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Metropolis Awaits

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Arrows, Keys, and Bats". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn goes to uni in Metropolis. Her roommate is a certain blonde Kryptonian. Neither of them know it, but they're both hiding a hell of a lot more then other roomies. Possibility of inclusion in a sequel.

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DC Universe > SupermanJellylegsFR1541,133035,38918 Jun 0818 Jun 08No

Journeys in Metropolis Part One

Okay, major spoilers for where I want this story to go. If you're confused by these ficlets, don't am I. LOL! I just had ideas for them. Like what would happen if Dawn and Kara somehow became roomies in college....

Set place in the 'Missing Year' of the major superheroes in DC comics.

Dawn looked around her new room. It was smaller then the one she’d held in the Titans Tower, and definitely smaller then her room at Ollie’s. Well, before it had been blown up with the rest of the house and youth centre.

Metropolis University was the place she wanted to go. Some people had asked her why there, of all places, why not somewhere closer to home?

Dawn would always shrug and say it was the programs on offer. But there were three reasons she chose Met U, and none of them were because of the study options.

She wouldn’t study at Star City, because there wasn’t really a Star City anymore. At least not for her. After all those explosions had pretty much destroyed a whole part of town the city hadn’t been the same. A huge wall had been built around the affected area, like quarantine, a big ugly thing made of cement that locked innocent people outside of contact with the real world. It was wrong. It didn’t feel like home any more, but the real reason she wouldn’t study there, even though the university hadn’t been affected by the dramatic chain of events, was because of Ollie, Conner, and Mia. Three people she had considered her father, her brother, and her sister.

Never again would she make that mistake. Everyone else had left her, and now her family.

She wouldn’t study in San Francisco because there was no reason to be there anymore. The Titan’s Tower, what was left of it, had been abandoned, and the Titans disbanded. After Superboy’s death at the hands of Superboy Prime there just hadn’t felt like there was a reason anymore. Why do you fight for the hope of saving people who no longer held hope in their heart? San Francisco was a shell. A pretend home Dawn would never had. She wasn’t Cassie. She didn’t have the strength to go back there day after day and relieve the hurt, the pain, the sheer fury at what had happened. She didn’t have the strength to face Cassie, day after day.

She wouldn’t do it.

She could have studied at Gotham. Everyone expected her too. But she wouldn’t wait for him. She wouldn’t hang around like a lost puppy. He didn’t deserve that kind of dedication. Not when he hadn’t shown it at all to her. Hadn’t he cared she was hurting as well? Hadn’t he cared she’d lost family as well? Not in one struggle, but in two?

Ollie was gone. Tim was gone. There was nowhere left to turn. And she wasn’t going to think on it anymore. So instead, she went somewhere completely different. No one had expected her to go to Met U. Not even her. But when a scholarship had come through for Classical History, she’d jumped at it, getting it easily with her entrance essay.

So there she was, standing inside a building that reminded her of an old Victorian building, the dorm rooms for the first year students.

And she was about to meet her new roomie.
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