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Child of Light

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Summary: Vampires and Slayers meet wizards, another prophecy, and maybe aliens. A part-serious, part-fun crossover after Buffy Season 7 and Deathly Hallows minus the epilogue. Harry/Buffy, Xander/Luna, Ginny/Dracula.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterrfresaFR1585,0180159,14321 Jun 0823 Jun 08No

A man with one eye meets a man with one ear

Willem Olsen was glad to have some help, and joked that Xander could do twice the work he could in half the time. As they went to help an old lady fix her sink, Xander mentioned the unusual cylindrical house he had noticed.

"Oh, that's the Lovegood house. Old man and his daughter live there. Never been in, but several folks hereabouts are quite private. Take the Weasleys, for example. Seven kids run all over the town for twenny-five years, but never did any townsfolk see the inside of theirs. S'pose the father does all the repairs himself. I 'spect Luna does for her father, too."

"Luna is the daughter? How old is she?"

"'Bout your age now, I'd say. Maybe a year or two younger. Went to some private school in Scotland, same one the Weasleys went to, and Diggory's boy."

"Amos told me his son died there."

"Yeah, it was a real tragedy. Real bright, friendly boy. I donno the details, though."

Something was mysterious about this school, Xander decided. He went to the pub again that evening, and sat next to Amos Diggory, who was sitting with a stocky red-haired young man.

"Hi Xander, heard you got work with Willy Olsen. This is George Weasley. George, this is Xander... Harris, wasn't it?"


"An American in Ottery St. Catchpole?" began George, turning toward Xander, who was startled to see that George's right ear was missing. George's eyes widened comically when he saw Xander's eyepatch.

"You two have something in common," commented Amos, smirking into his beer.

They both laughed. "How long ago did you lose the eye?" George asked.

"Eight months, Xander answered. He hesitated, but said quietly, "My girlfriend and I were attacked, and she died."

George leaned forward. "I think I understand. Six years ago I lost my ear and my twin brother within the same year."

The waiter arrived, and Xander ordered dinner.

After Amos finished and left, Xander turned to George. "Willy Olsen told me the Weasleys had seven children."

"Yeah, there were seven of us. Now there are five. Four of us are married, and there are ... so far, five grandchildren. My wife and I have a boy, Fred. He's named after my twin."

"So you lost another sibling?"

"My sister Ginny. She'd be 23 this year."

"I'm 23 too." He paused. "I was an only child, but I have two close friends who are like sisters to me. They're my family, really."

George smiled. "Family is the most important thing, no matter how you get them."

"So, you probably know most of the people in town." George nodded. "I was just curious about this funny house I noticed. It looks like a chess piece-"

"The Lovegood house. Ginny's old friend Luna lives there with her father. She's slightly mad, I think, but brilliant. Works with unusual animals."

A slightly mad Slayer? Not good. "Do you think I could get an introduction? The builder in me is very interested in such a unique house. I tried to go up there this morning but kept remembering other things I had to do."

George made the slightest of smirks, making Xander highly suspicious. "Hmm, I guess I could talk to Xenophilius. That's Luna's father. He and his late wife built the house, I believe. I'm sure he'd be pleased to meet you."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Child of Light" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Jun 08.

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