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The Wolf and the Ulfric

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Summary: Richard finds a Wolf (OC) in his territory, who isn't playing by the rules. (The purpose of the first part of the story is to see how many persons the Wolf can piss off, without getting killed.)

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The Wolf and the Exencutioner

Title: The Wolf and the Ulfric

Name: WhiteWolf

A/N: Pissing off peolpe is an artform and can get you killed.

The Wolf and the Exencutioner

Part 2 of the 3 part story.

Anita couldn't believe Richard and she couldn't believe this stranger. He was almost two
weeks in St. Louise and Richard still didn't do anything against him. He was a danger to the
pack. Not because he was attacking the pack. In reality he hadn't done anything remotely more
dangerous than feeding some ducks in the park.

No, he was a danger to the pack because he wasn't obeying any pack rules and Richard was
indecisive on how to react to him. It might give the other members of the pack bad ideas and
ruin Richard credibility as pack leader.

And she also couldn't believe that Richard fell for the 'I call the police' bluff. Anita couldn't
believe how naive Richard could be. Because of the full moon tonight Anita was stuck to
watch the stranger. It was close to nightfall and the stranger didn't go to a seclusive area to
avoid people when the change came up on him. No, he was sitting in a pizza restaurant
ordering his second pizza.

Anita couldn't believe how reckless the stranger was, but on the other hand it gave her a good
reason to kill him and get rid off him. Which would solve their problem very neatly. Anita had
a sniper riffle, which she 'borrowed' from a 'friend'. She was sitting on the roof opposite of
the restaurant and had the stranger in her visor planning to shoot him the moment he shifted.

It was ten minutes before sundown and the stranger stopped eating and took his cellphone out
of his jacket. He spoke for a few minutes before he hung up. 23 seconds later her own
cellphone went off. Anita cursed and made herself remember to turn her cellphone off when
she planned her next assassination.

She removed her cellphone out of her pocket and saw that it was Dolph. She really didn't want
to speak to Dolph right now. Especially if she was doing something slightly illegal. Not the
shooting part she didn't think she would get in trouble for shooting a shifted Lycanthrope in a
restaurant full of people. The problem was that she didn't call in about the possibility of a
berserk going Lycanthrope.

"Keep it short, Dolph. I'm busy." Anita sounded annoyed.

"Like shooting somebody with a high powered riffle." Dolph asked serious.

"How the He..." He called the police. "He called you?" Anita couldn't believe. He wasn't
bluffing, when he told Richard that he would call the police.

"I can't believe ..." Dolph sounded angry. "No, scrap that. Tell me you have at least a good
reason for wanting to kill this man."

How should Anita explain this. Keep it simple and short. "Lycanthrope, full moon and a
restaurant full of people."

"Shit. When he shifts you have permission to shoot him. I send reinforcement." Dolph hung

Anita smiled. Having the cops backing you up has it advantages now and then. Anita frowned.
He knew that she was up and across the street. Which meant that she didn't need to do a
deadly version of hide and seek. Anita quickly disassembled the riffle and put it back in the
riffle case. She run down to street level and put it safely away in her jeep.

Anita had no doubt that Dolph's reinforcement would reach the restaurant after sunset, when
everything would be over. She entered the restaurant with a few minutes to spare. She already
had her 9mm Firestar out and was ignoring the host. She went straight to table, where the
stranger was sitting. He looked at her with curiosity, but no fear. This made her even more
nervous. He didn't even flinch, when she aimed her Firestar at his chest, while she sat opposite
of him. He didn't say a word and continued to eat. The seconds crept away and nothing
happened even after the sunset. Anita had a hard time understanding it. Richard told her he
was a wolf, her senses told her he was a Shifter. But still he wasn't shifting.

He smirked at her and Anita wanted to shoot the smirk off his face. "Wanna slice?"

Anita ignored the question and the offered food. "Why aren't you shifting?" Anita still had her
weapon aimed at him.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Didn't want to, plus I have a business thing to do tonight, that
acquires my human body."

At that moment two guys enter the restaurant with guns blazing. They identified themself as
the police of the RPIT. One was a scruffy white guy and the other a polite black man. Anita
didn't let them distract her. She still was holding the gun at the stranger. They relaxed when
they saw that everything was under control and no shooting holes anywhere. Which surprised
them. Knowing Anita they expected the place drenched in blood and infested with bullet holes.
They add their guns to Anita's pointing at the man sitting opposite of Anita.

"Eh, Anita. I might not be the preternatural expert like you, but if he is a Shifter, shouldn't he
be all furry by now?" The white guy asked.

