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A Spandery Fairy Tale

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Summary: Child!Xander's salvation is wee Fairy!Spike. Story starts off light, but goes angsty/hot when they grow up. Slash

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Spike/Xander(Past Donor)CasFR18622,9822147,17719 Jun 0817 Jul 08Yes

Ch. 6

When Xander woke up he was still in Spike's arms, his erection pressed hard against Spike's hip. He hesitated, trying to talk himself into getting up. Spike had made it clear that there would be no nookie and Xander was not in the mood for another rejection.

Spike tried to stretch, but there was no room, and he was weighed down by something. Something that had his body going even before he opened his eyes. Instinctively squirming against the pressure, he opened his eyes and smiled. "This is much better than your alarm clock." His cock surged against Xander's stomach. "You're... really waking me up." Hands sliding down to the small of Xander's back, he raised his hips slightly. "See?"

Xander moaned and pressed down, his breath hitching at the sensation.

"Spike are...fuck...are you sure? You said no..."

"Taking me on another date tonight, yeah?" He reversed their positions, almost landing them on the floor in the process. "Say yes," he looked down into worried brown eyes and slid his leg between Xanders, rocking against him. "Say yes Xand, didn't hurt you none to last night, did it?"

Xander stayed still, breathing hard and trying to think. Spike had tried to come back to him, he hadn't really left him but still...

"Promise you won't leave again? You have to promise Spike."

There was a lesson in this. Never try to have a serious conversation with Xander under you He strained, fighting the urge to buck up against him. Though he did lose part of the battle, as his hand strayed under Xander's tee-shirt, feeling the corded muscles of his abdomen. "Didn't..." This was no time to get longwinded. "Promise. I won't leave you, not ever."

Lowering his head, he kissed the living daylights out of Xander, his body echoing the motions of his tongue until he heard a soft moan and raised his head. "That mean yes on the date, then?"

As soon as the promise left Spike's lips, Xander allowed himself to get caught up in the heat rushing through him. That was all he needed, some reassurance that Spike wouldn't leave him again, all he needed to give himself up.

"Hell yeah," he replied, arching up as high as he could, his head thrown back, neck bared to Spike. He wasn't sure what he needed but he needed more. His hands pushed under Spike's boxers, cupping his ass and pulling him down.

Xander's lust-roughened tone signaled the depth of his need and sent Spike spiraling. His world narrowed, as his eyes latched onto the soft skin of Xan's throat. With a groan, he scraped his teeth along his vein, then lifted his head. "It's not nice to tease a vampire." There was a question there, as he continued to work Xander free of his own shorts.

"N-not teasing," Xander stretched his neck as much as he could, pressing against Spike's mouth. "I want you to...I want..." Xander shuddered at the images his thoughts raised, putting his hands on Spike's face, cupping his cheeks and pushing him away to look into his eyes. "Stop, Spike stop. Promise me, promise me and mean it okay? Because if you leave I...I won't be able to deal, okay? You broke me all up and if you leave I'll go down again and I won't come up. This is serious now, look at me and promise me."

"I won't go, I won't," he swallowed, feeling this might be the turning point and that everything depended on Xander believing him. "I'll never leave you, I couldn't. You're in my heart, in my soul... if I left you, I'd be leaving myself. Believe Xander, believe." And then he kissed him, "maybe there are a few other things I wouldn't want to part with... your mouth, your eyes... oh yes, that too," he gave a wicked grin as he squeezed Xander, and stroked his length. "And this body, anyone tell you you'd have made a great fairy?"

Xander's breathing quickened at Spike's words, his heart beating faster at the emotion in Spike's eyes. He smiled at Spike, willing himself to believe. "So all fairies are built then?"

"They're flawless," he answered simply. But all teasing aside, Spike was reaching the end of his control. "You promise me. You won't leave me... you won't make me go."

