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Wild Ride

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Summary: Buffy goes to Oregon and so does her luck in making the bad guys fall in love with her.

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > Buffy-CenteredDarkAngelLillithFR15710,860167919,60619 Jun 0811 Apr 09No

Dreams do come true

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. The Transformers and all related characters are property of Hasbro Inc. I am not making a single profit out of this I wrote it for pure fun. That is all. Enjoy.

A/N: The Stunticons were made out of modified earth cars, so they talk like the people in Earth not Cybertronians.. yes, I'm weird... Any errors you find and tell me about will be fixed as soon as possible.




Wild Ride


(Buffy's POV)

Some things were better left alone. Buffy Summers had a long list of such things, but there was only one that bothered her. She wanted to change that, she really did, but there was no one that wanted to help her. Really… They had no problem in joining her to battle the apocalypse, but a mere mention of her driving had them hiding for days. She wasn’t such a bad driver, she told herself. She passed her driver’s license test. That should count for something, right?

The Scoobies always made sure there was a driver or taxi waiting for Buffy whenever she had to travel alone. Unfortunately, Fate seemed to conspire against them this time. Giles thought Willow had arranged it. Willow believed Xander had planned everything. Xander thought Dawn had made sure everything was right. Dawn was sure it was Giles’ turn to organize her sister’s trip. And while everyone believed the other had made all the arrangements to make sure Buffy would have no problems in Oregon, no one had really done a thing. That was mistake number one.

Which left Buffy Summers stranded at the Portland International Airport. She didn’t know where she was supposed to stay in and had no way to move around. To make matters worse her cell phone had a premature death when she, in her frustration, gripped it too hard.

In normal circumstances, the blonde woman would usually wait a few hours to see if her friends pulled through and then walk her way to the closest hotel and use that new credit card Giles had given her. Otherwise she would have to live through a lecture about something or other. Buffy sighed, preparing herself to a boring wait when something caught her attention.

It was a car. It looked expensive to her and she mentally cursed her car-less future. She wouldn’t have minded a chance to drive that beauty.

Half an hour later, Buffy was thoroughly bored. She chanced another look outside, only to see that the car was still there. She actually got the vibe that it didn’t want to be there. She shook the thought away, chalking it as too much slaying and lack of sleep and she would’ve walked away when one of the airport guards approached her.

“Excuse me, miss. Everything okay?”

Buffy looked at the man and sighed while thinking,‘Let’s see, I’ve been here forever. I have no idea where I’m supposed to go. My cell died and I have no car. I’m having the time of my life.’

She really wanted to say that, but her mom had actually taught her some manners, “No. Not really. Do you know if there’s some sort of car rental nearby? Oh, and a hotel. I’m afraid my friends stranded me here. They’re funny like that.”

The man gave her a pitying glance and Buffy inwardly groaned.

“Let me see if I can help you at least get a taxi. Wait here, miss,” and he was gone.

‘Where the hell am I supposed to go?’ she thought bitterly while waiting for the guard to return. Thankfully, she didn’t have to wait long and by the smug look on his face she guessed the man knew how to help her out.

“See that car over there. The Ferrari. It’s been waiting there for a while now. No driver and keys on the ignition. We were wondering who it belonged to,” he began while gesturing to the car she’d been looking before, “Guess yer friends like you more than you think, miss.”

“Wait! I know my friends. They don’t trust me with a remote control car, let alone a Ferrari,” the Slayer told the guard, but he was already walking away from her quite happy at having helped the pretty young lady.

Buffy eyed the car. Well, what did she had to lose? It wasn’t as if she was really stealing it if the guard told her it was for her. Besides, would she really have another chance of getting inside a Ferrari? Hell! Would she ever get the chance of driving? The answer was no to both questions unless the devil suddenly had a need for ice skates. And so, with new found purpose, Buffy Anne Summers, the Vampire Slayer, sauntered over to the car, placed her bags on the trunk, opened the door and got inside. That was mistake number two.

‘Now how do I turn it on again?’

(Wildrider's POV)

The feeling of something wriggling inside of him pulled Wildrider out of recharge. Motormaster was in one of his moods and he’d rather avoid him as long as possible. Even if he had to settle for using the airport as a hiding place.