"Yes, Zebrowski. Shouldn't he?" Anita wasn't even paying attention to him. Anita had her
eyes solely on the stranger, who was very relaxed and calmly eating his pizza under the barrel
of her gun. And what made her even more nervous and even scared was that he had no
reaction to her dead glare.

"So is he a lycanthrope or not?" The question came from the black guy, which was directed at

Anita stared the stranger a few moments in the eyes, before she put her gun away. The others
followed her lead. "It seems I have been wrong."

"Are you sure? At least he eats like a Lycanthrope." Zebrowski pointed at the two already
empty plates.

"It is a false alarm." Anita didn't look at Zebrowski when she talked to him. He noticed it, but
didn't press it. Anita continued. "Tell Dolph that I'll write a report and give it to him

Zebrowski knew that something else was going on, but he also knew that Anita wasn't going
to elaborate on it. Especially after the dismissal she gave him. He put his badge up and showed
it around. "False alarm, everything is safe, nothing to worry." He turned to the black man.
"Let's go, Clive."

Both man said their goodbyes to Anita and left the restaurant. The stranger ordered another
pizza, this one was a Hawaiian. He again offered Anita a slice and again Anita declined.

"Who are you? And how come you are still in human form?"

"I'm WhiteWolf. And to answer your second question. The wolf and I have an understanding,
that benefits us both."

"You have your beast under control at full moon." Anita had heard of cases where the man
was in control at full moon, but they always shifted.

"First of all I call it my wolf, not my beast. I thought you as a magic wielder should know the
importance of the naming of things."

Anita was angry at him, but he was right and that made her even angrier. But she didn't really
understand what the different was between the word wolf or beast in this matter.

"My wolf is smart enough to understand that it is unwise to shift in some occasions. He trust
my judgement plus I give him enough freedom to roam."

The last words prickled Anita curiosity. The stranger saw it.

"I give my wolf two months out of a year free access to our body. One month in summer and
one month in winter. Plus a few weekends."

Anita was shocked. Nobody but insane lycanthropes would let their beasts have that much
control. Anita suppressed the urge to go for her gun.

The stranger smiled at her. He seemed to think it was funny, that she was inches away of
blowing his head off.

"The best way to keep control is to sometimes to give control away."

Oh, cryptic guy. If she didn't have enough of that from Jean-Claude. That was something she
always liked about Richard, he alway gave her straight answers. She had a distinctive feeling
that he wasn't only speaking about his 'beast'. Maybe if she shot him a few times he will be
more co-operative with his answers.

"Why are you here?"

"Pizza." He made his point by picking a slice up as a demonstration. "They got the best in

He smirked at her and Anita gave him her famous dead glare. His smirk wavered, but not out
of fear. It was replaced by sadness. This shock her so much that she turned of her dead glare.
Nobody reacted to her glare like that.

"Once I met a true soulless Vampire. He had the same dead eyes like you did a few seconds
ago. Watch out that you don't lose your soul Ms. Blake. It is a very precious thing to just

Now it was official, this guy crept her out. He was getting in her head. She rather had him go
after her with a bazooka then with words and those eyes. She needed to regain her control
over the situation. He said something about souls and Vampires.

"So, your opinion on Vampires having souls is an affirmative." A change of subject to distract

He smiled at her. "They have souls, even if they are corrupted. But they have them."

"Corrupted? How come?" Anita thought that the reason he thought that the Vampires are
corrupted are because holly objects can burn them or some other religious idea.

"Power corrupts and Vampires have and want power, only their mind control is corrupting
enough. But that isn't why their souls are corrupt. It is because of their feeding habit."

Anita understood. "They need to feed of humans otherwise they die." Why was she defending
the undead? She hung around those Vampires way too much or was it because she was the
human servant of one.

"It is a misconception that they need human blood. It simple tastes better, it has a better
flavour and it has move power."

Anita didn't know if she should believe this stranger or not. "So did you also met none-human
blood drinking Vampire next to your Soulless Vampire?" Her words were laced with a thick
layer of sarcasm.

"They were one and the same." He took a bite out of another slice.

Anita was shocked and she made a consummation. "You are saying that he became soulless,
because he wasn't feeding on human anymore."

He laughed and she had again the impulse to get her gun out and shoot him. He stopped

"No, maybe I should start at the beginning."

"That would be nice." Anita said sarcastic.

He ignored her sarcasm. "A few centuries ago a Vampire was sired by a very nasty Vampiress.
But something went wrong."

"A Corrupt One."

