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The Wolf and the Ulfric

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Summary: Richard finds a Wolf (OC) in his territory, who isn't playing by the rules. (The purpose of the first part of the story is to see how many persons the Wolf can piss off, without getting killed.)

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The Wolf and the Ulfric

Title: The Wolf and the Ulfric

Name: WhiteWolf

A/N: This was meant a one part story. But I might thing about making it a three part story

The Wolf and the Ulfric

Richard walked into a little bristo with his two bodyguards flanking him. He came to this place
to find an intruder in his territory. He had no doubt, who he was the moment he entered the
bristo. He was very nonchalant stirring his tea and looking bored in his teacup while stirring it.
Richard had no doubt, that he had noticed him the second he came through the door, probably
even before he entered.

Richard couldn't smell any fear or anxious from the intruder. Who picked his tea up and while
sipping his tea he made casual eye contact with Richard. He even acknowledge Richard's
precent with a small nod. If Richard didn't know better he was taunting him. But Richard
couldn't smell it on him. There was something weird going on here. This wasn't the typical
Wolf or even Lycanthrope behaviour.

He told his bodyguard to stay in the back. Richard approached the intruder's table. He didn't
wait for an invitation and pulled the chair back and sat down. The intruder took his intrusion in
stride. Richard waited for him to start first to speak. But he said nothing, but he signalled with
his hand to the waitress that he wanted another cup. The waitress came quickly with another
cup and placed it in front of the Richard. She felt the tension at the table and left quickly as she

"The pot has a strong flavour. It is made of rosebuds."

The intruder didn't offer, but only stated what was in the teapot. Richard took the teapot and
poured it in his cup. He took a few cubes of sugar and stirred his tea. The intruder was
ignoring him now, by having his legs crossed, his right food on his right knee. He was reading
a book.

The intruder was insulting Richard left and right. Only the entering his territory without his
permission gave Richard the right to kill him. Any other Ulfric would already have him killed
without waiting for any explanation. But Richard like to avoid any bloodshed as much as
possible. Plus this intruder intrigued him. He couldn't feel a strong beast in him, nothing close
to an Alpha, but still he was defying him.

"I'm ..." Richard was interrupted.

"I know, who you are Mr. Zeeman." He took a sip of his tea, but never let his eye of the page
he was reading.

This was getting annoyed now. "You know the game you are playing, can get you killed."

"Good that I don't play games." It was a simple statement.

Richard couldn't understand what was going on. Wolves didn't behave like this. They are
either submissive or dominant. A Lycanthrope especially a Wolf don't ignore other

"I can't have a loose wolf in my territory."

This got a reaction out of the intruder, but it wasn't the reaction Richard expected. He laughed
and Richard had the distinctive feeling that he was mocking him. He could feel his two
bodyguard stir behind him. The intruder stopped laughing.

"A wolf's territory is the woods and the mountains not the city. It is the territory of man, rats
and dogs."

Richard growled at the man that was sitting in front of him and he tried to use his beast to
submit him. But there was no reaction from the intruder's beast. His beast didn't even stir a
little. His two bodygaurds were standing up feeling some kind of threat from the intruder.
Richard waved them back to sit down.

"When I'm in the city my wolf trust me that I keep us alive. The same as I trust my wolf that
he will keep me alive in the mountains."

"You tamed your beast?" Richard couldn't believe it.

The intruder took another sip of his tea, before turning to Richard and he gave Richard a
wicked smirk. "Don't you know that you can't tame a wolf? And even if you managed it,
you'll have no wolf anymore, but a dog."

Richard had a feeling it wasn't meant as an insult but as a simple statement. The intruder had
turned his attention back to his book ignoring Richard again. Richard was getting fed up with
the man's attitude. Richard saw that it was useless to talk any further, so she stood up.

"You have until tomorrow sunset to leave St. Louise." Richard turned his back to him.

Before he took another step the intruder took spoke. "Do you know what I do when people
harass me, Mr. Zeeman?"

Richard understood it as a threat and turned by slamming both of his hands on the table. The
table squeaked under the force of the Werewolf and Richard teacup jumped up and spilled his
untouched tea. He growled again at the intruder. But he simply sipped from his tea. He put his
cup back on the table and he slowly put his hand in his inside pocket of his jacket. Richard was
surprised when he saw the cellphone he pulled out. He opened it and dialled a number.

"Hi, could you connect me with the department that is in charge when a Lycanthrope is
harassing me? ... Thanks, I'll wait." The intruder put his hand on the receiver and looked
Richard straight in the eyes.

Richard was dumbfound. He was calling the cops. Lycanthropes don't call the police. This was
unheard. He had mixed feelings about it. For one it was a right thing to do, but on the other
hand he did it to him.

"You see, Mr. Zeeman, that's what a 'man' does. He calls the police, when somebody messes
with his rights. A 'wolf' would simply rip out you throat or flee. But like I told you, this is man
country not wolf country." The intruder got somebody on the other line. "Could you wait a

The intruder gave Richard an unemotional look. Even his smell was one of calm. Richard back
off, he straightened up and took a step back.

"I'm sorry for calling you, but it seemed that the situation has resolved itself. Thanks anyway.
If I have any more troubles I'll call back. Good day." He disconnected the call and leant back
in his chair, while putting his cellphone away. He was waiting for Richard to make the next

Richard was put in the corner. He couldn't let this challenge go unanswered or his insolent go
unpunished. He had to think about this. He couldn't make any harsh decision. He turned again
and waved his wolves to follow him.

"Mr. Zeeman." Again him calling his name made Richard stop. "Do not send your girlfriend
after me." Richard could hear the warning in his tone.

Girlfriend, he meant Anita the Executioner, the Clan's Bolverk; assassin.

"I have survived an encounter with the Slayer."

Richard back stiffened. He heard about the rumours about the Slayers and especially the last
one. Richard continued toward the exit and again he waved his two bodyguard to follow him
outside. When he was sure that he was out of the ear range of the intruding Lycanthrope.

"I want a wolf on his tail 24/7. I want to know what he is doing and where he is going."

Both nodded and one stayed behind while the other followed Richard to his car and they drove

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