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The Jackal's Pack

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Summary: General Hospital/BtVS x-over. Damian Spinelli learns some family secrets, and is set off on a whirlwind adventure. But what is poor Maxie Jones gonna do when her faithfully puppy comes back a man? And how does Scoobie gang speak translate to Jackal-ese?

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Television > Soap OperasPiratxchicFR15815,9810184,26216 Jun 0810 Aug 08No

Who's your daddy?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own General Hospital (cuz if I did Spinelli would get way more air time) and I also claim not rights to any BtVS characters.
In terms of the General Hospital time line this takes place as of week of June 9th 2008-ish.
In terms of the BtVS verse, this takes place pre-eighth season, but in that realm of plot.

Jason Morgan sat behind Sonny Corinthos’s desk, feeling mildly intimidated. It didn’t happen often, Spinelli had given him the nick-name Stone Cold for a reason. But to be handed the reins of this type of organization so suddenly could overwhelm even Jason. He didn’t have long to ponder these thoughts as the office phone started to ring. Checking the caller ID he saw that is was an unknown number, with an out of state area code.

“Hello,” he answered cautiously.

“Hello, this is the Tennessee Valley Hospital, we are looking for a Damian Spinelli, and this was listed as his work phone number.” A slightly nasally voice with a southern twang asked.

Jason repressed the urge to smack the hacker for giving out the office number. “He is not here at the moment, can I take a message.” He said. Great, now I’m a secretary as well. He thought.

“I can’t give out patient information to non-family members, could you please have him call us back, his grandmother is asking for him.” The voice replied condescendingly.

Jason didn’t bother taking the number as he tossed the phone back into the cradle. Grabbing his jacket he was out the door before the phone had disconnected. If Spinelli’s grandmother was asking for him from a hospital something had to be up. He had only met the woman briefly, but the impression he got was that she would not call her grandson for just a chat.

As Jason started his car he called Spinelli’s cell phone.

“Stone Cold now is not the best of times.” Spinelli’s voice came over the phone, and Jason had to shake his head slightly because he could have sworn he heard a Australian accent.

“Spinelli, get to the pent house and pack a bag, now.”

“May I ask why?”

“No, I want to tell you in person.” Jason replied, not wanting to worry the kid over the phone, and still confused by the definite British accent and lack of Jackal speak.

“Then I must protest, I am taking part in an evening of fun and games, and would like to continue.”

“Spinelli, a hospital from Tennessee called, your grandmother his asking for you.” Jason said slowly as he pulled into his parking space. There was a thud and a long pause, Jason could only imagine that Spinelli had dropped the phone as there was now a muffled scratchy noise.

“The Jackal will be home immediately.” Came the slightly panicked, but normal voice of Damian Spinelli.

“Alright, I’m going to book some tickets I’ll see you in a bit.” Jason replied, and didn’t wait for a response as he hung up and then dialed the airlines. “Yes, I’d like two tickets to Tennessee please.”


Spinelli stood frozen for a moment staring at his phone. If his grandmother was in the hospital then something was seriously wrong. Grandma Spinelli was, to use the phrase as a compliment, a tough old bird.

“Is everything alright Damian?” The cultured voice of the fair Giselle broke through his thoughts, as she placed a hand on his arm. He turned towards her, and saw Mr. Valkyrie and the Fashionista looking on in concern.

“I … I … the Jackal …” He stuttered, completely losing the character he had been portraying for the evening. “Gotta go.” He blurted out, running for the door, mowing down Maxie in the process.

“SPINELLI!” She shrieked, “Watch where you’re going.”

“I’m sorry Maximista, I am most frazzled, the Spinelli Matriarch is in dire condition and I must away to see her.” He responded frantically.

“Wait, wait, slow down,” Maxie said, grabbing him by the shoulders, “Take a breath, and explain.”

Spinelli took a deep breath as instructed, but felt no calmer then before. “Stone Cold called the Jackal and said that a hospital from the Jackal’s home base called about the Spinelli Matriarch.”

Maxie tossed Kate a look who was watching the exchanged carefully. With a brief nod from her boss Maxie knew she had permission, slipping her arm through Spinelli’s she led him out of the casino and to her car. “Spinelli, you’re in no state to be driving, I’ll take you back to the penthouse.” As she walked him to her car, stopping at the front desk to grab his laptop bag, she noticed that he wasn’t his normal disheveled appearance. Wearing a nice three-button suit and his hair combed back from his face. “You look good by the way.”

Spinelli calmed for a moment and blushed, remembering his earlier conversation with Jacks. “Why thank you Maximista, I did this for you.”

“For me?” Maxie asked, as they climbed into her car.