Xander nodded, "Wouldn't leave you. I never did, never will." Spike leaned down to lick his neck and Xander remembered what he wanted. "Spike? I..." deep breath to work up his courage, he'd never done this before but he wanted to prove to Spike that he believed him, wanted to show him how much, "Iwantyoutofuckme."

Xander's hesitation, and the way he'd been in every other sexual encounter they'd had told Spike this was an out of ordinary request. Xander fucked his bloody stress relief brigade, he demanded to fuck Spike. Now... now he was asking for it, like a cat showing him his soft underbelly. It was a gift... Spike understood that.

"Anytime, anywhere, anyway you want it, Xan... up, down," Spike rolled them off the couch, making sure he landed on the ground, then rolled over on top of Xander again, "above you, under you," he rolled again, laughing as he managed to finish undressing both of them during the tumbling. "You tell me how you want it, I'll take it all," he said, raising his pelvis, rubbing up hard against the boy straddled on top of him. This was Xander's chance, if he wanted to recant and do this the way he really wanted.

Xander laughed as Spike rolled them around, his laughter turning into a strangled groan when Spike thrust up against him. He grabbed Spike's wrists, pushing his hands against the floor and leaned down to kiss him hard and long, exploring the blond's mouth like he'd wanted to since the first time he'd done it, tasting and feeling every part he could reach.

He jumped up, looked down at the rumpled blond and groaned, near the edge just from the picture Spike made sprawled naked on his floor.

"Want you to fuck me," he repeated, more confident now that he'd decided what to do. He reached down to pull Spike up, he wanted to do this right.

"Don't move." Spike admired every inch of Xander, swallowing hard as his gaze dropped down to his erection, then lower, to his perfectly formed thighs and rippling muscles. The boy looked spellbound, eager... throbbing. Throbbing for him.
Spike reached out and trailed a long finger down Xander's chest, making a small circle around his nipple, then moving ever so slowly, lower and lower. He heard Xander's indrawn breath, felt the tightening of muscle under skin stretched taut over his abdomen. "Perfect, you're abosolutely.... perfect," he said, walking around the boy, finger still tracing sensuous pattern over his skin. "Your heart beat is driving me... crazy."

Xander's breath caught at the heat in Spike's eyes. "Think you're confusing who's the perfect one here, Spike," he joked weakly, reaching out to pull the blond close again. He pushed his fingers into Spike's hair, cupping his scalp and tilting his head sideways. Xander took a moment to admire the creamy skin bared to his gaze before lowering his head to lick and bite at the base of Spike's throat. He slowly kissed his way up until he was nibbling on the blond's earlobe.

"Please don't make me wait," he whispered, "Want you to have me."

That got Spike harder than he'd ever been in his life. Aching to make Xander his, he gave in. "I will have you," he said hoarsely, suddenly pressing up against Xander, his legs sliding against the boy's as he forced him to back up until the window brought him to a sudden halt. The collision of their bodies sent a jolt of electricity though him, made every nerve ending scream with desire.

Hands pressed up on the window on either side of Xander's head, he leaned into him, kissing his neck, along the line of his jaw, and then his mouth. Hard, and furious, like the tempest that raged within his body. It was unheard of... a human holding such power over a fairy, but here he was in the grip of a passion that was about to consume him. Flames licked around his body. Burning up, he groaned.

He wanted more. More pressure. More friction. More Xander.

With a growl that came out of nowhere, he turned Xander around suddenly, and pushed him up against the window that overlooked the park. He skimmed his mouth over the guy's shoulders and arms, over muscles that flexed and bulged as Xander braced himself with palms flat against the window.

With his pulsing erection pressed firmly against Xander's entrance, Spike rocked against him, getting impossibly harder, as he stroked every inch of Xander. His stomach. Up and down his sides. His rock hard thighs. The guy's whimper was his undoing. Wiping his hand over his tongue, wetting it with the healing properties of a vampire fairy's saliva, Spike slid his hand between them, carefully preparing Xander.

