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The Jackal's Pack

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Summary: General Hospital/BtVS x-over. Damian Spinelli learns some family secrets, and is set off on a whirlwind adventure. But what is poor Maxie Jones gonna do when her faithfully puppy comes back a man? And how does Scoobie gang speak translate to Jackal-ese?

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Television > Soap OperasPiratxchicFR15815,9810184,26216 Jun 0810 Aug 08No

The chapter that goes like this

Author’s Note: So yeah, this took a lot longer to write than I even imagined, but work started up, and watching little brats think of new and interesting ways to kill themselves does not put me in a writing mood. But the pool is only open for one more week. In the meantime I have a vague plan for the next couple chapters, it’s a mental map, but it’s still a map.

I want to thank everyone that has been sending me reviews, they are most welcome, and as cheesy as this sounds “They like me, they really like me!”

Ya, I know, so yeah on with the show!!


Dawn wanted to block the whole world out as she sat by her brother’s hospital bed. His torso heavily bandaged, hooked up to all the machines, she was having bad flashbacks to when her mom had been in the hospital. What had just supposed to be a routine trip, had all gone to hell. “We just found you ‘Mian, you can’t leave us now.” She whispered laying her forehead on his arm as she held his hand. “You’re stronger than this, you have to make it.”

Her head shot up as the curtain was flung aside revealing an anxious Maxie Jones. “What the hell were you three doing that would land him in the HOSPITAL!?” She practically screeched with a slightly panicked edge to her voice.

“Maxie, I …” Dawn started, but was cut off.

“He just came back!” Maxie cried collapsing into the chair on the other side of the Spinelli’s bed. “He can’t leave me again.”

Dawn smiled wistfully, “I was just telling him that.”

Maxie took a deep breath has she took his other hand in hers. “Tell me what happened.”

Dawn took a deep breath, “Well it all started when …”


48 hours earlier.

Spinelli grinned at Stone Cold after he hung up his phone, “Jackal PI has its very first case!” He crowed triumphantly.

Jason grinned, “Congratulation, that’s pretty impressive seeing as you’ve been in town less than a day.”

Spinelli’s grin became kind of sheepish, “Well it’s for our investors, so they’ve known about Jackal PI for a while.”

“Ah, so that’s how you afforded that warehouse,” Jason said.

Spinelli nodded, “Now if Stone Cold would excuse his former grasshopper, I must away to my fair colleagues, and provide caffeine sustenance.”

Jason nodded and escorted him out of the office, “Hey Kat,” He called to the girl behind the counter.

“Yes Mr. Morgan?” She asked.

Jason clamped a hand on Spinelli’s shoulder, “Anytime this guy comes in here, anything he or anyone with him orders is on the house, and you can pull that orange soda out of storage.”

Kat nodded and headed to the storage room. Spinelli turned to Jason with a grateful, but reproachful look on his face. “The Jackal is most appreciative of his former master’s generosity, but the Jackal must forewarn Stone Cold of Fair Dawn and Artemis’s ability to inhale the dark brew.”

Jason shook his head, “Don’t worry Spinelli, a few free cups of coffee are not going to make much of a dent. Stop by next time you have a chance, I’d like to meet these girls of yours.” And with that he disappeared back into the office.

Spinelli shrugged and approached the counter as Kat returned. She quickly added the orange soda to the small fridge, and then straightened to grin at him. “So you must be good friends with Mr. Morgan to have him comp your drinks!” She said, twirling a strand of her long brown hair with her finger.

Spinelli smiled kindly, “Yes, and despite Stone Cold’s protests, I feel the Jackal’s girls will put him out of business. That being said, the Jackal would like three caramel lattes, cream with sugar and three regular coffees, milk two sugars.”

“Wow!” Kat said as she fixed the order, “That’s a lot of coffee!”

“Yeah, and it’s only for two girls.”


As he expected, Spinelli made it barely two steps into the apartment when the tray of coffees was ripped out of his hands. The first cups were in the girl’s stomachs moments later, and the second cups were moving as well. “So what’s the job?” He asked, retrieving an orange soda from the fridge.

“Not much,” Dawn replied, polishing off the remains of her second coffee. As she reached for the third she paused a moment to breath in the aroma. As Xander once commented, Dawn’s morning coffee ritual consisted of suck, sip and savor. “Now that we’re remotely settled the New York office is just calling in a favor for the night. All the girls have finals in the morning, and they want to study instead of patrol tonight, so they called us.”

One of the main goals of the new Council was to provide the opportunity for any slayer that wanted too the option to receive an education. There were three slayers who shared a townhouse in the city while attending school. It had come as a surprise for the original Scooby Gang but NYC had a relatively low demon population. Most of the ones that did live in the city were from peaceful clans that had been there for generations. So three girls were more than enough.

