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End of the Summers

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Summary: After attempts to raise Buffy from the dead fail, Dawn is sent to live with her cousin.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-CenteredkirablackfireFR1323,1630154,2118 Jun 089 Jun 08No

Chapter One

This is beyond old, and is being re-written. Tis cross posted at, but i have yet to decide if i'll post the re-written versian there. I own nothing but the idea. Tis un beta'd so please, forgive me my sins.

Willow slumped over in front of Buffy’s grave, defeated. The candle in her hand slowly went out as a breeze whispered past them. The spell hadn’t worked at all. Nothing had happened, and Buffy wasn’t coming back. She sighed and raised her head to meet Xander's worried gaze.

"So what do we do now?" he asked.

"We try and get a hold of Dawn's dad; again," Willow said wearily, "this was our only hope."

"Can’t we try again?" Anya asked, staring at the headstone.

"If the Powers That Be won’t help us now, they won’t help us any other time we do this," Willow said softly. "So we pack up and we go home." She grabbed the candles and stones that sat on the grave, putting them in her purse. "Dawn needs us." Xander and Anya stood and prepared to leave. "You guys go on with out me," Willow ordered, "I’m going to check on Spike." Xander and Anya departed, hands twined.

Willow stood and stared back at the headstone. ‘She saved the world, a lot.’ She shook her head and headed for Spike's crypt. He was standing outside, having a smoke when she approached.

"Red," Spike said, acknowledging her presence. "What do you want?" he blew a smoke ring at her and she sighed.

"How are you Spike?" Willow asked.

"Ready," came his cryptic answer.

"For?" She looked at his face, tired and worn.

"What ever comes next. How’s the bit?" he said, dropping his cigarette, and stomping on it.

"Dawn’s all right. She’s stopped crying. She still refuses to exit her room except to go to the grave, and eat and well you know," Willow explained. Spike's even gaze fell on her face, but he said nothing. Minutes passed and Willow began to fidget. "I should umm go now," she said finally, "Go back to the house and check on Dawnie."

Spike nodded and then slipped out of his duster and handed it to her. "It’s for the bit," Spike said, "Tell her I miss her." Willow nodded and turned to go. "I’ll be leaving for LA," he said from behind her, "Angel invited me." Spike sighed, "I thought I could help him with the investigation things."

Willow froze, "When?" she asked finally.

"Tomorrow night. I’ll stop by the house and say good bye when Angel picks me up. He wants to see Dawnie." Spike's voice was calm and even. Willow trembled. He really meant it.

"I’ll miss you," she said and Spike chuckled.

"I know. I’ll send money when I can, Angel said I’d have good fairly regular salary. I thought it would help with day to day for you and the Bit. Xander and Anya have to worry about each other, and well at least I can help." he said softly. Willow said nothing, but blinked tears away.

"I’ll see you tomorrow Spike," she said, then walked away.

Willow reached the house and saw that it was dark inside, only Dawn's light was on. She slipped in through the door and into the kitchen. She dropped her purse and Spike's duster on the table. In the days since Buffy's death, Willow had memorized Hank Summers phone number, simply by calling him so often. She’d called almost every day. She dialed the number and waited while it rang. The answering machine picked up and she hung up in disgust. After Joyce’s death, Buffy had contacted her dad, and he’d been fine with Dawn staying there. Now Willow wasn’t too sure if Dawnie should or could stay with them.

Willow sighed and grabbed the duster. She had to tell Dawn about Spike. She knocked on Dawn's door and there was no answer. She opened the door a crack and saw that Dawn lay on her bed asleep. Dawn was fully dressed and sprawled on top of her blankets. Willow smiled and slipped into the room. She covered Dawn with Spike's duster and took a peek at the large album that lay open next to Dawn's head. Dawn was looking at a picture of herself, Buffy and a tall man with red sunglasses on. Underneath was written "us and Cousin Scott."

Willow raised an eyebrow. She hadn’t heard of Cousin Scott. She certainly hadn’t contacted him after Buffy's death. She turned the light off and slipped out of the room, her brows furrowed. She headed for Joyce’s bedroom, the one that Willow now occupied. She opened the bedside table and pulled out Joyce’s address book. She flipped through it, seeing no Scott Summers. She sighed and tossed it on the bed, and a scrap of paper fluttered out. She picked it up, and read the writing, ‘Scott Summers,’ and a phone number. She smiled softly and reached for the phone. The best thing for Dawn would be family. Scott Summers qualified.

The phone rang and just as Willow was about to hang up a man answered.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Umm, hi," she said, "I'm looking for Scott Summers?"

"This is he," Scott replied, in the background a woman asked ‘who is it?’

"Mr. Summers," she said softly, "I’m calling you regarding Dawn Summers." She paused, "My name is Willow Rosenberg, and I’m one of Buffy’s... friends."

"Is Dawnie ok?" Scott asked his voice tight.

"Yes Mr. Summers. Dawn’s fine. But, Joyce, and Buffy." Willow managed.

Scott cut her off, "What happened to Joyce and Buffy? Why are you calling me?" he snapped.

"I’m afraid I have some bad news." Willow said softly, her voice trembling, "At the end of the school year, Joyce suffered an aneurysm, and passed away."

"Oh my god..." Scott said softly, his voice trembled, "And Buffy?"

"Buffy was killed in an accident." Willow said, feeling bad that he hadn’t known.

Scott let out a sob, then took a deep breath, "Please, I need to know what happened." The woman in the background was murmuring soothing words.

"She was at a construction site. She slipped and fell from some scaffolding." Willow said, seeing Buffy's dive from the tower, the graceful arc that brought her into the portal, then through it. The very final noise when she hit the wooden crates, then the ground. She blinked as Scott took a deep breath.

"How, what?" he asked.

"Someone had tied Dawn to the top, as a bad joke," Willow said, telling the lie that they’d told the police, "Buffy found out and went to get Dawn down. She untied Dawn, and then slipped." Willow's throat tightened, "I’m sorry we haven’t contacted you before."

"What happened to the person who did it?" Scott asked, "Where’s Hank?"

"They committed suicide." Willow said, "And we haven’t been able to get a hold of Hank. Dawn needs her family." She paused, "And frankly, we can’t take care of her the way she needs."

"I’ll have to make some arrangements," Scott said grimly. "But Dawn is welcome here." Willow expelled a breath she hadn’t known she’d been holding, "Thank you, Willow,” he said, "I’ll call you as soon as I have details."

"Thank you," she returned, and he hung up. Willow stared at the phone and sighed. She felt relieved and guilty at the same time. Dawn wouldn’t be pleased, but Scott was the best thing at the moment. Even with Spike adding what money he could, they just weren’t making it. She stretched out on the bed, and took a deep breath. Hopefully, she’d feel better about this in the morning.
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