"I love you Xan," he managed to croak, before entering him with a quick thrust. Waiting for Xander's body to adjust was murder. He groaned, straining against his own body's needs until he felt Xander relax. Then all bets were off. Unable to endure anymore of the sweet torture, he gripped Xander's hips so the boy couldn't move, or even squirm, as he took him with long powerful strokes, each deeper than the last, claiming him... claiming Xander as his.

Xander couldn't for the life of him remember what had happened, all he'd been aware of was blue eyes staring him with such intensity, then Spike hands had been everywhere, doing things he'd never felt before, making him writhe and beg and scream. He came back to himself just as Spike slammed into him, shock making him tense and freeze. He stared unseeingly out the window, every sense focused on Spike until he felt strong hands grip his hips and then it all got...more, Spike everywhere, having him, holding him.

Xander dropped his head back on Spike's shoulder and suddenly he remembered how it was last time, in the kitchen when Spike had...Before the thought was even completed in his head, one hand had reached back to cup Spike's nape and bring him close.

"Please Spike...need more...please."

Somewhere between heaven and hell, Spike grazed his fangs along the silky soft length of Xander's throat. How was he supposed to fight the scorching desire to bite down, to drink him, to have him in every way possible? How was he to take the horror on the boy's face after they were done and he came to his senses? Spike whimpered, driving into Xander as hard as he could, trying to forget his other needs. "Don't want to spill your blood again," he said in a ragged whisper, nipping Xander lightly, torturing himself in the process.

Despite the heat of the room and the passion burning him up Xander felt a cold shiver run down his spine. Spike had bitten that stranger, put sex stuff into his head but he didn't want Xander, not even after he'd begged. Xander pulled his torso forward, bracing against the window and pushing his ass back into Spike. It didn't matter, Spike had promised not to leave and that was enough. This was enough. The hand clasping Spike's nape moved to his ass, clutching desperately, trying to get Spike to move faster.
"More," he demanded, unwilling to plead again.

More. Spike gave him more. Drove into him, loved him, fucked him. But it wasn't enough, he could tell by the way Xander kept offering his throat, wordlessly rubbing it against Spike's mouth. It was as if Xander needed it as bad as he did.

The last vestiges of Spike's control slipped away. On the verge of a moan, he pressed his perfecly straight fangs into Xander's tender skin. Xander's lifeblood pumped into his mouth, sweet.... and his. Mine he mentally whispered the same words Boy had done once.

Erotic images assaulted his mind and senses. Blood lust... sex lust combined in a powerful web, sending him spiraling, building the pressure, burning him up as he moved faster and faster. Mine his mind screamed as he claimed Xander for his, for all time.

Xander tensted as he felt Spike bite down, he felt the fairy's fangs slice into his skin, felt the pull as Spike drew on him and nearly screamed with pleasure. He was so close, so close...he reached down, grabbing Spike's hand and pressing it against his cock. Feeling those long fingers wrap around him and pull finally pushed him over the edge, Spike's name on his lips.

Xander slumped against the window a bare moment before Spike fell with him.

"That" he whispered sleepily. "Can we rest a bit? Then breakfast. But first rest. Rest is good."

One hand around Xander's waist, Spike was still riding the last waves of pleasure when he realized what he'd done. Quickly, he licked the wound on Xander's throat to help it heal quickly. Two streams of blood had dribbled down the boy's chest. Hand shaking slightly, he started to wipe away the evidence of what he'd done. "I'm sorry... couldn't help myself," he mumbled, warily eyeing Xander, sure his world was about to explode again.

Xander shivered at Spike's touch, moving into the sensation. "Pretty sure I asked you to do it, Spike," he said softly, turning around to drop a quick kiss on the blond's lips. He nuzzled into Spike's neck, hugging him close and murmuring against his skin. He'd never done this before, he'd always been more of a wham-bang-thank you sir, kind of person.