“Yes, one most fair, I pursued the White Knight for amorous advice, so that this unworthy one would be more worthy for the fair Maximista!” He proclaimed proudly, sliding into the passenger seat.

Maxie grinned as she started the car, “Well I’m honored Spin, but you don’t have to be someone you’re not for me. I like you just the way you are.” She explained, as they drove to the penthouse. Spinelli was oddly silent as he pondered both the perilous situation of his grandmother and Maxie’s comments.

As they pulled in front of the penthouse building, Jason was standing outside with two small overnight bags in his hand. “Don’t get out of the car, Maxie can you drive us to the airport, I’ve got a flight out in two hours.”

Maxie nodded popping the trunk for Jason, “No problem, anything for Spinelli.”

Jason shook his head slightly, for all her crazy schemes Maxie did really care for Spinelli in her own twisted way. As he slid into the back seat, not wanting to upset the seemingly catatonic hacker, he got a good look at the kid. “Nice Suit.” He commented as they drove to the airport.


When Miriam Spinelli woke up she did not expect to see her good for nothing grandson dozing in the chair next to her bed. But there he was, fairly disheveled, but wearing a respectable suit and it appeared that his hair had been combed at one point. Glancing around the room she saw that the young man that had come to retrieve Damian the previous year was sleeping rigidly on the spare bed in the hospital room.

Patting her hair back, a bit miffed that a stranger would see her in her nightgown, she gently prodded Damian. She could help but grinned as he jumped awake, head jerking around looking for who had poked him, just like his mother.

“Damian,” she spoke softly grabbing his attention, but not wanting to wake the other man.

“Gram, are you ok? Why are you in the hospital? Are you sick? Are you injured? Are...mhhmm” He was silenced as she placed her finger to his lip.

“No Damian, I’m just getting old. And that being said I called you down here for a reason.” She replied softly. “Go get my over night back from the dresser.” She directed him, as she pressed the button to make the hospital bed sit up.

Spinelli retrieved the bag, and placed it in Miriam’s lap. She shifted through the contents until she found a small wooden box. “This was your mothers.” She said handing him the box. He took it reverently, unsure of what to do or say, he just stared at it, twenty-one years without a single mention of his parents, and now his grandmother was telling him.

“Well open it.” She snapped, getting impatient. He nodded, fingering the catch, and opened to reveal a box full of keepsakes, pictures, and other little things. Pictures of a slim brunette woman, which he knew was his mother, pictures of her that had not been taken in the small town of Oakfield. He couldn’t place all of them, but most seemed to be taken in New York City, in the early eighties if he was placing the cloths correctly. He looked up at his grandmother expectantly, wanting an explanation.

“After she graduated high school, your mother moved up to the big city. She wanted to be a singer, and she had a voice, but Nashville wasn’t her thing.” Miriam took a deep breath. “She would call every other week and tell me all about how she was working at this club, and auditioning for that show. Then suddenly I didn’t hear from her for about three months. I was starting to get worried when she turned up on the doorstep, skinny as a rail, sickly so, and pregnant, with you.”
Spinelli’s eyes widened, his grandmother had never told him anything about his parents, which had led to a very depressing teenage hood and most of his delinquent ways.

“She told me that she had met this big businessman and they had had a whirled wind romance. For a few weeks he was her whole world, she never actually said anything but I suspected that drugs were involved. But one day he left her, and then she found out she was pregnant. She told me she went out to LA to find him to tell him. She found him alright, and he already had a wife, and a little girl. She told me she felt like the interloper, she was the other woman, and no matter how much she loved him, she didn’t want to break up a family. So she came home.”

Spinelli was crying silently now, listening to the sad tale his grandmother was telling.

“I watch her Damian, waste away, for seven months, until she went into to labor with you. The last thing she did was bring you into this world, and sign the birth certificate.” Miriam said reaching out she dug to the bottom of the small box. “I’ve kept this from you for so long, and I feel horrible that I did, but your mother didn’t want to break up his other family.”

“What was his name?” Damian asked quietly, a strange calm coming over him.

“Damian, your father’s name is Hank Summers.”


Yes well I hope that the summery didn’t give too much away. I’ve been reading the comic books, keeping up with the eighth season, but my family has me hooked on general hospital, specifically the character of Spinelli. And other than his grandmother, he has no known family. So I wanted to give him one.

So yeah. I plan to continue this, but I don’t have a plan as to how. So Spinelli being the Ace of cyberspace that he is could have a hacker friend by the name of redtree that he shares his woes with? Or should he just use plain old fashion detective skills to track down the Summers girls?

Reviews are most welcome.
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