"No, this one looked like the normal Vampires with only one difference. This one was pure

Anita had doubt in her eyes. The stranger saw her doubt, but didn't challenge it.

"In his evil ways he made a little mistake in his choice of victim. He picked the favourite
Daughter of a Romani tribe." He made a dramatic pause to see if he had captured Anita's
attention. "They cursed him with a full soul."

It took awhile for Anita to grasp the important of the impact a soul would have to a soulless
evil creature. A quick death would have been preferable.

"After that he couldn't bring himself to drink off humans anymore, the guilt was too great. Out
of starvation he began to feed of rats."

Anita made an 'eew' face.

The stranger smiled at her. "He changed his diet to pig's blood now."

Anita was thinking about what he said. She felt a flaw in his story. "If he was sired centuries
ago and he has his 'soul' now. And you met the soulless one. Does that mean he was cursed

"No, he was cursed a hundred years ago, but there was a loophole in the curse. Which I'm sure
made those damn gypsies go straight to hell." This was the first time that Anita could sense
anger from both the man and his beast. But the moment passed. "I met the soulless Vampire
first when I visit my cousin Oz, that was when I had a little misunderstanding with the Slayer.
She mistook me as one of his lackeys. I was lucky to survive our little alteration. Tough little

Anita was intrigued. She had heard about the Slayer, but her origin and identity was shrouded
in mystery. There was a rumour that she was called Buffy, but she couldn't believe that.
Nothing that is named Buffy could install fear in monsters.

"You still don't make sense. If you have met the soulless first, how can you know the soulful?"

"A witch redone the curse." He took another bite out of his pizza. Anita was getting annoyed
about that.

"You still didn't answer my question. What are you doing ... in St. Louise?"


Anita was getting fed up, but she stayed calm. She decided to be patient and play along. "For
who or what?"

"Whoever send me here."

"And whom might that be." She felt like pulling teeth and at this moment she had no hesitation
to pull his for real.

The stranger shrugged his shoulders. "Beats me."

Now it was enough for Anita, she went for her gun and she had death and torture in her eyes.

"Calm down. I'm telling you the truth. I got a vision in my dreams and they told me that I have
to be here in your fair city. It tells me I'm needed in this place."

After the word vision Anita relaxed a little. She knew that the stranger wasn't jerking her
around, at least not in a big way. Visions weren't something to be taken lightly. He stood up
and threw some money bills on the table.

"Excuse me, but I have a job interview within a half an hour and I don't want to be late. It was
a pleasure meeting you Ms. Blake." A mischievous smile appeared on his face. "Especially now
that you have refrained yourself from killing me."

Anita had the great urge to put a bullet in him, several. Not to kill him just to make it hurt. He
stopped before passing her. "Tell you boyfriend. I'm not going to meet him in his lair. I know
his animal to call and I'm not planning to fight a battle of wills on his turf."

He was speaking about Jean-Claude. Then it clicked. The stranger spoke out her thoughts.
"After the Ulfric and the Executioner, the Master of the City can't be left behind."

The stranger nodded his head and left the restaurant. Anita was quiet for exactly 5 second,
before she started to curse like a sailor, who was on shore leave and kicked out of a
whorehouse. She stood up and was walking to the door. A thought about shooting him, for the
trouble he would cause for sure, popped frequently up. But she restrained those thoughs and
ended up cursing toward her jeep. When she remembered that she didn't ask about the vision,
she cursed some more and rode off.


A/N: A Corrupt One

I'm not sure if Anita's world has something like a Corrupt One. But a Corrupt One is a Vampire that
wasn't sired correctly and something went wrong. Their appearance is very deadlike and
unattractive plus they have mean looking teeth. Their state of mind is very primative
and probably very voilent.

De description might change in future chapters to suit the storyline, for now you only have
to know that they look different from normal Vampires.

A/N: Like you have read the Wolf isn't Oz

I can understand why you would think the Wolf is Oz, but if you read carefully you'll see
that a few things aren't Oz-like. For one Oz wouldn't ignore somebody this blunt and second
I don't think Oz is a tea drinker and third I think Oz would show Richard the respect he
deserves as Ulfric.

When I first started to write this fic I didn't have in mind to make it a Buffy x-over. So
the Wolf is OC. The Story was about a Lycantrope/Wolf who didn't like other people telling
him he wasn't a 'man' and by doing that he is going to tick off the three most powerfull
people in St. Louise.

But now the Story has its own life. For I didn't plan on him being Oz' cousin. I have a
feeling the Slayer will come to town, but not for at least 3 more chapters.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Wolf and the Ulfric" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Aug 03.

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