"Not disgusted then?" Spike's relief was immeasurable as he banded his arms around Xander and dragged him to the sofa. When Xander didn't push him away, or get up and leave right away, when he kept giving him light kisses, he knew something had definitely changed inside the boy.

Xander hummed happily and ignored the question in favour of nibbling down Spike's neck. He hadn't known he had a neck fetish but Spike's was so damn edible. It was like all those years of suppressing his need to touch had left him with this need to catch up on lost time.

"Don't want to go to work," he murmured, pouting slightly.

"What will the fellow's say?" Spike smiled. "Think we'd better get you into the shower. You smell like sex, and blood, and me... a lethal combination for a vampire fairy. Might never let you go to work."

"Don't care." Despite his words, Xander got up and headed for the bathroom. He looked back to find Spike still sitting on the couch, smiling at him. "I thought we were getting me into the shower."

A perfect "O" formed on Spike's mouth. Overcomming his surpise, he got up and followed Xander.

The shower was.... orgasmic! Spike had never taken one before, ever. He could easily wish himself clean. He did love water though and had spent a lot of time in ponds and lakes. But hot water, spraying at you like this. It was heaven.

Then a pair of strong arms circled him, and took him to yet another level of heaven.


Xander hovered at the door, looking back at Spike nervously. Things had been about as perfect as they were ever going to get and he couldn't shake off the feeling they were heading for disaster.

"You...erm...are you...I mean...never mind. Gotta go."

He offered Spike a smile and left before he said something he was going to regret. Like asking Spike when he was leaving.

"I'll be at your door when you get home," Spike gave a reassuring smile and added quickly as the door closed,"go on, don't worry about a thing." He realized no matter how perfect today was, Xander Harris would worry about tomorrow. It would take time, lots of it, to get him to a place where he maybe lost his fear of abandonment. Spike wished he could tell him the entire truth, but it made his heart surge that Xan started to believe... even without all the facts.


Less than nine hours later, Xander was once again hovering in front of the door, this time on the other side. He wanted to go in, reached for the doornob many time but he never quite worked up the courage to turn the handle.

"Stop being such an idiot," he muttered but still stood staring at the door.

"Okay...okay here goes nothing." Deep breath and he turned the key, walked in and tried not to look frantically around in search of Spike.

"You... hey, I'm talking to you," Spike buzzed around Xander's head, then landed on his shoulder and neatly kissed his throat. "Weren't looking for me hard enough, were you? We're out of coke, can we get some... after you change?"

Xander giggled as Spike's wings tickled his skin, all anxiety forgotten now that he was sure Spike was still there. "You drank all the coke? There were like six cans in the fridge!" He tried to look at Spike, going cross-eyed when the blond flew too close to his eyes. "You're so cute like that. All six inches of fuzzy cuteness. Now grow big so I can kiss you."

"Cute, ay? Not what you were saying last night," though he sounded miffed, Spike was happy. This was Xander, the real one. No cold shoulder. No dark, forbidding looks. "Can kiss me like this." Flying close to Xander's face, he planted a kiss on his enourmous lips... right, it probably didn't satisfy either of them.

Xander raised an eyebrow at Spike's attempt at a kiss. "Last night you didn't look like Tinkerbell," he remarked. "I feel the need to point out that unless you grow full sized I won't be able to kiss you properly, or bite at that spot under your armpit or lick my way down to my knees in front of you, take your cock into my mouth...never did that to you did I? I'm very, very good at that you know." Xander shrugged and turned away, moving towards the shower. "But hey, you can stay like that and I'll take care of my hard on in the shower."

"Sex! Sex before our date?" Spike materialized into full form so fast, he stumbled into Xander and held oh. Rubbing his hip across Xander's center, he checked for his state of arousal. "Is this for me?" He smirked, "If anyone's taking care of it, it's me, so you keep your hands bloody well away from it. Mine."

