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Take Me I'm Yours

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Summary: > Faith wasn’t Xander’s first but he still went to talk to her after she killed a human and Angel still rescued him from being strangled by her. Bondage. Angel/Xander.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Angel/XanderAzureChaosFR2115,0871294,1409 Jun 089 Jun 08Yes

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Title: Take Me I’m Yours
Fandoms: BtVS
Pairing: Angel/Xander
Rating: 18+
Warnings: M/m, Kinks
Kinks: Virginity, Nipples (*giggles*), Biting, Bondage
Disclaimer I don't own the characters or ideas behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer, no money has or will be made from this fic.
Summary: Faith wasn’t Xander’s first but he still went to talk to her after she killed a human and Angel still rescued him from being strangled by her.
A/N: Written for my kink_bingo card: Virginity (on LiveJournal). 5000wds. Stand alone – One shot.

“So…” Xander said with a nervous smile. “You’re just mister information when it comes to all things kink, eh?”

Angel’s eyebrow rose as he looked at the young human, amusement dancing around the corners of his mouth and in his eyes.

“What with the lingo and everything,” the scoobie continued.

“Apparently, so are you. You did know what we were talking about after all,” there was a vague hint of teasing in Angel’s tone as he started walking.

Xan sputtered, then acted like it was due to his bruised throat.

The look on the brunette vampire’s face was smug victory.

“No…really, I have no clue,” Xander told him as he hurried to catch him up.

“Well, I can believe that, considering.”

“Considering what?” Xander stopped and watched the broad back of the other man.

With a soft put-upon sigh Angel turned and met his eyes deliberately. “Considering that you’re a virgin.”

“I…” Xan sputtered again, one hand holding his throat like his head would fall off. “I resent that… I am so not a virgin!”

Angel raised an eyebrow. “Really?” The words ‘coulda fooled me’, remained unspoken.

Another wordless sputter and the souled vampire was starting to feel almost evil again. He started walking again, a smirk on his face. “That’s a shame…”

The sputtering stopped and with a moment’s glance at the retreating back Xander raced to catch up. “Wait, what? What’s that supposed to mean?”

The self-amused smirk remained on Angel’s face as he continued to walk purposefully; he’d given himself the task of ensuring the boy got home in one piece.

Minutes passed by in the silence. Then it was almost with an audible clang that the penny seemed to drop and Xander stopped dead in his tracks. He resisted the urge to laugh, he also resisted the urge to keep walking as he turned and looked back at the young man.

“Oh!” Xander said, “But?”

“But what?” Angel asked with a dangerous edge to the softly asked question as he stepped nearer the brunette youth. His fingers reached up and ghosted over the bruises the lamplight was highlighting on Xander’s neck.


“Doesn’t like to play…” Angel interrupted with amusement.


“This conversation could take some time at this rate, how about we go somewhere more comfortable?” he offered.

Xander didn’t trust his voice so he nodded dumbly instead.

Angel smiled at him, an honest to goodness smile; the kind that he’d only ever seen directed at Buffy before.

“Your soul?” he asked as they started walking towards the mansion, changing course from their original destination.

“Is safe.”

“Oh!” Xander felt himself deflate; of course, a moment of happiness was hardly going to be had by having sex with him.

“Because Willow screwed it on tight when she did the spell,” Angel felt it best to elaborate when the scent from the boy hit him. For all his mouth and attitude, Harris really did have a low self-esteem.


The answer was a nod.

“Cool.” Xander walked a little way as he considering that. “Does Buff know?”

Angel shook his head. “Best if she doesn’t.” He sensed rather than saw the frown on the young man’s face. “I love Buffy, but she doesn’t see what I am. I’m not exactly sure what she does see when she looks at me but she very conveniently forgets that I’m a vampire. It’s not going to work between her and I.”

“I won’t go behind her back,” Xander told him with more determination than he felt.

“You won’t have to. We’re not together anymore.”


The silence stretched on until they reached the mansion. Of all the places that Xander thought of a vampire living, this wasn’t really it. But when he looked at it, really properly looked, he could understand why Angel had chosen to stay there when he’d come back from Acathla.

