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When it's Wrong and Right

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Summary: Sometimes things need to go wrong before they go right.

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CSI > CSI Miami(Recent Donor)NotAGoauldFR1831,7380175,74413 Jun 0826 Jul 08No

Chapter One

When it’s Wrong and Right.

Author: NotAGoauld

Rating: FR-R maybe 21

Summery: Sometimes things have to go wrong before they can go right.

Warnings: Boy’s together will be playing here and girls together will be playing here if this offends you please do not read, and for those who do not have Het leanings there will also be boy’s and girl’s playing here so if this offends you please do not read. If you lean both ways? You’ll be a happy camper.

Pairings: X/H/S, E/C, W/R (friendship), W/T

Disclaimer: They belong to me!!!! (Muahahahahha!). No wait that’s not right (sniff) they’re not mine and never will be mine (isn’t that right doctor?)

Spoilers: Season 5 of CSI Miami and back. All of Buffy and some of Angel all seasons. I don’t know if I’m going to be spoiling the Buffy comic haven’t had the money to go buy it so as a precaution I’m going to say spoilers for the comic as well.

A.N. I actually hate these things but I feel the need for some explanations and apologies. I had to pull one of my stories. Because of a spinal cord injury I had to learn how to walk, write and pretty much do every thing again. Once I was finally past that hurdle I had exploding computers and I lost everything I had written not to mention because I was injured I really could not remember what the story was supposed to be about. So for those of you who were tracking my Willow/Methos story I’m sorry. I saved what I had published but I honestly don’t think that story will ever be finished, so I pulled it. I would also like apologize for the extreme lack of reviews. Most folks know I try to review at least 3 times a story (beginning, middle, and end). See above explanation and the fact that I can no longer afford even dial up due to injury and having to change jobs. So maybe once a month I go to the local internet café and quickly save everything I want to read. So this is a broad based review…. You guy’s rock my socks and keep up the good work!!!! The good thing is that I have most of this story written, by hand that way there will be no chance of losing it (it was great therapy). The bad news is updates will be few and far in between due to lack of internet but I will try my best to make it at least once every 2 weeks. Thanks in advance to any who read and review. The End. No more Author’s notes (I hope).

When it’s Wrong and Right.

Part 1

Transitory hallucinations. That’s what the doctor called it. His brain was using new pathways around the damage the bullet did. On some level he’d known it wasn’t real. It was just nice having Speed to talk to again.

Part of the reason he hadn’t told H or Calli about it was that he didn’t want them to confirm what he already knew. There was a small part of him that had wondered though. Horatio’s brother had no been dead, so why not Speed? Finding his credit card seemed to confirm that Speed was alive. He’d also know that if Speed was in protective custody there is no way that he would ever break protocol just to talk to him.

He’d lost so much in the last few years. Speed, Mari, and even Calli after a fashion. She’d become somewhat distant since he’d fallen in love with her.
He guessed he made her uncomfortable now. Hell…most of the time he felt uncomfortable with himself. I was as if he was a half-step behind himself all the time. It didn’t make much sense to him but it was how he felt.

The medicine that the doctor put him on was supposed to stop the hallucinations, but they hadn’t stopped. He was still seeing and hearing Speed. He’d had to force himself to stop talking to him. That was three months ago. Now he was standing here staring at Speed’s headstone as if he could will it to make everything make sense again.

“Speed I hope you can hear me. I hope you are happy where you are. My brain seems to think I need you. It maybe right. I’ve been missing you so much lately.”

Eric’s voice broke on the last sentence and looked up from the headstone to see Speed standing there.
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