Xander laughed and lead the way, dragging Spike behind him.


He was still laughing a few hours later when Spike was grumbling and muttering about the implausibility of the film they'd watched. Xander had taken him to a vampire film, counting on Spike to poke fun at the broody soul-ridden characters. He stopped Spike's latest tirade by blocking his way and kissing him hard on the lips.

"I get it, vampires aren't real and vampire fairies would never hurt anyone while taking blood. I get it!" he exclaimed when Spike drew breath to continue.

They walked for a little while longer, content in the silence. Xander kept slipping sideways glances at Spike, trying to figure out how to say what he wanted to say.

"And what was with the scary red eyes and the crooked teeth, I don't have--" Feeling Xander's gaze on him, he turned his head. "What? I did like the popcorn and coke."

"No it's said you did...stuff. With the blood donor guys. In their heads." Xander squirmed uncomfortably. "Is that erm...absolutely necessary? The stuff. Cause I...erm...I kinda don't like the thought of you doing stuff with them. Even if it's just in their heads"

"Have to feed." He raised an eyebrow. "Make you feel better if I only choose girls?"

"How much blood do you need though, really." Xander said, ignoring the question. He hated admitting any kind of weakness and letting Spike know that doing sex stuff with his food was fraught with possible rejections and he wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. "I mean, you're only tiny most of the time and you can barely have a shot-glass of coke and it's not like you have to do it every day. You didn't do it before."

"Finished the coke today, didn't I?" He stalled, the old guilt washing over him. "Needed... less back then. Wasn't fully formed yet. If I'd been around a while longer, I'd have needed more." He searched Xander's face, afraid to tell the truth. Afraid to lie. "I... You bled sometimes, and I couldn't help myself... I..." he stopped at the corner of the street, under a lamp post. "I was always sorry after, and I never bit you... my teeth were just forming." He looked down at the ground.

"You used to lick me? That's why I was all clean after! Can't believe I didn't think of that before." Xander rolled his eyes, how could he not have realized! "So, wait a minute, you mean you used to live off me when I was a kid? Does that meant that you can do that now?" He stopped walking and looked at Spike hopefully.

“I lived off the sandwiches and food, just like you. My cravings for blood had only just started... you’re not angry?” He tilted his chin, relief flooding over him. “I’m much bigger now, but I still don’t need much. Every other day, so far... when I stay mostly in this form.

"So you can just feed off me, right?" Xander asked, bouncing lightly on his feet.

“I suppose...” he quirked an eyebrow. “Problem is, I forget... and then I get into emergency situations like... like that morning with you, and then last night. Xander, it’s not like what you and I do... it’s like watching a movie,” he nodded and put his hand behind Xander’s back. “Nothing to worry about,” he kissed Xander’s neck. “Like yours better than anyone’s anyway.”

Xander stepped away and looked at Spike thoughtfully. He's a fairy, he reminded himself, he sees things differently from humans. "D'you feel like that about everything?"

“Not sure... what you mean.” His stomach clenched. “You’re worrying me, because I don’t know what is wrong. Tell me.”

"Like me better than anyone, doesn't mean you don't have other people. Nothing to worry about right?"

“Other people for what?!? No... you’re twisting my words.” Spike crossed his arms and stared at Xander. How could he even think the things he was thinking? “I don’t do anything with anyone, if you’re thinking I sleep around with them... not since I came back, and I don’t plan to, yeah? But if I’m out, and I need to feed... what do you want me to do, go into shock? It’s painful... you have no idea.”

Xander's face fell and he stared at the ground, wishing he'd never started this conversation. The way this was going Spike wouldn't have to leave, Xander would be chasing him away. "No, wouldn't want you to be in pain. It's fine, I'll deal. Forget I said anything." He dredged up a smile. " vampire fairies have red eyes and stuff?"

