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Forces of Light, Forces of Dark

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Summary: Someone or Something is hunting Sunnydale citizens who have magical affinity.

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Forces of Light, Forces of Darkness
Part of the Omniverse Project
by Benji: The Vampire Confuser

Based on characters and situations created by George Lucas and Joss Whedon

Years Ago, In The Milky Way Galaxy…

The Golden Age of the Druid order has passed into antiquity and myth. Their ways dismissed as superstition, and their members condemned as Witches and Demons, the Druids’ numbers have dwindled, echoing the time of the purge, the cataclysm they had fled their own galaxy to escape.

Now their darkest fears surface as Druid after Druid falls to the temptation of the Dark.

Hoping to bolster their ranks once more, Druid masters Ji-Mon Bo, Grig, and their apprentices William and Silar have traveled to the California town of Sunnydale to recruit new students…

“Ugh,” Silar groaned, clutching her stomach with one hand, and her head with the other. “Master I beg of you, pull over."

“Looks like our early warning system is working.” William commented dryly as Ji-Mon Bo pulled the rented Chrysler to the side of the deserted road. Grig stepped out of the passenger side, and helped the young girl from the back of the car, where she collapsed to her knees, gasping and nauseous.

-Deep breaths Padawan.- Grig said gently, laying his hand on her back. -Let the Force calm you. Do you need me to- He didn’t need to finish his question as her stomach lurched suddenly and she spilled the contents of her dinner into the sand. He held her tendrils back out of her face as she heaved a second time.

“How far to Sunnydale?” Ji-Mon asked his apprentice.

William checked the map and did some quick calculations. “Twenty-five miles Master.” He said. “She didn’t react until we were within ten miles of Cleveland.”

-And her reaction was not nearly as strong as this.- Grig said. -The Dark Side is obviously even stronger here than we had suspected.-

Silar took a few deep breaths. “I think, I think I am all right now.” She sighed. “I was taken by surprise.”

-Remember your training.- Her green-skinned master advised her. -Shield yourself.- After a moment he asked; -Are you ready to continue?-

“Yes,” she sighed.

“Good.” Ji-Mon said. “We’re running out of night, and it would not do for you two to be seen by the light of day.”

“We don’t exactly fit in ourselves Master.” William reminded him. The two were still in their robes from their evening meditation.

“We’ll change at the motel.”

-We hadn’t anticipated such a Dark Power.- Grig cautioned them. -We must be careful. Those we encounter may be heavily tainted. And there will likely be Vampires. And Demons.-

“Wonderful.” Silar grunted.

“Remember,” Master Bo said, sliding behind the drivers seat once more. “Not all Demons serve the Dark. I have heard that Master Tach has taken a Brilar Demon as his apprentice.”

“But how many Light Demons are likely to be around this place?” William asked. “The settlers who founded Sunnydale called it the Mouth of Hell.”

-I advised caution.- Grig said. -Not paranoia.-

“Well said.”

“Darn.” Silar muttered under her breath, stroking her tendrils absently.

“What’s wrong?” William asked.

“Now I’m hungry again.”

To Be Continued…
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