He was taking it all in when suddenly there was a very large dark-haired vampire right up close and in his face. He blinked but didn’t back away, even when a large cool hand came up and ran over his hair and down his cheek.

“So, is this like some fetish of yours?” he asked with a nervous laugh even as his body was responding to the touch and proximity. He was rewarded by a confused look on the vampire’s face. “Y’know, first Buff now me, you gonna deflower Wills next?” He tried to make it light and humorous but it lost it somewhere in the middle.

Angel tilted his head to the side as he studied the human’s brown eyes what he saw there made him want to hurt someone. Xander didn’t believe that he could want him for who he was, that there had to be more to it.

“While you virginity is appealing,” he said softly, “it’s not what attracts me to you.”

Xander gave a little squeak, swallowed hard and tried to speak again, “It’s not?”

The broody one shook his head and his hand slid down to cup Xander’s cheek before slowly leaning in. He gave the young man time to stop him or back away, but when he made no movement, Angel kissed him. It was tender and soft, Xander’s eyes fluttered closed as his lips parted and moved to press back into the chaste kiss.

It didn’t remain chaste for long.

As the kiss deepened Xander found a strong arm wrapping round him and a hand pulling him in tightly against that solid body. His cock was like an iron bar in his jeans and he thought he might just pass out from the onslaught of Angel’s mouth and tongue. Just when he was starting to get light-headed the lips were gone and he realised the problem had been a lack of air. He breathed harshly as Angel looked at him with need in his eyes.

“I want you,” the vampire rumbled, “but I want all of you, to own you.”

“I…” Xander started to protest that he didn’t want that, but he knew it would be a lie, he just hadn’t considered it. Logically it all made perfect sense, it wasn’t that he’d been in denial all this time, it was simply he’d underestimated the depth of the need. “The others…?”

“I don’t want them,” Angel deadpanned.

Xander rolled his eyes and some of the tension lessened. “I meant, what if they find out?”

The vampire gave a half shrug. “Then it will be easier to keep you tied to my bed,” he said with a teasing smile.

The human groaned. “But I…”

“You’re a virgin, we already covered that,” Angel cut him off and caught his hand in his. “You need some time to think about it or should I just take you to my bed and have my wicked way?”

Xander squeaked again. “Bed?” he said hopefully.

Angel gave him one of those small secretive smiles and Xander’s insides did cartwheels as he was pulled towards the marble staircase.

Xander tried to think what he might have imagined Angel’s bedroom to look like. Probably sparsely furnished with some evil looking contraption for a bed. But what greeted him was certainly nowhere on his radar of pre-experience possibilities. The only word that he could think to describe it was decadent… well, that and sumptuous. The bed was huge and was covered by a deep purple suede comforter topped with numerous pillows and cushions. It pulled his eyes back to it every time.

“Like what you see?” Angel purred next to his ear just before strong arms wrapped around his body from behind.

He nodded. He did like it: he hadn’t been looking forward to trying this on some old barely sprung single bed that belonged in a monastery.

“It has all kinds of hidden delights,” he smiled and his cool tongue flickered out and caught the boy’s ear.

Xan swallowed hard. His body responding to that tone with the decidedly Angelus-y element to it. He shouldn’t think it but the idea of Angel in leather almost undid him right then. He groaned as his body vibrated with his need.

“I’m not just going to take your virginity tonight, Xan, I’m going to make you mine. My very own White Knight,” Angel continued to purr, lips slowly trailing kisses over the neck that was still bruised from Faith’s hands. “If you want me to stop, you call red. Understand?”

The young brunette frowned, red? Why would he? Then it dawned; he was being given a safe word. His mouth was suddenly dry as the Sahara, but his cock was harder than he ever remembered it being before. He nodded eagerly.

“Tell me,” Angel prompted though.

“I… red to stop, I got it,” he replied, his voice as shaky with his lust as the rest of him.

The vampire smiled brightly and trailed his tongue over the flesh he’d just finished kissing. He was pleased when Xander tilted his head to the side giving him more room to explore. While his lips and tongue teased, his fingers easily unbuttoned the dark plaid shirt and stripped it gently from Xander’s shoulders and arms. When his hands returned from dropping it to the floor they were ghosting over Xan’s abdomen, just under his T-shirt. Mindful that not a few hours earlier Faith had been trying to hurt him with her touch.