Spike made a face. “Yeah and we turn into bats, and carry pitchforks. Stop changing the subject. Look, maybe if I show you what it’s like, you’ll know... nothing to worry about.”

The world fell away, and he shifted into fairy form, quickly beating his wings so he came up to Xander. “See... you big, me small... not much we can do together, yeah? I mean as far as sex, though... I could show you a thing or two some other time...” Right, that wasn’t helping. “This won’t hurt a bit,” he smiled and attacked a soft spot in Xander’s throat with his tiny teeth.

Spike felt Xander relax, back up, and slump against the lightpost. As he started to feed, they were both enveloped by a warm, euphoric blanket. It was like going from 0 to 100 in two seconds, suddenly their minds were bombarded by images that had Xander’s heart pounding harder to deliver the blood. Arms entangled, legs working their way between legs, mouths seeking each others’ heat, grunts of pleasure, whimpers of need, scarlet webs of desire and longing, arousal... hard and heavy, weeping. It was Xander in front of him, Xander behind him. Xander pushing, fucking, wanting, taking them in spirals, higher and higher.

Xander came to with a start, eyes wide and disbelieving. This was what happened when Spike bit someone? They....fuck, he'd felt like he was enveloped in Spike, drowning in pleasure, losing himself into his lover.

Spike licked the tiny wound closed, and reverted to human shape. "It's not quite like that with everyone, I SWEAR!" He was still reeling from the experience. "I ... Whoa... fuck... imagine only 20 percent of that with anyone else."

Xander looked dazedly at Spike, fighting the urge to just push him against a wall and re-enact all those things he'd seen in his head...until the words reminded him why Spike had bitten him in the first place.

"No, hey it's okay. No need to lie, Spike I told you I'd be fine with it." The smile was harder to bring forth this time but he'd had years of practice at fake smiles and he gave this one his all.

“I’m not a bloody liar. When have I lied to you? When?” He punched the lightpost, denting it slightly and then rubbing his hand as he glared at Xander. It was his fault.

He tried to think of what had happened, searched for a reason. “Look, I’ve only been out here for a short while, I don’t know all the answers. All I know is THAT never happened with anyone but you.” They were getting worked up over nothing, he knew that... but he also sensed it could mean everything.

“When you... you’ve probably slept with a lot of your stress relief brigade, is it the same? Same as with me?” His eyes were large pools of blue demanding an answer, and for some reason, the question was even more important than he’d thought.

"Of course it's not the same! But I'm not about to go out tomorrow and fuck someone am I? I'm not going to come back and tell you 'hey, don't worry Spike, it's only twenty per cent of what I feel with you'! I told you I'd get used to it, okay? I'll be fine. Drop it."

Xander turned his back to Spike and started walking to the apartment, as fast as he could without running. He was doing it again, he was driving Spike away with his stupid jealousy and his anger. He would get used to it, he just needed some time to get his head around it. If he kept his mouth shut Spike would stay.

Spike didn’t budge. “I can’t change what I am... I mean, I changed as much as I could. Can’t take back being a vampire though. And I can’t drink old blood, from outside a body... that won’t work either. What I can do is try to remember to feed from you... and..” he trailed off, seeing the stiffness of the guy’s back.

Xander stopped walking, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Spike was going to leave him. He just knew it. He had to stop this conversation before Spike realized that he could go.

"Spike please...You don't have to change, I told you I'm okay with it. Please just drop it." He hated the way he sounded, all needy and desperate but he couldn't let Spike go, he'd been through it once, couldn't do it again.

“Stop communicating, just when we started. That’s what you want?” Spike started for follow, but couldn’t shake the feeling that they were about to start making the mistake of the elder Mr. And Mrs. Harris.

"No...I...What do you want me to do Spike?" Xander whirled around and glared at the blond. "You said you can't NOT do it and I said I'll deal with that. What else do you expect me to do?"

