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Family Bonds

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Family Bonds". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: After BtVS season5 and after 2nd XMen Movie. Dawn goes to live with her cousin in New York and is not happy about it. What happens when a man interested in her cousin suddenly becomes interested in her? And not in the boost your ego kinda way. DOBBY ROMY

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-CenteredMercyJonesFR18729,80547319,90315 Jun 0813 Jan 09No

The Smell of Cheese Is Always A Bad Sign...

AN: Just a new story I thought of. It's set just after Season 5 of BtVS and just after the 2nd X-Men movie. So both Buffy and Jean are dead.

Summary: Set after BtVS season5 and after 2nd X-Men Movie. Dawn goes to live with her cousin in New York and is not happy about it. The other students turn out to be more dangerous to the school than Buffy was to her High School. But what happens when a man interested in her cousin Scott, suddenly becomes interested in her as well? And not in the boost your ego kinda way.

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or X-Men.
The plane smelled like cheese.

That was Dawn's first thought as she boarded. Her second thought involved breaking a window and squeezing through. Unfortunately, she wasn't sure if she could squeeze through the tiny windows, even with her tiny frame. Then again, you never know unless you try, right?

Dawn sighed as she plopped in her seat and looked up as Giles calmly sat in the tiny seat next to her. He had stopped talking to her earlier when he realized she was giving him the silent treatment. She sighed and leaned her head against the window, silently wishing the pilot would make an anouncement about how they wouldn't be able to take off for some technical reason. Honestly, she really didn't care what the reason was. Anything from there's a rat on the runway to our engine just won't start would do just fine for her.

“You know, this whole not talking to me is petty and juvenile.”

Dawn turned her attention back to Giles. His lips were turned down in a sharp frown and his forehead did that wrinkly thing it always did when he was upset. Dawn, however, didn't voice any of this and instead just stared at the ex-watcher blankly.

Apparently, her silent treatment was affecting him more than he was willing to admit.

“And besides, it's not like this is my idea. You have no right to be mad at me. There's absolutely nothing I could do, Dawn. And you bloody well know that.” He sighed and took off his glasses like he usually did when he was worried. His voice softened extremely, “If it were up to me, you'd be back in Sunnydale, failing classes and sneaking out in the middle of the night like you usually do.”

Dawn couldn't help her smile at that. She looked down at her hands and sighed. Great. Now she was all with the feeling guilty, “I know.” Giles set his glasses back on his nose and looked at her, “It's just...” She let out a small whiny noise, “It's not fair.” The guilt was gone now, replaced by a feeling she knew so much better. Teenage selfishness.

Giles wrapped one of his arms around her shoulders, letting her lean against him and rest her head on his shoulder, “I know, Dawn.”

That didn't stop Dawn though, “I mean, you guys are more than capable of taking care of me. I don't understand why I have to move all the way across the country.”

Giles didn't say anything and instead just silently held Dawn like a father should. He sighed and leaned his head back against the uncomfortable tiny headrest. He lost Buffy, who was like a daughter to him, and now he was about to lose her little sister, who was like a second daughter to him.

It wasn't fair.
Dawn sighed and leaned her head against the window. She was depressed. Okay, so she was a little more than depressed, but she had every right to be. Her sister just died saving her life. Of course, what other way was Buffy suppose to go? A Vampire? Suicide? Homicidal rats? Of course she'd die saving her little sister. Wasn't that what she did best?

Dawn sighed again and held her turning stomach. She really hated flying.

She was on her way to New York. With Buffy and her mom gone, she had no where else to go. Giles had gotten a hold of her father somehow, and he had instructed her to go to New York. Dawn had begged and pleaded with her father, and with Giles, to let her stay in California. Both had told her no, though Giles had the decency to seem upset when he said the words. She had been so desperate she had even called Angel to see if she could stay with him. He to had declined, telling her that maybe it was for the best.

So here she was, in a cheese smelling plane, sitting next to Giles with some old guy in the seat behind her who smelt like spinach, on her way to New York to live with her cousin. A cousin she hadn't seen in years, mind you. Though to be honest, she would prefer to live with him than her father. But, oh, here was the irony: He lived in a school! Dawn was actually moving into a school! The world must have really ended the day Buffy jumped. Who would have ever expected a Summers girl to move into a school?! The PTB must have really been really bored when they decided to do this to her. Dawn silently hoped that Buffy's luck with schools wasn't genetic, it would probably be a bad impression if she burned it down during her stay.

Dawn jumped at the ding. The pilot's voice spoke over the speakers, informing the passengers that they would be touching down shortly.

Oh, joy.
Scott paced nervously. He looked like a soldier almost, if it wasn't for the messy hair and the stubble on his chin that he refused to take care of.

He was waiting for his cousin.

It sounded so strange to him. After the plane crash that had rid him of his immediate family and control over his mutant powers, he had tried long and hard to find any living relative. Then one day he found Hank and Joyce Summers. He had been so happy to have found his family. That is, until the day he told Hank and Joyce about him being a mutant. Hank had thrown a fit; banned him from ever seeing his family again. Joyce had been too much in shock to say anything.