He felt the shiver run through the human and almost stopped, wondering if it was all too soon after what had happened with the second slayer, but he suspected that Xander needed this. Needed to be claimed as much as he needed to claim him. His tongue traced the outer shell of his ear and his hands worked the black T-shirt up the surprisingly well-toned body. He reluctantly relinquished the ear in favour of pulling the T-shirt off over his head.

Angel’s hands had room to roam then and there was no holding them back as fingers skimmed over muscles, circled his belly button and grazed his nipples. The pliant human in his arms arched and gasped at the touch. One hand continued to play with the tempting nipples, pinching lightly, flickering over them and teasing them into hardened little nubs. While the other hand ran down and skimmed along the skin where the waistband of his jeans sat.

Lips ghosted over the bruise, then Xan’s chin and finally he caught and plundered soft pliable lips.

Xander thought he would come undone as he shivered and trembled in the other man’s knowing arms. Moaning softly at the emotions and lust that Angel was stirring inside him. His hands hadn’t quite known what to do with themselves, hanging motionless for the most part. But something in that kiss freed them and he brought one hand up to hold the vampire’s head still while he kissed back and the other wrapped around behind him to press against that fantastic ass that he fantasised over so many times.

The kiss ended with a chuckle from Angel as he licked his lips. “Always knew you had an animal inside you,” he commented at the almost wounded look that started to form at his laughter.

He was rewarded with a blush on the tanned cheeks. “Hyena,” Xander confessed with a lust-roughened voice.

Angel gave a flick of an eyebrow but left the subject to be discussed later. Instead his fingers found the button of Xander’s jeans and worked on undoing it.

Xander closed his eyes, this was it, he was being stripped naked in front of the dark-haired vampire and he was worried that he’d some how fail to measure up. But as hands made quick work of shucking his jeans, shoes and underwear, there was no laughter and no rejection…only those wonderful, strong hands wandering over his skin again.

“I’m going to chain you to the bed,” the murmur came in his ear.

He knew he should object, refuse, and he knew he should be appalled, but his cock just bounced and waved and all but did its own version of a scoobie dance. He gave a half-groan, half-moan and allowed himself to be led to the bed. He watched as his wrists were kissed then fastened into heavy leather cuffs…then kissed again. He expected the same to happen with his ankles and Angel didn’t disappoint as he attached them to chains.

Bound spread-eagled under the dark gaze of the vampire, Xander started to wonder if this was the single most stupid thing he’d ever done. And suddenly he was waiting to discover the joke was all on him or that he’d some how managed to miss that Angel had gone and lost his soul again. The other shoe didn’t drop, however, and as he watched Angel finally stripped off that woollen overcoat.

The vampire’s shirt was open to the second button down and the young human couldn’t help the way his eyes were continuously drawn to the exposed pale skin that he could see in that tempting V. Then the V was getting bigger as those hands were making light work of the buttons on the black shirt. Xander’s eyes followed the trail as more and more tantalizing skin came into view. Eyelids fluttering as he was reminded of how buff Angel was. The hard smooth body finally exposed to his greedy gaze and he was a horny high school kid again. Not that he ever really stopped being one of course, given that he still was both horny and in high school. He clamped down on the internal babble and went with just drooling openly.

With feline grace, Angel crawled up onto the bed between his spread legs and slowly slid his hands over the dark hair of his calves. The vampire had always been imposing before but seemed to be taking it to new heights now. The cool palms were an amazing erotic counterpoint to his warm skin and they sent delicious sensations straight to his aching cock.

“Could you please just…I dunno…get on with fucking me already? Not to come across as impatient but I’m about to die here from a severe case of blue balls. Incidentally, I really don’t wanna know if…umph”

Angel’s lips sealed over the babbling boy’s mouth, ceasing the stream of words with such an efficiency he wondered why he’d never done it before. It was also highly likely he would exploit this new information many times in the future. His tongue plunged into the hot mouth, tasting all that was Xander: chocolate, sunshine and something that made his soul ache. He kissed for all he was worth, lips and tongue melting against the teens, teeth nipping and nibbling.

