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Family Bonds

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Family Bonds". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: After BtVS season5 and after 2nd XMen Movie. Dawn goes to live with her cousin in New York and is not happy about it. What happens when a man interested in her cousin suddenly becomes interested in her? And not in the boost your ego kinda way. DOBBY ROMY

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-CenteredMercyJonesFR18729,80547319,90315 Jun 0813 Jan 09No

Night Out (part 2)

(1)a wolverine in actuality is not a wolf. It's something in the weasel family. Look it up. I think it actually fits Logan perfectly.
(2)Clarice Ferguson (aka Blink) is a mutant who has the ability to displace matter through a type of teleportation rift. She has no control over it and nothing she teleports comes back properly. She actually killed someone when it first manifested. I might bring her up again later. Still debating.

Sorry this took sooo long. Knew where I wanted to end this, but it felt sooo short. So I added the part with Scott at the end after debating with myself on how I wanted to start off the next chapter. I think you'll like it! (Also, I apologize for any typos, especially where letters seem to be missing... my keyboard is sticking and does not like me at the moment...) :(

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, all I own is this lovely bottle of mountain de... oh crap, I already finished it!


Sweat drenched her shirt, making it stick to her skin a little more than comfortable. Hot and sticky, Dawn tapped Kitty on the arm and informed her of her plan of action. With a nod and a dismissive wave, Kitty turned back to the strange man she was dancing with. Dawn pushed her way through the crowd until she stumbled through the front entrance. She nodded to the bouncer who glanced her way, then she leaned against the brick wall.

Now, true, a responsible teen would've grabbed a friend and been one with the buddy system, but Dawn honestly wanted to be alone for a few minutes. Plus, she was staying in view of the bouncer, so that was somewhat responsible, right? It's not like she went out the back alley or anything. Buffy used to always talk about the back alleys, it was her version of the ditches their mom always talked about.

Wrapping suddenly cool arms around her sweaty self, Dawn looked around somewhat nervously. The night air was filled with cigarette smoke as intoxicated people threw out their butts and stumbled down the street. Dawn sucked in a breath and tried to get comfortable against the freezing brick wall. It was the beginning of October and already the air was more than chilly. Then again, Dawn grew up in California, what was cold to her was warm to everyone else.


Dawn turned her head and gave a small smile when she saw who it was, “Hey.”

Handing his leather jacket over to her, Bobby leaned next to her. He watched silently as she whispered a 'thanks' and slipped it on. A frown formed as he looked up at the inky black sky, “You know, wandering outside by yourself is not the safest action in the world. Especially in New York at this time of night.”

Dawn fought an eye roll, “Yeah, well, it was getting a little too crowded in there, ya know?”

“I know the feeling,” he muttered more to himself than anyone else.

Dawn stared at him for a moment before she turned her attention to the pitch black sky, not a star to be seen, “I miss Sunnydale.”

Bobby looked back at her, a small frown on his lips, before he looked away just as quickly, “Must be hard to leave all your friends behind.”

“Or lack thereof,” she responded without thought. She stopped short and glanced over at Bobby to see his confused gaze, “I didn't really have any friends. Just my sister's friends and... I guess that doesn't really count,” she kicked a pebble with her shoe.

“Sure it does,” Bobby said, trying to reassure her. When he saw it wasn't working, he bumped his shoulder against hers, “Well, you got some now.”

Dawn looked up at him in surprise. She gave him a small smile, “Thanks,” she whispered. Feeling somewhat awkward, she took in a deep breath, “You wanna head in now?”

“Yeah,” Bobby answered quickly, obviously feeling the awkwardness. The two headed back inside. Pushing through the crowds, Dawn had to grab Bobby's arm in order to keep up with him and not get lost.

By the time the two managed to see their table, Remy and Kitty were both standing there, looking around, Kitty almost looked panicked. Remy spotted the two first and quickly waved them over.

“What's up?” Dawn chirped as she took a seat.

“Remy saw someone watching us,” Kitty said nervously. She continued to look around, as if trying to find this person.

“What do you mean?” Bobby asked, taking his seat next to Dawn.

“Some homme was watchin' us. Saw a few others watchin' too. I t'ink we either got ourselves some F.O.H. members or some of Magneto's crew.”

“Which one are we hoping for?” Dawn questioned innocently, not having a clue as to what he was saying.

“Neither,” Bobby answered for the group, and looked around just as nervously as Kitty.

Dawn frowned at the two and looked back over at Remy, “Who exactly are these people?”

“Friends of Humanity are a mutant hatin' group, think of it as our version of de K.K.K. As fer Magneto and his lackeys, dey're de mutants who believe dere more superior den normal humans,” Remy answered, watching Dawn carefully, as if waiting for something.

“OK,” Dawn muttered, glancing at Bobby and Kitty, “So... where's Jubilee?”

“I've been looking for her,” Kitty stated, practically standing on her tip toes now, “I haven't seen her since she started dancing with that one guy.”

Three heads snapped towards Kitty, “What guy?!” they all asked.

