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Child of Light

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Summary: Vampires and Slayers meet wizards, another prophecy, and maybe aliens. A part-serious, part-fun crossover after Buffy Season 7 and Deathly Hallows minus the epilogue. Harry/Buffy, Xander/Luna, Ginny/Dracula.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterrfresaFR1585,0180159,14521 Jun 0823 Jun 08No


I don't remember where these characters were at the time, so it's set wherever you want it to be set. This will hopefully be a longish Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover. This is the prequel chapter. I'm weird. I like to be serious sometimes, but not too serious. I always have to lighten things up a little.
Disclaimer: I intend no copyright infringement.


"Well?" She had that playful look again, so he knew she wanted praise for seducing her last meal.

"Marvelous job, love," he replied, stroking her cheek and leaning in to lick a smudge of blood from her cheek. "He was practically begging for it by the time you finished with him."

"Oh, he was delicious. Poets always have that sweetness, that touch of innocence, mixed with the anguish of being misunderstood..."

"Here's another one for you, love," he interrupted her monologue to point out the handsome young man who had entered the dark alley where they had been staying for a week, catching prey like a pair of spiders waiting for the young and foolishly brave to wander into their web. The young man seemed cautious, though, so Drusilla decided to talk before touching.

"Looking for a friend, dear?" she called, gliding sensuously toward the dark-haired youth, who was dressed a neatly-pressed shirt and sweater vest, looking like nothing so much as a college student out for a stroll after class. "Someone to spend some time with?"

He looked directly at her, and she stiffened. "Actually, I'm looking for a pair of vampires I heard were nesting here."

Spike stepped out of the shadows and put an arm around Drusilla. "And who are you to be asking around after vamps like us? Some kind of hunter, or a Watcher in training?"

"None of the above," said the young man, pulling a slender piece of wood from his vest pocket. "I'm a wizard."

Drusilla hissed and buried her face in Spike's neck. "We mustn't fight this one, Spike," she whispered in a tone so low that only a vampire could hear it. "Wizards aren't like other magic users. They can make sunlight with one little spell. Let me talk to it and then we run." Spike nodded.

"What would a wizard want with two poor vampires. We only eat what we need, and we stay out of your way."

The young wizard waved his wand, and a ring of fire encircled the two vampires. "You also live forever," he said in a hard tone of voice. "And that's what I want. I want to be invincible and never die. I don't work for the Ministry of Magic, and I have no interest in killing vampires for the 'good of mankind' or whatever you may think. In fact I may end up recruiting your kind for my army when I gain enough power."

"So you want us to turn you?" Spike asked. "Let's get to it then, and then you can leave us alone."

"I want information," said the wizard. "The books I've read don't all agree. What happens to the human soul after a vampire is sired? That's my only concern."

"Ah, that tricky thing, the soul," murmured Drusilla, gliding as close to the wizard as she could without burning in the flames. "Yours is broken, you know. I can see it in your eyes ... Tom."

The wizard stepped back quickly and broke eye contact with Drusilla.

"My name is Voldemort," he snarled. "You're some kind of seer, aren't you- a natural Legilimens. I could use you in my army. We're called the Death Eaters, and I'm going to find a way for us all to live forever. Now answer my question."

"Why should we tell you anything?" sneered Spike.

"Because if you don't I'll say two very short words and a ball of sunlight will turn you both to ash. So where are your souls?"

Spike looked at Drusilla, who nodded. "They're in hell, like anyone else's. Or heaven, if you want to be optimistic. The man who lived in this body is dead, and the demon who is born inside it lives on, with no heartbeat and no warmth. I remember his life as if it was my own, but when I became a vampire I felt no connection to anything or anyone in it." The truth was harsh, but sunlight was harsher.

"Except for that thing with your mother," whispered Drusilla mischievously. Spike frowned at her, and she shrugged. "Never mind, you don't remember."

Suddenly the wizard disappeared with a loud crack, and Spike forgot about what she said.

"Naughty wizard, he left us in the flame circle," said Drusilla.

"Great, how do we get out of this?" Spike asked.

"Let me think a minute," she answered, turning to examine the spell. "I'll come up with something.

Fortunately, a fire wagon drove up and three strong and tasty firemen did a wonderful job of putting out the flames before they were graciously eaten in thanks.
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