When he pulled back Xander simply sighed, but the hard cock told of more urgent matters. His eyes were slow to open, too slow… they hadn’t even fully managed to actually get to the point where they could see things when his cock was surrounded in delicious wet suction. He arched up off the bed, cursing vampire stealth and speed silently as he cried out wordlessly. He tried to formulate words to provide a warning but it was too late as his breathing hitched and his muscles tightened.

Xander came so hard he could have sworn that was tweetie pie he could see fluttering around his very dazed head even as he gasped for air and found he couldn’t quite get enough. And he’d be damned if Angel didn’t look like the cat that just ate the annoying little canary.

“I think you broke me,” he groaned.

The dark chuckle was pure Angelus and Xander’s stupid lust-addled brain actually translated that into a happy place as his cock twitched trying to reinflate so soon after he’d cum.

“I’m so screwed,” he muttered.

“Not yet,” Angel told him without missing a beat, “But we’ll be making moves to change that for sure.”

“Are you sure you’re not evil, ‘cause I gotta say…”

Pre-emptive strike, Angel told himself, as he cut off the babble before it could even get going, kissing him hard and deep once more.

When he pulled back Xander had a dreamy look on his face as he licked his lips. “I could get used to that,” he informed the not-evil vampire. He could still taste Angel, and his own cum, on his lips.

“Glad to hear it,” the older man purred.

“So…” he turned his head to look at one cuffed wrist. “Were you afraid I’d change my mind and run away?”

Angel shook his head the laugh sounding a lot less evil. “I wanted you to feel what I was doing to you without thinking that you should be doing something back.


“Not what you expected to hear?”

“Not really.”

The vampire nodded in understanding, his hands starting to wander idly. His fingers found one of Xander’s nipples and started to play with it lightly.

The touch caught Xander off guard and he gasped, arching his back. “God that shouldn’t feel so good.”

“But it does!”

“Hell yeah. Again?” he asked with chocolate puppy-dog eyes.

Angel gave him an indulgent smirk and repeated the action on the other nipple. Shifting slowly, gracefully he altered his position so that he could use both hands, one on each sensitive nub. And he soon had Xander gasping for air as his back bowed and his eyes squeezed tight. Cock already more than half recovered.

His thick fingers didn’t relinquish their prizes as he leaned in and licked lightly at the bruised throat, he felt the urge to lay claim to where the bruises marred his boy, to drive away the ownership of the person who’d put them there. Angel thought he’d done a great job of pushing away his true feelings for Faith over the matter. He was the only one who really stood a chance of helping her and while his demon wanted to wring her neck, he had to be more than that in that instance. But here, now, he could feel that possessive tug. He let out a low rumble of a growl as he kissed his way over the bruised flesh.

Xander moaned and tilted his head back to expose his throat fully even as his back arched with the pleasure-pain from his nipples. No one had ever done that to him before…obviously or he wouldn’t still be a virgin, so he hadn’t known to expect it to feel so good.

Angel simply exploited what was an obviously pleasurable sensation for the human: pinching and rolling the tender little points between thumb and forefinger. Finally, satisfied that he’d kissed every millimetre of marked skin and with a keening Xander writhing under his hands, his mouth deviated from his boy’s neck. Lips kissed down over his collarbone and into the dip that took him down the sternum. Angel kissed his way to the left nipple and laved it with his tongue while his fingers from that side sought something else to play with. He suckled at the hard nub and grazed it with his teeth lightly to gauge the response.

Xander stilled under him, gasping harshly for air and moaning with pleasure. Angel’s brown eyes were flecked with gold as he smiled inwardly and bit a little harder. He was rewarded by a hitch in the heavy breathing and continued to exploit it for long torturous moments. He alternated between sucking and grinding his teeth against the nipple. The reactions continued to amuse him and, after so long, he kissed across to treat the other side to the same treatment.

