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The New Creed

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Summary: Assassin's Creed Crossover. They were all out of toy guns. So Xander had to make do with what he could find and ends up with more than he bargained for.

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Games > Sci-FiOLazyOneFR1318900232,48213 Jun 0813 Jun 08Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own any copyrighted material used to aide in the creation of this bit of fiction. This is produced simply for the entertainment of readers and the author.

The New Creed


Most thought it was simply a matter of being invisible.

It was so much more than that.

He watched from his perch atop the mausoleum as the group moved through the graveyard. They chattered and laughed amongst themselves so much that his stealth wasn’t necessary. Still he hid.

Closer they came. Close enough that soon he was able to make out the gestures they made with their hands as they spoke. Still he waited.

Soon, they were close enough that he was able to make out the expressions on their faces even in the darkness of night. He made no movement.

He watched as they passed beneath him. He made no sound.

They passed beneath him with nary a look in his direction.

As they moved away from him, he began to move. He silently palmed two of his wooded throwing knives, sharpened and balanced for just this reason. He took no deep breath in preparation, he made no hesitation

One moment he was just perched on the roof of the mausoleum and the next he was airborne.

The wind whistled past him, but still he made no sound.

He hit the ground rolling, the rustling of the grass the only hint of his approach. With flicks of his wrist he freed the knives from his hands. Two grunts of pain were almost immediate. The others had already began cursing, turning to meet the threat as dust danced in the wind. It was already too late.

He met the center one with a running leap that brought them both to the ground. A mere twist of his wrist while in the air and a hidden wooden dagger slid out, quickly and silently.

He rolled through the dust to his feet. Already running as he completed the roll, he took off deeper into the graveyard. The last two hot on his heels, angry howls piercing the air.

He couldn’t beat them in a foot race. He knew that. They knew it as well. So he didn’t try. A short hop brought him to the top of a gravestone. Like stepping stones, he moved through them. Using short jumps that were more steps than anything else, he quickly made his way through the graveyard. A solid thump came from behind him followed by a pain filled yowl informed him that one hunter had been slowed. The startled exclamation that followed shortly after told him his second hunter had fallen as well.

A leap to a tree and a rebound from the trunk to the bough and he had all but disappeared from the sight of his pursuers

He watched as the first one to fall recovered and made his way to his partner. His partner swiftly leaped from the unfilled grave that hidden in the darkness to ambush him. The searched around for their foe, unsuccessfully.

Hidden in the boughs of the tree he watched as they prowled around the darkness, ever searching. One made it beneath the tree he occupied, searching the shadows of the tree for his victim. He dropped silent as the shadows that the other hunted in from the boughs. His hidden blade claimed another victim this night.

With no whisper of a sound, he stalked the last. He didn’t so much as dash from shadow to shadow as melted into the shadows.

The voice of the last filled the air, panicked and loud.


He slowly stalked that last as the it’s eyes darted around the graveyard. Breath that wasn’t needed came in pants as the white around the it’s eyes showed.

His movements became jerky. He looked hesitant to move. The cry of a bird pierced the night. The last whirled to the sound so quickly he nearly collapsed. Stumbling back, he began to run with his fear giving him speed.

Looking over his shoulder for the source of his fear he was caught off guard as his feet tripped over something. Falling heavily to the ground he searched for what had tripped him. Eyes searching the ground missed the shadow that rose swiftly from behind him.

A sharp burst of pain from his back was the last thing the vampire knew.

He melted back into the shadows that protected him as he watched the dust of his last target settle. A week ago he would never have dreamed of slaying five vampires. That had changed last night.

In the past, he’d always based his life around a single principle. Even if it was done unconsciously, it was still done. Help his friends. Whether that was done by cracking a joke in a tense situation or telling them something they didn’t want to hear, it didn’t matter. He’d always do his best to help his friends. Even if they didn’t want it.

Now though, now more was necessary. A new set of rules were needed to guide him.

Hide in plain sight.

Never allow an innocent to be harmed.

Most importantly though, he thought as pictures of a wise old man, a smart red-headed girl, a blunt brunette, and a brave blond flashed through his head, protect the family.


At any cost.

This was his new creed. He would keep it.

Or die trying.

A/N: First bit of fanfiction ever posted. Any comments, advice or criticism would be appreciated.

The End

You have reached the end of "The New Creed". This story is complete.

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