Kitty looked at them with wide eyes, “I don't know, just some guy. He uh... was a little out of date in his fashion, ya know. He had a popped collar on a silk button shirt, I mean, what was up with that?”

Dawn had to fight a groan, “I know where to look,” she grumbled and slid out of her seat. The others exchanged confused looks but followed Dawn to the other side of the club. She opened the door to the alley and cautiously exited.

There stood Jubilee in the middle of the alley, staring at the street. Dawn rushed to the girl and gently touched her shoulder. The young girl jumped and spun around.

“Oh my, God!” Jubilee suddenly burst when she registered them. She then turned and pointed to one end of the alley, “That guy attacked me and someone else totally just jumped him and dragged him out there.”

“Wait here,” Remy demanded and ran towards the open end of the alley, Bobby trailing after him. The two spun around, obviously trying to find something. They waved the girls over.

“Nothing,” Bobby stated with a frown.

“We should get back,” Remy continued to look around, but started off in the direction of the car.

No one verbally responded, but followed after the Cajun. Dawn paused a moment and looked down. She kicked the pile of ash with a frown. She looked around again, almost hoping to see a familiar face. Instead what she saw was a young man appear from around the corner behind them, flipping a zippo lighter in his hands.

Dawn made eye contact with the man. They stared at each other for a few moments, before Dawn turned around and rushed after her group. When she caught up she matched their pace and walked between Jubilee and Bobby.

The walk to the car was completely silent. No one spoke a word to each other, each one wrapped up in their own thoughts. Dawn bit her bottom lip and contemplated the scenario she had just missed. The ash, the out of date clothing... it was all part of a very simple equation in Dawn's book. Who saved Jubilee though? Was it the guy with the lighter? Some of those rogue vampire hunters she had heard about? The one question she was hoping the answer was yes to she didn't dare ask or even think about. It would just jinx it.

Dawn's eyes unconsciously flew up to Bobby who was sitting in the front passenger seat, “You should wear your seatbelt,” the words flew out automatically and monotonous. Everyone looked back at her.

Ice-y blue eyes blinked in surprise. Bobby wordlessly grabbed his seatbelt and pulled it over his chest and into the buckle. Something about the simple, wordless action made Dawn pleased.

Less then five minutes later, Dawn was even more pleased he had listened when Remy did a screeching swerve to miss a woman standing in the middle of the street. That plus the illogical way the car seemed to topple over and land upside down, made Dawn extremely pleased everyone was wearing their seatbelts.

Aside from the fact that they were all now stuck upside down.

Smoke invaded her nostrils. A hacking cough tore through Dawn's throat as she slowly began to shake away her daze. Without thought, Dawn's hand reached for her seat belt and tried, without avail, to free herself. Still coughing, Dawn tried to relieve some of the tension on the belt and used one hand to push against the ceiling, while the other undid the buckle.

She crashed to the ground.

Glass cut her skin even as she rolled onto her back. She let out a small groan and blinked her bleary vision away. The first thing she noticed was an unconscious Jubilee and Kitty hanging above her. The next thing she noticed was the blood on Kitty's shoulder and the small trickle of blood dripping from Jubilee's head.

She heard a similar crash behind her.


“Present,” she croaked out. She reached up and grabbed one of Jubilee's hands, “Jubes,” she shook the girl, “wake up...”


Dawn suddenly heard a scrambling noise, as Remy crawled out of his window, “C'mon, mon petite soleili, we gotta go.”

“What?” Dawn tried to turn and winced. Maybe moving around on broken glass was not such a good idea, “What about them?”

“Ain't got time,” Dawn felt a his gloved hand grab her wrist and he began to pull her out of the car, ignoring her cries of pain on the glass, “Only way we can help is by making sure we get outta here.”

When Remy pulled Dawn up to her feet, she saw what was making him so nervous. The woman was striding over towards them, a devilish smile on her lips. Behind her was a large, catlike man beast. He too had a feral grin. Or a grimace. Dawn really couldn't distinguish which.

“Leaving so soon, Lebeau?” the beast man's speech was slightly slurred. Either his fangs made it difficult for him to talk, or he was a little drunk. Dawn was so hoping for the drunk.

“Sorry, mon ami velu,” Remy replied lightly, as if neither he nor Dawn had been in a car wreck and were now bleeding, “Got ot'er plans. Involves a girl, some whiskey, and t'ings a gentleman never tells.”

“Funny,” he growled.

The woman took a step forward and held out her hand. Dawn suddenly felt very dizzy and stumbled next to Remy. Luckily, he had excellent balance and caught her easily. His arms were tight around her shoulders and he moved the two of them backwards slowly. Dawn almost wanted to beg him to stop moving. Each step made her feel worse.

Suddenly, he spun them around and pulled led her away in a mad dash. It was everything Dawn could do to not trip.

They didn't get very far.

Earlier, Dawn had spotted a guy with a lighter. He was in front of them now, looking to all the world like he knew something they didn't. Dawn's eyes grew wide as he quite literally pulled fire from his zippo.

Remy pulled out a playing card.

Dawn had half a mind to run. Normally, she would have followed that instinct (Buffy had done very well in teaching her little sister about following instincts), normally she would have run the moment Remy shouted at her to get out of there.

