused, and grabbed what appeared to be a black cloth lying on the floor next to it.

Xander reached out for the doctor costume realizing this was exactly what he was looking for. The lab coat would easily conceal the anti-supernatural arsenal he would be carrying. Before he grabbed the costume, he grabbed a black cloth lying on the floor on a whim as well.

“That’ll be twenty dollars, please.”

As Xander left the store he bumped into Willow and Buffy. Willow was fuming, and Buffy was trying her best not to giggle.

“What’s up Wills?” asked Xander.

“I lost— lost to Miss Little-Skanky-Pants! TheimpartialjudgegotflashedsomelegandnowIhavetobuythecostumeCordeliapickedout!” Willow babbled.
She went on in this fashion for a few minutes while Buffy oohed and ahhed over a frilly dress before Xander stopped her.

“I take it you really don’t want to be seen in this costume, right?”


“It sounds like rules were bent a little in the first place, so they can be bent again without complaint. Why not wear two costumes? Your old standby would work well.”

At this Willow looked a little shocked, then grinned deviously and gave him a quick hug before zooming off to ask the shopkeeper about the layaway costume.

Halloween, 2 hours before sunset.

Xander looked at the black cloth for the first time since purchasing it along with the doctor’s outfit.

“What is this, anyway?”

Quickly making a last-minute change to his outfit, he headed for the Summers house. His shortcut across the lawn led him to a rather painful and embarrassing faceplant on the lawn.

“Lucky day,” mused Xander, staring at the patch of four-leaf clovers he had landed in, before pocketing one and heading off once more.

Summers House

The doorbell rang. Mrs. Summers opened the door to one of the oddest sights she had ever seen. A man was standing on her front porch, wearing a labcoat, dark shirt, pants, stethoscope, and a mask.

The figure in front of her noted her surprise, and grinned impishly if the slight crinkling of the skin near the eyes was anything to go by.

“Hello Mrs. S, happy Halloween!”

Mrs. Summers laughed, but waited curiously for an explanation.

“Well, I had suggested that Willow wear two costumes to get out of an unfairly won bet. So I figured, why shouldn’t I wear two costumes as well. Behold, the world’s one and only Doctor slash Ninja.

Post chapter disclaimer:
I do not own Dr. McNinja.
I highly recommend that you check it out.
Thanks for reading!
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