Spinelli nodded, “Will the Protectors of the night be lodging or will we be driving back in the wee hours of the morning?”

“Angie said we can crash at their townhouse, they want to take us out for lunch after their tests are done.” Vi said as she came out of her bedroom, a small overnight bag in hand, second cup of coffee in hand. She paused as she looked at Spinelli; he was wearing the same pants and shirt from the night before. He had just gotten rid of the tie and exchanged the jacket for a sweatshirt. His hair was more mussed than usual and there were dark bags under his eyes. He didn’t sleep last night! the thought dawned on her. “Hey ‘Mian, we don’t have to get going for another couple of hours. Why don’t you go catch some shut eye, it’s going to be a long night in the big city.”

Spinelli hesitated, but Dawn was nodding along with Vi. “Fine, the Jackal will go into hibernation mode for now.” He grumbled as he dragged himself to his bedroom.


Much later that evening the three found themselves wandering the island of Manhattan. The girls had let Spinelli sleep for most of the day before heading into the city. They had arrived at the Council house to find the regular slayers elbow deep in textbooks. After a brief overview they struck out of patrol. They had been told to avoid certain areas, certain peaceful demon families, and the cops. The three had also been given several pairs of handcuffs and told to leave any muggers in their underwear.

So four hours, six fledglings, and two muggers later Dawn, Vi and Spinelli were contemplating taking a break for food.

“There is every possible type of fast food imaginable within a block of here, and if we go farther, it just repeats over and over again!” Vi shouted when Dawn said she didn’t see anything she wanted.

“I know, but we’re in New York City! There has to be one of those cool night club restaurant type places that you always see on TV!” Dawn whined, turning her nose up at the various selections of McDonald's, Wendy’s, and Burger Kings.

“The Jackal has an idea,” Spinelli interjected before Dawn worked herself into a tantrum. He loved his sister, but sometimes she could act like a five year old. He quickly flagged down a taxi, and opened the door for the girls, “Your carriage M’ladies,” he said with a grand sweeping gesture before climbing in after them. “112th and Broadway please.” He told the driver.

“Where are we going ‘Mian?” Vi asked curiously.

“The inquisitive one will have to wait and see.” He replied with a grin.

A few harrowing minutes later the cab stopped on the side of the road. The girls climbed out as Spinelli paid the driver. After he got out of the car he smiled at the look on Dawn’s face. “There you are sistermine, like something you’ve seen on TV!”

They were standing outside of Tom’s Restaurant, the one seen on Seinfeld every week.


After they had eaten and finished their patrol, the three piled into the spare beds at the Council town house around 5 am. They enjoyed several hours of restful sleep before the resident slayers returned from their finals. Angie and Megan both went to NYU; while Gabby attended the Fashion Institute. All three had originally been from the surrounding suburbs of the city, so they had been an obvious pick for this specific outpost.

So around noon everyone was up and active, and the resident trio guided the new trio through the city to a small deli for lunch. As they gathered around a table they chatted about the weather, the girl’s college life. The new office in Port Charles, the weirdness of Spinelli being the Summer Sister’s long lost brother and many other topics. However it wasn’t until they returned to the townhouse that the girls asked the important question.

“So how did the patrol go last night?” Angie asked as they put away their jackets.

“Not bad,” Vi responded.

“Yeah,” Dawn agreed, “Probably the easiest patrol I’ve been on, there were a couple fledges, but that’s about it.”

The girls nodded, it was the answer they had expected. However Spinelli had a question.

“The Jackal is most curious as to where the fledgling dark creatures of the night are coming from? There must be a more experienced creature out there making them?” he asked the girls. The three girls exchanged and uneasy look.

“We don’t know who he is, but we’ve seen him from a distance.” Angie started carefully.

“Yeah, but he’s always gone before we can reach him, we think he’s gotta be really old.” Gabby piped up.

“We’ve tried to catch him, but he’s just too fast.” Megan tossed in as well.

Angie glowered at the two, before taking over the explanation, obviously the senior slayer in the house. “We’ve done some research, but haven’t come up with much. He always targets the same type though, homeless and terminal.”

“Terminal?” Vi and Dawn asked in unison.

Angie nodded, “Every single one, we try to nab ID’s before we dust in case like we have to notify someone or such, and when we noticed that they were all homeless, we dug a bit deeper and found that they all had like an expiration date. Like cancer or AID’s or something.”

The Euthenizing Vampire, Spinelli thought, While I can’t say I agree with a vampire, at least he ends their suffering.


They were probably only an hour away from Port Charles when Vi suddenly perked up in the passenger seat. “Hey ‘Mian slow down.” She said rolling down the window looking at the side of the road.