Alas, luck was not with the Summers once again.

Just as she went to move, a pair or strong – if not flabby – arms wrapped around her from behind and pinned her arms to her side. He also cut off her air supply. Oh, Dawn struggled. She struggled like only a Summers woman could, but that just made it all the more worse. Just as her vision began to haze, Dawn kept her eyes locked on the still Remy. His head was down and his eyes were locked on his card on the ground.

Green dazed and confused eyes landed on the Queen of Hearts.

'Who's fighting?' Dawn wondered.

Her vision went black.

Je suis très désolé, tout le monde.”



Jolting into an up right position, Scott kept his eyes firmly squeezed shut. He grumbled a curse mildly as his bedroom door burst open with a sound that would have startled most people. After a split second of contemplation on whether or not he should open his eyes now or wait until he actually had his sunglasses on, Scott instinctively reached for them on top of the nightstand.

“Now ain't the time to be sleepin', bud,” Wolverine's voice growled in the night.

“Really?” Scott glanced at his alarm clock, and inwardly cursed Logan, “'Cause my sources tell me that 3am is the perfect time to be asleep.”

“And it ain't time to be a smart ass. Buncha the kids snuck out.”

Scott could feel Logan's eyes trained on him as he calmly pushed aside his covers and reached for a shirt. Friday night, no training on Saturday morning, in a house full of teenagers... it wasn't that odd for them to sneak out once in a while.

“Your cousin's with 'em.”

Scott fought down a groan. Couldn't she have waited to do this... never? With a glare in Logan's direction, Scott followed the shorter man into the hall and into the living room. He had to fight the urge to roll his eyes. Of course, Logan had to go and disturb someone else's beauty sleep.

Ororo was already there, looking as tired as he felt. The Goddess looked up at him and smiled tiredly before doing a double take and allowing a large grin to spread on her lips. This time she was staring at his hair.

Summers just frowned and patted it down in a sorry attempt to make it look less wild. He wasn't too worried about it at the moment.

“Alright,” Scott fought down a yawn and fell back onto the couch, next to Storm, “What do we know?”

“We know that five brats are missin'. That's what we know,” Logan's deep growl resonated across the room.

Scott just glared at him.

Ororo rose an elegant eyebrow and pulled her robe a little tighter, “They're children, Logan. They more than likely wanted to have some fun. A party or a club is not that far of a reach. They will bring themselves home before morning. Then we will give them the proper punishment.”

“But de morning iz in zwei hours!”

Everyone glanced up and Scott had to fight yet another irritated gesture. Kurt was hanging from the feeling, looking to all the world like a worried bat. Just how many people did Logan wake up before he gave in and woke him up?

“Demon boy's right,” Logan grunted, “Kids'll be kids, but even Gumbo'd make sure they'd be home at a decent hour,” he pulled out a cigar and stuck it between his lips, “I'm gonna look for 'em.”

Suddenly, images of an angry and pissed off Logan scaring his little cousin entered Scott's mind. Deciding he best shield her from the man's wrath, he let out a deep heavy sigh and pushed himself onto his feet, “I'll go with you.”

“No offense, one eye,” Wolverine groused out, obviously meaning the exact opposite, “but I'll be faster on my own.”

“No offense, weasel(1),” Scott practically growled back. He had had enough of this man's self serving personality, “but I--”

“Oh, by the Goddess!”

All three men turned to the only woman in the room. She too had stood and now had her hands firmly planted on her hips. Ororo sent a spine chilling glare towards the two alpha males, “We can watch your battle of testosterone later. Rogue, on the other hand, may very well know where they are. We should just ask her.”

It was 5 am.

If none of them was seriously injured, Rogue was going to fix that problem. Violently. Probably with a sharp object. Or maybe dull objects. Eh, anything heavy was actually pretty good. There you go! Blunt heavy objects! Much more fun!

Rogue wiped the sleep from her eyes as she flopped back onto the couch. Inwardly, she winced at the feel of her gloved hand first thing in the morning. Outwardly, she fought back a yawn, “Uhhmmm... Ah think Kit said somethin' 'bout the crush or the crash. Not really sure.”

Scott nodded, “The Crash. It's a club that opened up about three months ago. One group tends to sneak out every month to see that place,” thinking back on it, Scott began to wonder if maybe the students had all gotten together and formed some sort of schedule so they wouldn't all sneak out at once.

Honestly, it wouldn't surprise him.

He could definitely see Clarice Ferguson(2) leading it. The chart, markers, hell, even color coding was possible. The girl may be rebellious, but damned if she didn't love her organization.

Rogue frowned and glanced at the clock behind her. She knew Remy. He would at the very least do everything he could possibly do to get everyone home by sunrise. He may disappear from the face of the earth for days at a time, but he would never do that with another person, especially a student. That she definitely knew for sure.

“Half an hour til sunrise,” Rogue murmured to herself.

Everyone jumped at the banging on the front door. Before anyone moved, a man's voice rang loud and clear:

“Somebody better hurry up and open the bleeding door!”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Family Bonds" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Jan 09.

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