He was goo, no… he was a big pile of Xander-goo in a totally good non-demony kind of way. He felt like he’d just turned into a giant puddle on Angel’s bed while the vampire did incredible things to the innocent looking pair of nipples. Who would have thought…well certainly not him that was for sure. He suddenly felt the insane urge to run around extolling the wonders of the male nipple and teeth…lips and oh yeah there was a tongue right in there too. He was coming undone completely at the seams and all he could do was lie there and take it. Angel was a god. Ok so he was pretty much a vampire but if there was such a thing as a god of vampires then Angel was definitely it.

He wondered if it was always so incredible or if that was just what two hundred years plus change did for your sexual prowess. He was pretty sure that he would never again want sex with anyone else.

Somewhere amongst the distraction of mouth on nipples – mmm nipples – Angel had somehow managed to unclip his ankles from their chains and was now lifting them.

Oh, that was new, his brain supplied as his legs were draped over Angel’s strong shoulders. It was only at the touch of something slick and not exactly cool, but not warm either, at his most secret of place that he was pulled out of his adoration for the male nipple. Eyes snapped open wide and he looked up at the ceiling a moment in surprise an “Oh” formed on his lips. Nipples weren’t the only wonder of the male physiology it would seem.

But that mouth was unrelenting and as much as he wanted to protest the naughty touch he found he really couldn’t form the words too. Well what exactly did he think involved losing his virginity anyway? Xander would have rolled his eyes at himself but they were too busy rolling back into his head as that fingertip teased the muscle guarding his entrance. That was something else that shouldn’t feel so good.

Slowly the slick fingertip eased its way inside and Xander let out a sigh of pleasured relief. His body stilling at the sensation, letting it course through him. He’d heard all kinds of things about how it would feel and while it felt a little uncomfortable it mostly felt damn good, there was certainly no pain. Angel’s fingers were big, like the rest of him, and he was already feeling the stretch from it. It was difficult not to tense but when he brushed something deep inside it was like someone broke the dam and the noises fell from Xan freely as his body shuddered violently. He probably would have cum right then, except a strong grip wrapped around the base of his cock.

“Not yet, my boy,” Angel rumbled.

Leaving Xander gasping to catch his breath but his need to cum backing off slightly. The feeling of being fucked by Angel’s finger was incredible but it was quickly became not enough. “Please,” he managed to keen, “More?”

Xander’s eyes locked on Angels, big chocolate brown puppy-dog eyes that were just pleading with him. The vampire was helpless to resist and added more lube before sliding a second finger in alongside the first.

The human winced and gasped a little with the stab of pain right then. “It’s ok, am ok,” he quickly reassured. “Don’t stop, it’s starting to feel good again,” he added when Angel seemed to be making to withdraw the finger.

Angel nodded and gradually started back towards the rhythm he’d had going before, sliding the fingers slowly in and out, twisting them and scissoring them open, steadily relaxing and opening his boy up ready to take him.

When Xander started to whine, hands clenched around the chains at his wrists and back bowed up off the bed, Angel decided he was ready. He slid his fingers out and quickly slicked his cock up. Leaning forward he placed his cock at the boy’s entrance and pushed slowly forward, the heat enveloped his cool cock and warmed him right through. Watching the shifting emotions on Xander’s face as an indicator of how he was coping with this new intrusion, he slowed down at a wince and sped up when the dopey smile reappeared.

Xander was in heaven as he was filled, sure there was the occasional stab of pain, but it was Angel’s cock inside him and how could that fail to turn him to jello?

He moaned when he felt the man was fully in him, just how big was his cock anyway? It felt huge! He felt himself tensing and relaxing, his ass fluttering around the invader. He took deep laboured breaths that burned his lungs and when it became too much he cried out. “God, Angel…fuck me already. I’m not a virgin any more!”

With a dark chuckle Angel could only do as he was told. He set a slow pace at first but as the body was bucking up to meet his every thrust his hips moved faster and faster. As he felt Xander’s ass truly opening up to him he started to fuck deeper and harder until their bodies were slamming together noisily and the bound boy was grunting and crying out with each impact.