“Do you sense something?” Dawn asked, far more familiar with the signs of Slay-dar in action than Spinelli was.

Vi nodded as the car pull over on the side of the road. The trio climbed out grabbing their weapons from the back and carefully approached the tree line. “Something is definitely going on over there.” She whispered as they snuck through the trees. In the distance they could see the light of a fire. As they got closer they could see a few vampires milling around a clearing with a pair of bulky demons standing guard. On the ground was a blanket with various items strewn about, but also there was an unconscious girl.

“We seem to have a hostage and/or sacrifice situation.” Vi whispered to the other two, her night vision being a lot better.

As they watched one of the vampires approached the blanket and pick up a book. “Tonight! We will reverse the calling of all the slayers!” He shouted as he started to read from the book.

Vi and Spinelli eyes widened as Dawn started to crack up with silent laughter as the vampires voice boomed from the clearing. “What are you doing?” Spinelli asked.

hehe … reverse the slayer’s calling … hehe … he’s reading from an ancient Sumerian cook book, it’s a recipe for bread.” Dawn giggled to herself, but quickly got herself under control. “Anyways, we need to go get the girl. Those big demons look like Polgaras, not very smart, but have a spike that comes out of their arm.”

“There’s only two of them, and three vamps, easy pickings.” Vi replied. “On three?”

The siblings nodded as the grip their weapons. Vi abruptly stood up and screamed “THREE!” as she charged into clearing, immediately loping the head off one of the Polgaras before it even had time to react. Despite Dawn’s comment about them not being very smart, the other one seemed to possess a sense of self preservation and fled into the woods. Her momentum still carrying her forward Vi body slammed into one of the three vampires, bring him to the ground. Pining him to the ground she fished a stake from her pocket and dusted him within seconds. The young slayer got to her feet and turn around to see Dawn and Spinelli double team the other vampire leaving the one with the book.

“You can’t touch me! I possess and ancient spell book with unimaginable powers!” He shrieked, and started to read out loud from the book, sending Dawn into another set of giggles. “Ah-ha I see I have driven you to madness with my curse!” He crowed triumphantly taking the laughing Dawn as a sign of insanity.

Dawn straightened, wiping tears from her eyes, “Dude, you just told Vi to boil the sheep’s intestines for 10 minutes or until tender, you’ve got a cook book.”

The look of utter disappointment that crossed the vampire’s face was brief as Vi slammed the stake home. The danger gone they turned their attention to the girl, she seemed to be about their age, brunette, as they carefully rolled her over to check her pulse Spinelli gasped, it was the girl, Kat, from Stone Cold and Mr. Sir’s cafe.

“Do you know her ‘Mian?” Dawn asked as she checked the girl’s vitals, which were strong.

“I only met her yesterday morning, she works at Mr. Sir’s coffee shop, and her name is Kat.” He explained, “How is she?”

Dawn did a quick diagnostic spell, one of the first that every watcher learned, “She seems to be alright, just unconscious, maybe drugged, we should probably call an ambulance.”

“Quick, get the unconscious one into the car! We’re not far from hospital; we can get her there faster than it will take to call an ambulance.” Spinelli said as he bounded over to the SUV. He opened the back door as Vi and Dawn carried the girl over. As the girls put her in the backseat Spinelli ran back to the clearing shouting over his shoulder. “I’m just going to grab the weapons!”

The girls nodded, and Dawn started to climb into the backseat with the girl when they heard Spinelli emit a painful shout. Spinning around the pair ran back to the clearing to find Spinelli clutching his side as he tried to stab the Polgara demons that had ran away before. Vi reacted immediately, grabbing one of the swords she lopped the demon’s head off. Dawn ran to Spinelli’s side, crying as the blood began to spread from the wound.

He looked at the girls, starting to go into shock. “The Jackal has been stabbed?” he stated in a voice of disbelief before he lost consciousness.


“I need a doctor here!” Vi shouted as she burst into the emergency room Spinelli over her shoulder in a fireman carry. She placed him as gently as possible onto an empty gurney, as Dawn followed with the girl they had found, propped up on her shoulder. The various ER nurses swarmed the two girls, retrieving the girl from Dawn and starting to work on Spinelli.

“What’s going on?” Nadine Crowell asked Vi while checking Spinelli’s vitals. The other nurses and doctors began to work on the gaping wound in his side.

“He was attack from behind; we didn’t see what it was. Dawn and I were helping the girl into the car.” Vi spit out, pointing over her shoulder to where Dawn was talking to the doctor working on the girl. “Is he going to be ok?”

One of the doctors looked up at her, “He’s lost a lot of blood, but there doesn’t seem to be any major organs punctured. Are you his family?”