Which is why this was so strange. When he had received a phone call from his uncle, telling him that his cousin was on her way, he was shocked. Hank had only said that Joyce had died and so had Buffy. So Dawn was coming to live with him. Scott had never even had the chance to ask why she wasn't going to live with him, her father, before the man hung up on him.

That was the first he had heard of Joyce's death, let alone Buffy's. Hell, he hadn't even known that the two had gotten divorced. He did remember Buffy and Dawn though. The two girls had been so excited to learn that they had a cousin out there. Buffy had only been a few years younger than him, four if he remembered right, and he believed Dawn was nine years younger than him. Whenever he came to visit, the three had been inseperable. He wondered if Uncle Hank had ever told them why he stopped.

Scott sighed and gave up his pacing. He walked over to one of the empty seats and sat down. He looked up at the Professor.

“How am I suppose to take care of her?! It's hard for me to just get through the day now that Jean's gone. How am I suppose to take care of a fifteen year old girl?!” He looked down at his hands. He hadn't been given a choice, Hank had only informed him of it seconds after her plane had taken off. Did she know about him being a mutant? Did she know what kind of school she was coming to? And if not, what would her reaction be?

He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He could feel one of his headaches coming on.

The Professor just gave him a sympathetic smile.
Dawn frowned as she stared out the cab window. She had no idea what Scott looked like now. He had most likely grown out of his stupid sunglasses. She wasn't sure if she could recognize him without those things swallowing his face. She gulped nervously.

She hugged her duffel bag tighter. It had been a long time since she had last seen him. Before she had moved to Sunnydale even. That would have made her, what? Eight? Nine years old?

“I know, this is hard on you, Dawn.” Dawn turn her attention to the closest thing she had as a father figure, “But you have to understand, that this may be for the best.”

Dawn, ever the teenager, chose the silent response. She knew it wouldn't work, but who was she to deny stereotypical teen anger?

Giles sighed, “Dawn, I would be more than happy to take care of you, but...”

Dawn nodded and let her eyes look at everything but him, “But my dad gave custody to my cousin, yeah, yeah. I know.”

Giles pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. “Dawn, Xavier's School for the Gifted, is an extremely excellent and well respected school. Thousands of people try to get their children into it every year, and only a few are accepted. You-”

“Are going to fail High School?” Giles turned back to her. Dawn rolled her eyes, “I wouldn't say I'm exactly gifted, Giles. Remember my grades before I left? They haven't exactly been valedictorian material.”

“Well, that's to be expected with the things you've gone through lately. What with Glory, your mother... and Buffy. No one expects you to be pulling straight A's.”

Dawn frowned and looked down at her feet. Her voice was small, “What if I hate it?”

Giles glanced at her before turning his eyes back to the front, “You have to give it time, Dawn. No one is expecting you to like this at first. And you're more than welcome to call me whenever you want, as well as the others back in Sunnydale. But you have to give it time. I'm sure it won't be as bad as you think.”

Dawn looked back up at him, “Giles, I'm just starting High School. What if I have Buffy's luck with school?”

Giles forced down a smile at the thought and stared at her for a moment before answering in a very serious tone, “Then the School is doomed.”

Dawn rolled her green eyes and turned them back to the window.

She found herself coughing on her own spit.

Giles was quick to pat her back, trying to make sure she was okay. Then he saw what had caused her coughing fit.

The school may as well have been a mansion. An extremely large mansion. That mansion Angel had back in Sunnydale, yeah, it was nothing compared to this thing! Dawn wasn't sure she had ever seen anything this huge before! Even the newly built High School in Sunnydale wasn't as large as this. And they sure as hell didn't have the décor this place did. Or the security.

The cab stopped in front of a large gate. Dawn felt as if her eyes were going to pop out of her head. The cabbie rolled down his window and spoke into the intercom. Dawn didn't pay any attention to the gates opening as she kept her eyes trained on the mansion, which seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. Probably because it was getting closer and closer, but still. The place was huge!

Finally, the cab stopped in front of the mansion. Dawn didn't move. She just stared up at the mansion with a slack jaw. It was beautiful!

She jumped when a hand knocked on her window. Giles was now standing on the others side, both her bags in his hands. Behind him, standing on the porch was a group of people. Dawn instantly recognized her cousin in the group.

He was still wearing those stupid glasses.

Taking in a deep breath, Dawn opened the door. Her legs were a little more wobbly than she would've liked, but she still managed to stay upright. Somehow.
Scott, for his part, was holding his breath. He could hear some of the students gathering behind him, along with some teachers, but he ignored them. His eyebrows shot up when one of the cab doors opened.

And out stepped a middle aged man.

The men pushed his glasses back up his nose and nodded at the group before making his way to the trunk of the cab. He pulled out two large bags before making his way around to the other door. He knocked on the darkened window.

After a few moments the door slowly opened and out stepped a petite brown haired girl.

She looked a little unsteady as she stared up at the group with wide green eyes.
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