Xander’s breath burned in his chest and throat as he fought to get enough air into his protesting lungs. His body was on fire; he’d never felt so alive. Wasn’t there supposed to be some sort of repulsion at allowing himself to be fucked in the ass? But none was forthcoming, simply a deep sense of satisfaction that any minute now there would be just enough friction and pressure to tip him over the edge into the screaming chasm of ecstasy.

Angel’s cock relentlessly battered his prostate and he flew apart as his arms pulled at the bindings and every muscle in his body snapped taut with a cry of pure pleasure. Cum pumped up over his chest and belly.

The feel of Xander contracting around him and the sight and smell of his release was enough to tip the vampire over the edge and he cried out and came inside the hot sheath of his boy’s ass. He was panting, and for someone who hadn’t needed to breath in 250 years that was a strange thing to acknowledge. He eased the legs off his shoulders and ran his hands over the sweat sheened human.

Xander moaned and wiggled, causing the vampire to gasp at the way the muscles fluttered around his softening cock.

He slowly pulled out and leaned down to kiss his boy to try and ease some of the loss of him inside. Their lips met and Xander’s parted in invitation. Tongues tangled and danced around each other and when Angel pulled back there was a brief moment where they just looked at each other before Xander started to laugh.

It started off a small chuckle then grew into a full out, stomach and jaw aching laugh. Angel could only look at him slightly affronted and worried. He was fairly sure he hadn’t broken the scoobie.

As fast as it’d bubbled up the laughter started to die off and Xander looked at him with tears in his eyes and managed to get out, “Do you think I’ll stop being such a demon magnet now that I’m not a virgin anymore?”

Angel just stared at him amazed. “Boy!” he growled lightly, “I should just keep you chained to my bed like this.”

“Kinky!” Xander chuckled and faux leered. “Slayer might think you turned all ‘gelusy,” he pointed out.

They both chuckled at that and then with a shudder Angel reached to start unclipping the cuffs.

“Wait,” Xander told him.

Angel looked at him expectant and uncertain.

“There’s still one virginity you don’t have?” he told him almost desperately.

“And that would be?” Angel frowned trying to work out what he was talking about.

“I’ve never been bitten…they say you always remember your first…” brown eyes held all kinds of hope.

The vampire was floored, and asked uncertainly for clarification, “You’re inviting me to bite you?”

Xander nodded enthusiastically.


“No… listen, it’s important, because I’ve read about these things. If you bite me, no one else will. It’s not like I’ll be yours forever, just that you’ve marked me as being under your protection. Doesn’t work for fledges and minions, only Master vampires,” Xander explained still with the edge of desperation in his voice.

“I thought you didn’t like research?” Angel’s tone was amusement with just a thread of sarcasm. The idea of biting Xander was…intoxicating. “I’m going to release you first… just in case!”

“Just in case?” Xander’s brow furrowed as he watched the clips being undone. The heavy leather cuffs were left on his wrists and for some odd reason they felt right.

“In case I get carried away and you need to stop me,” he clarified.

Xander nodded as his shoulders were massaged and arms rubbed as they were eased back down. He watched as Angel’s features shifted and reached out a hand to trace over the ridges on his forehead. He gave a shiver and tilted his head to the side where it lay on the pillow.

Angel studied him a moment longer to ensure he was certain, and scenting no fear or indecision from him, leaned forward and slowly bit into the curve of his neck. He avoided the main arteries and took a couple of mouthfuls. A hand came up to rest in his hair as he sucked gently and then retracted his fangs to lick the wound clean of blood. He watched it heal over and sat back.

The boy’s eyes looked dazed and that dopey smile was back. Angel groaned in pleasure, he was hard again. “You taste incredible… not even slayer blood tastes as delicious as you…” he told him, wondering, not for the first time, if Xander was a normal human.

“Nummy treat, that’s me,” he grinned. He looked down at Angel’s hard cock and smirked. “Y’know, I’m not sure you completely took my virginity the first time, we should do it again…just to be sure.”

Angel followed the boy’s gaze and then looked back up to meet his eyes, a wicked grin on his face. “To be sure,” he nodded and flipped Xander over.

The End

You have reached the end of "Take Me I'm Yours". This story is complete.

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