“Not give up that easy and not cover your feelings to me of all people, that’s bloody what I expect you to so,” he answered, walking past him to the apartment building. He stood outside, waiting. Why was it always one step forward, two back?

"You want to know my feelings? FINE! You're gonna be feeding on all those people and you're going to be giving them something that's supposed to be for me. Just for me! I don't care if it's just in their heads, they still get to see you and I'm the only one supposed to do that. But of course you can't change and fuck it if that doesn't make sense. You're a fairy, you need to do stuff like that and I have to fucking live with it because if I don't you won't be able to stay here and you'll leave me. But hey, you'll do that anyway when you realize how messed up I really am. You know what? Let's not wait until then. You can just leave now so I can pick up the pieces that much faster."

Xander stared at Spike for a moment, shocked by his own outburst. He saw Spike try to say something and he knew, he just knew Spike was going to try and let him down easy because he did care for Xander. So he ran into the building, taking the stairs two at a time until he reached his door, his hands trembling so badly he could barely hold on to his keys.

With slow, heavy steps, Spike followed him up the stairs. When he reached Xander, he put his arms around him from behind him, held tight and leaned in to whisper in his ear. “Don’t wish me away so often, it’s dangerous. I don’t want to go Xander. I want to stay, work our issues. You just have to make a bit more room for me in your heart, even if I’m not the perfect human mate for you. He swallowed hard, and put his hand over Xander’s shaking one, helping him turn the key.

Xander moved away from Spike, going to sit on the couch. This was why he didn't do dates. Dates made you feel things, made you all jumbled up and broke you. He wiped his eyes angrily, not wanting to cry in front of Spike.

"Don't you see? That's the whole problem Spike. You're already in there. Do you honestly think I would care what you do to your dinner if you weren't?"

“I don’t see it as a problem, but I don’t want to hurt you.” He sat down across from Xander, drumming his fingers on the side table. “You could pretend it’s like being with someone who is a gynecologist... just work and...” he trailed. “You could fucking be home on time, and make sure I’ve fed. If I forget, you can remind me. I wouldn’t go to anyone else except when it’s an emergency.” That much ought to be obvious.

"W-what? You would...I mean just for emergencies? And...see I didn't understand that..." Xander couldn't for the life of him remember how to speak. Spike would do that? For him?

Spike gave a one shouldered shrug that was fully at odds with his scrutiny of Xander’s face. “You don’t listen.”

"I'm sorry." Xander closed his eyes, trying to compose himself for a moment. He looked at Spike, saw how upset he was and apologized again. "I'm sorry Spike. I'll do better. I promise. I'll listen and think and not have a meltdown."

There was silence for a beat. "I don’t think my demonstration helped. I’d be jealous if I thought... I don’t want anyone else’s hands on you, for real or in their mind, either," he admitted. "When we were kids, you’d say ‘your all Mine.’" His lips quirked, "we’re not kids anymore, but I said the same thing this morning. You’re Mine... much as I’m yours, you’re all Mine, Xander. If you have a problem with that, tell me now."

Xander smiled, shaking his head emphatically. "Yours for as long as you stay." He raised his hand, forestalling and protests from Spike. "I know you won't leave. Just need a little time to believe it okay? I'm yours either way Spike, that's more than I've been able to give for a long time."

Deep breath to work up his courage. He'd been doing that a lot lately, he thought, but still, it'd gotten him Spike so it must have been worth it. "I love you Spike. Okay?"

“Okay.” Spike smiled, got up and walked over, dragging him up off the sofa. “I love you too, always have. And I only want what you can give me. It’ll be enough,” he said, before bringing his mouth down over Xander’s and engaging him in a slow, languid kiss, that left the boy breathless.

“We did learn something.” He waited for Xander to look at him. “Well I do give one hell of a quicky, at least where you’re concerned.”

(A/N: In case you are interested, this manip by Sueworld2003 was the inspiration for this fic: )

The End

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