A quick look at his chronometer told him he’d been there for only four hours. The wriggling persisted and he changed his view to see what was happening inside of him.

‘The hell! What’s she doing there? How she got in?’ was the first thing that came to his processor at the sight of the small girl with the puzzled look on her face. The anger and rightful indignation at this violation disappeared after just a second. If she wanted a ride, the Con was going to give her a ride she would never forget.

If the girl found it strange that the car started by itself, she didn’t say anything. He stifled a laugh as the little girl strapped herself with his seat belt. Wildrider would give her control of himself for a while before showing the human who was boss here. That was mistake number three.

(Buffy's POV)

Buffy was having the best day of her life. Screw what the Scoobies would say, she was totally getting one of these cars for herself. She was already flooring the gas pedal and cutting through traffic like there was no tomorrow.

‘Slow pokes,’ she grumbled, changing lanes without warning.

She was now against traffic and going over a hundred. Not that she actually knew how fast she was going, there were so many buttons and doohickeys on the dashboard that she simply decided not to look there. The oncoming traffic was easier to avoid, in her opinion. She could actually see them coming.

The traffic light turned red, but she was too busy looking at a billboard proclaiming there was a shoe sale going on at the mall so she never saw it. She also didn’t see the old woman jump out of the way nor the teenage mother with the baby stroller that were pushed out of the incoming car‘s path when Buffy made a turn and went back to driving on the right side of the street. A stroll through the mall might be nice after that meeting with the mayor tomorrow was over. The lights of the Riverplace Hotel caught her attention.

‘Oh, pretty! Giles is so gonna hate me for this, she thought as she made an illegal U-turn, drove through the sidewalk and once again through oncoming traffic as she made her way to the place she would be staying for the next five days.

The blonde never found it strange that the car stopped on its own. Instead, she congratulated herself on the near perfect parking she’d performed. It involved a ramp, a three hundred and sixty degree rotation and a street lamp. She absolutely loved having a car! She was actually planning on making a few rounds with it around the town to scope/kill the nasties.

“Five days of driving! I can so get used to this,” she said to herself as she walked away from the car and into the hotel.

She left a stunned Decepticon wondering if he’d somehow died and gone to heaven. He didn’t even have the chance to take control away from her. She was perfect, only human… And if he’d heard right, he would have her for himself for five more days! He would’ve planned to keep her forever, but the Decepticons had a tendency to flatten humans on sight.

(Two days later in Slayer Central)

“Giles, have you seen the news?”

“Not really. Why?”

“I think Buffy’s been driving.”

“That’s ridiculous! Didn’t you organized everything?”

“Uhhm… No. I thought Xander did.”

“Oh, bloody hell!”

(Three days later: Decepticon's Comm-Motormaster to Wildrider)

::Wildrider! Where the fuck are you?::

::Wildrider, answer me, goddammit!::

::You are so dead, Wildrider. I’m not kidding.::

(Six days later at Slayer Central)

“Wow, flowers!”

“They’re for you, Buffy.”


“Yep! So spill, ‘cause you said you didn’t meet anyone in Portland.”

“I didn’t!”

“Really! ‘Cause ‘Wild Rider’ seems very real to me, Buffy.”

“Wild who?”

“Wild Rider. It’s like a stripper nickname… BUFFY!”

“What? What did I do?”

“Shame on you!”


“Read the card, missy. What would mom say if she knew about this? And… and.. YOU TOLD!”

“To Buffy: Women like flowers, or so I’ve come to believe, so I’m sending you this as a token of my love. This five days were the best days of my entire life. Five days of the best fuckin’ rides I’ve ever received. And the killings at night made you even more wild. Blood was hard to get out, but it was very worth it. Know that my spark resides with you. I’ll find a way to get you for myself. Don’t forget about me, cause I swear to god I will not forget about you. Love, Wildrider. Uhhm… Dawn, I swear to you I don’t know any Wild Riders!”


“Yes, Dawn.”

“Pregnancy test now!”

“Why? I told you I don’t know him! He’s just some loon that knows I live here and wants to have a laugh at my expense!”

“Crazy man or not, we are going to make sure there’s no spark residing in you!”

“But Dawn…”

The card in question was left on the table. The card’s image, as romantic as the message it had written, was only a car. More correctly, a Ferrari.
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