Vi shook her head, “DAWN!” she yelled, “Come deal with your brother, I’ll stay with her.” She said trading places with Dawn.

Dawn ran over and gave the doctor all the necessary medical information. A few hours later she found herself sitting in a hospital room waiting for Spinelli to wake up. Dawn wanted to block the whole world out as she sat by her brother’s hospital bed. His torso heavily bandaged, hooked up to all the machines, she was having bad flashbacks to when her mom had been in the hospital.

“We just found you ‘Mian, you can’t leave us now.” She whispered laying her forehead on his arm as she held his hand. “You’re stronger than this, you have to make it.”

Her head shot up as the curtain was flung aside revealing an anxious Maxie Jones. “What the hell were you three doing that would land him in the HOSPITAL!?” She practically screeched with a slightly panicked edge to her voice.

“Maxie, I …” Dawn started, but was cut off.

“He just came back!” Maxie cried collapsing into the chair on the other side of the Spinelli’s bed. “He can’t leave me again.”

Dawn smiled wistfully, “I was just telling him that.”

Maxie took a deep breath has she took his other hand in hers. “Tell me what happened.”

Dawn took a deep breath, “Well it all started when …” Dawn paused, not sure exactly how to tell Maxie what happened without revealing too much.

“Ladies?” the confused and groggy voice of Spinelli interrupted her. “What is going on?”

“Oh thank god ‘Mian!” Dawn cried hugging him, “You had us worried there for a bit!”

“SPUH-NELLI!” Maxie cried as well gripping his other hand. “You can’t scare me like that, you just came back! I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to you!”

There was a flurry of activity as the doctors rushed in to check Spinelli’s vitals and such. Dawn and Maxie were ushered out of the room into the waiting area, just as Vi arrived.

“So what the hell were you three doing?” Maxie asked again, spinning around to stare down Vi and Dawn in the waiting room. She had her fist poised on her cocked hip.

Vi and Dawn exchanged nervous glances, “We can’t really disclose confidential case material,” Dawn tried to explain.

“No no no,” Maxie cried waving her hand at the girls, “You are not going to feed me this crap, I get it that you’re Spin’s sister,” she gestured to Dawn, “And that you are his…something,” She said waving her hand at Vi, “But I was his friend long before you both came along. AAnnndd I was helping when Jackal Pi was just a pipe dream for Spin, and if you think you’re going to get rid of me now you’ve both got another things coming!”

“I’m sorry Maxie, but Spinelli could lose his license if we tell you anything confidential, so unless you’re going to work at the firm…” Vi trailed off, banking on what she had heard from Spinelli’s comments on Maxie’s desire to work at Kate Howard’s magazine.

Maxie eyed both of the girls, a fire in her eyes, “Fine, if you’re not going to tell me anything I have to go check in at Crimson, tell Spin I’ll be back later.” And then the little blonde spun on her heel and left the waiting room.

The two girls both released a breath they didn’t know they had been holding. “Well, that could have gone better,” Vi commented.

Dawn nodded, “Come on, we gotta get ‘Mian checked out and back to the warehouse so Willow can port over and heal him.”


It was after a few days of hiding in the apartment before Spinelli felt it was safe to return to work without attracting suspicion. Dawn and Vi had been in and out, checking on the girl they had rescued, filling out the correct police reports, going back to the original site to cleanse everything. They were still getting dressed for the first official day of the office being open. So he found it odd that he could hear someone moving around the room at the bottom of the stairs. Grabbing one of the not so decorative axes from its holster on the wall Spinelli cautiously approached the bottom of the stairs.

It was a shock when he saw Maxie moving between the three desks in the room. “Maxie?”

Maxie spun on her designer heels to shoot Spinelli a grin, “Hi!”

“Maximista what are you doing here?” Spinelli asked clearly confused.

“Well like Vi said last week at the hospital, you can’t tell me anything unless I work for you.” She smiled brightly and spread her arms, “So say hello to your new secretary!”


Ta-Da! It took me long enough didn’t it. Well as mentioned above I haven’t been in very creative environment so this thing was written kind of piece-mail like.

So side notes, the coffee orders are my sister and mine. She drinks the froofy caramel latte’s and I like plain hot coffee, milk w/ 2 sugars. In the meantime, Kat from the coffee shop is my sister.

So yeah, how are they going to get anything done while trying to play Dodge the Maxie? And what happens when Johnny and Lulu come up for air and the former Fairest Blonde One realizes her friend is back in town and given her title away? And perhaps some old Sunnydale friends might be paying a visit?

It all will happen here … eventually … I promise … just be patient with me!

Reviews are most welcome!

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Jackal's Pack" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Aug 08.

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