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Watch that wish…

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Summary: Spike decides that Dawn is not safe in the Summers household after Willow’s run-in with Rack. So they leave town. Then someone makes a wish and the world gets strange.

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Anita Blake > Spike-CenteredbluestarjazzFR1836,6691296,82017 Jun 088 Jul 08No

Chapter One: secrets, pain and motorcycles.

Watch that wish…
Or this must be a new definition of safe

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS Joss does. I do not own Anita Blake L.K. Hamilton does

Rating: FR15
Spoilers: Wrecked /Smashed and Blood Noir

Summary: in which all need therapy and Spike decides that Dawn is not safe in the Summers household after Willow’s run-in with Rack. Then someone makes a wish and the world gets strange.

A/N Please be kind this is my first fan fiction also I am in need of a beta

Chapter one: secrets, pain and motorcycles.

“Are you all right Nibblet?” Spike asked a pissed and hurt Dawn.

Dawn answered, “No, Tara left, Giles left, Willow has gone power crazy, my sister is suicidal, Xander and Anya are doing the prewedding crazies and the only person who even notices I exist is a vampire.” Dawn paused for a breath, “Also I think my arm is broke, and my sister is comforting the women responsible.”

“Still, you probably shouldn’t snitch stuff from the Magic Box. If Anya catches you you’re in for some unusual punishments. Do you think your sis would stake me if I take you for an ice cream while she lectures Red about abusing her magic?”

“She’ll probably be to busy guilt tripping to notice…wait how did you know about that? Please don’t tell Buffy,” Dawn cried.

“Why on Earth would I tell her when she is being a royal bitch? But keep it up and you might get caught, and Anya has vengeance experience. You should probably stick to the department stores it’s safer, and you can still get all the attention you want.” Then Spike caught himself, “But you shouldn’t be snitching stuff on account of it’s wrong, and um ah bloody hell, just don’t get caught; your sis would blame me some how.”

“Um, Spike I don’t think they sell ice cream at half past midnight in this town.”

“Well there is an all night coffee shop. Nice subject change by the way. Oh damn, please tell me you’re carrying your cross Bit we have vamps ahead,” Spike cursed as he noticed the three vamps: a large bald male topping 6’, another male as thin as a rail with sharp features and stringy black hair and a curly haired brunette female. All of them had been in their 20’s at time of death.

Ahead the three vamps had noticed them. Then they noticed Spike and the two males went after him. Meanwhile Dawn was pinned to the wall by the female who promptly let go when she pushed her cross into the vampire’s face. Spike had dusted the bald linebacker with the assistance of a friendly broken pallet and just as he got ready to deal with the other two, they decided to try for an easier meal and bolted. Spike considered going after them but decided he better get Dawn home first. He could always go hunting later. “Come on Dawnie let’s get home. The Slayer probably thinks I kidnapped you or something.”

“That would require she remembered I even exist, or that she cared.”

“Of course she cares she just … has a lot on her mind.”


Back at the Summers house, Buffy helped Willow into the house and tried unsuccessfully to comfort her friend. “Is there anything you need? Any thing I can help you with?” Buffy asked trying to help Willow and forget about the stupid sexy vampire.

“ I think I’m addicted to the magic. I can’t seem to stop, even after Tara left me for it. We need to get rid of everything magical in this house, my herbs, the candles all of it, before someone gets hurt,” answered Willow.

“No, what you need to do is call Giles, and see if he can find a coven to teach you some proper magic and some self-control Red, and Dawn is already hurt,” said Spike.

“What the hell are you doing here Spike? Never mind just go away,” one very tired Slayer asked having forgotten Dawn walked home with him.

“Just making sure your kid sis got home all right Slayer. Unless of course you’d prefer the local ‘wildlife’ ate her. Then again considering who lives here it might be safer to take her back to my crypt, after bugging the hospital about her arm of course,” Spike answered.

“Told you she wouldn’t miss me,” Dawn said as she stomped up the stairs.

“I don’t need a coven or Giles. I just need to quit the mojo, no problem,” said Willow.

“Right at least till the first Scooby emergency. Then it’s I know a spell for that and I can help. When that spell goes all right you will let you guard down, Red, and end up back here. You, Slayer, are completely oblivious to everything around you. The whole bloody lot of you need some serious help,” Spike stopped and his face looked pained. He called out, “Dawn pack a bag we are going to go visit Peaches, and then we going to call Giles to get these loonies some help”

“What!? You are NOT taking my sister to L.A. Spike you are sick and not allowed to look after my sister. You’re a bad influence and,” Buffy screeched.

Then Spike interrupted, “Said I’d protect her ‘till the end of the world and I meant it. This place does not qualify as safe till the witch learns some self-control,” Spike growled while glared at Willow. Dawn came down the stairs with her backpack. “As for bad influences that’s rich coming from a gal that knocked a guy on his ass, followed it with a kiss and gave a him a speech worthy of Angelus come morning, like it’s the guys fault she liked the dark.” Buffy went pale and looked like she was going to strangle him. Dawn’s eyes went wide when she realized what he must have been talking about, and tried not to laugh as she hid her grin.

Willow looked confused, “What are you talking about Spike?”

“Not my story to tell Red, even if secrets plus Scoobies equals trouble and always has,” he glares at Buffy as if daring her to say something.

“Fine take Dawn to LA hopefully Angel will stake you and save me the trouble, I’m going to bed,” snapped Buffy as she stomped up the stairs and slammed her door.

“Come on Bit let’s go,” then he mumbled under his breath, “ I must be crazy too: I’m going to see Angel voluntarily.”

Spike looked at Dawn and his motorcycle then gave her the helmet and his coat to wear on the bike. "For your protection," he said then told her to hold on. First they stopped at the hospital and got her arm set, then they headed towards L.A. Spike’s sense of dread at seeing his grand-sire deepened with every mile. He thought as they rode this is a very bad plan, but he could not think of better one.

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