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Changing time

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Summary: What happens when Willow casts a spell and it goes wrong? What if she is transported to Hogwarts to the time of the marauders? Will she befriend with them or a certain bullied Slytherin or even a blond pureblood! UNDER REVISION!!!

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Lucius Malfoy
Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Severus Snape
(Past Donor)SchizophrenFR151043,98403516,75321 Jun 081 Apr 10No

The Kiss

Hiho folks, I'm back with a new chapter to Changing time.

It has been quite a while since I felt inspired to write something to this story!
But here it comes and I hope you like it!

Oh... and don't forget to review! Makes me not forget to update ;D


When Lucius turned around and stormed down the steps Severus freed himself from Willow’s embrace and said:

“Thank you. But I think you should go!”

“What do you mean?” Willow asked confused.

“Lucius… he was here, but when he saw you hugging me, he stormed off…” Willow’s eyes grew wide, then she jumped up and ran down the steps.

Halfway to the castle she was able to catch up with Lucius which she was glad of, because she was panting heavily, he was just way taller than her and because of that faster too.

“Wait.” she pleaded and Lucius stopped dead in his tracks. He turned around and she could see the anger written all over his handsome features.

“What, finished with your little lover?!”

“Don’t say that, you know it’s not true.”

“Is it?! How should I know? After all that’s what Narcissa tells everyone she sees.”

“And you believe that?! I thought that you have a better judgment.”

“I had, until just recently, when I saw it is true.” He snapped at her and Willow grew angry.

“If you really think that what you have seen between Severus and me was more than friendship, then you are really stupid. This is the way friends are around each other, they comfort each other and that is what Severus needed.”

Lucius just shook his head and made a sound in his throat that sounded too dark to be a laugh.

“So from your reaction it seems like you don’t believe me… but hell… I’m tired of this.” She saw Lucius’ startled expression and went on.

“Tired of all this. There isn’t a reason for you to be angry with me in the first place. We are not more than what Severus and I are, well to be exact Severus and I are more, because we are friends, but I have no idea what we are. One minute you act like you have feelings for me, like you care and the next you are all distant and not even looking at me. I thought that you might need time to get to know me, to trust me. So I didn’t even ask more when I heard that you have sat a whole week at my bedside when I was unconscious. But I am fed up, I won’t stand here and let you tell me that I did something to hurt you. Because I would never do such a thing.” Willow shouted at him, tears burning in her eyes, she hadn’t known that she was this angry about his behavior.

It seemed like Lucius hadn’t seen that coming either and Willow felt exhausted after her outburst, so she turned around and walked back down to the pitch. Practice would be over soon and she wanted to be back before Buffy saw that she was missing, because she didn’t feel like answering her questions.

But she was just able to make a few steps, after those steps someone grabbed her hand and by the way those butterflies in her stomach behaved it could only be one person.

She whirled around and looked at Lucius.

“Let me…” but she couldn’t say more, because Lucius pulled her towards him and kissed her. For a moment she was totally shocked and didn’t know what to do.

But shortly after that she regained her self control and pushed Lucius back. With burning cheeks she looked up at him and her knees trembled by the way he looked at her.

“Do you know why I came to the pitch?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper and his breath was warm on her lips.

Willow just shook her head, not able to speak.

“I had an interesting talk with Buffy yesterday. She was quite mad at me and my behavior.”

“Which is no surprise.” Willow was able to choke out.

“But she was able to do something you couldn’t. She found out why I held myself back and why I didn’t make a move on you.”

“And that is?”

“I just wanted to protect you!”

“Protect me from what?!”

“From my father, from the Deatheaters, hell even Voldemort.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about!”

“Of course.” Lucius smiled and the hand who had held hers let go and went to her cheek. Willow closed her eyes and sighed.

“It’s just that my father has my life already planned. He wants me to marry Narcissa after I graduate and he wants me to become a Deatheater.”

“And what has that to do with me?”

“When I would have done what I wanted for so long, I would have destroyed all those plans my father has for me and Narcissa would tell him immediately. And then he would not only punish me but you too, because you were responsible for my change of heart.”

Slowly it all made sense to Willow, his Boggart, his behavior, just everything, but something was still bugging her.

“But why now?”

“Because your friend had some impressive arguments. For a long time now, I don’t care what my father does to me, so my punishment doesn’t matter. And you, well you are safe inside the school with Dumbledore here and there is of course still your friend, she said she will not allow anyone to hurt you and I believe her, after all she is the Slayer and the one who is stupid enough to mess with her has my pity.”

Willow laughed shortly and smiled, so he had feelings for her?!

It seemed like Lucius could read her thoughts, because he kissed her once again, very short and then he leaned his forehead against hers.

“Don’t think that I stayed away from you because I didn’t have enough feelings for you, because that’s not true. More the contrary, I was just trying to protect you, though it was getting harder and harder for me, with each passing day.” he said and caressed her cheek.

Willow smiled, because she had needed to hear it from him, that he wasn’t just staying away from her, because his feelings were not strong enough.

“And what now?” she asked shyly, what she was almost all of the time when he was around.

“I just want to be close to you as often as I can, no matter who sees it. I want them to know you’re mine and no one is allowed to come anywhere near you!”

Willow blushed dark crimson by his passionate words, but she liked it. Oz had never been the jealous type, he was okay with her hanging around guys, well after the whole Xander thing it had been more tense…but still no REAL jealousy, more mistrust.

“So that means?” Willow asked, her voice only a whisper now.

Lucius smirked and kissed Willow again, but this time with more force. Willow gasped, but soon she responded and kissed him like she wanted since she could remember. It felt even better than she had imagined it, it was like the world around her would stop existing, just his warm lips on hers, his hands, that now stroke the small of her back and his body that touched hers and sent shivers down her spine. It was amazing, she had never felt anything like this when Oz had kissed her.

When they came up for air Lucius smiled down at her and breathed:

“I want you to be my girlfriend.”

Willow just stared into his grey eyes, which weren’t cold anymore, more the contrary, because they were so intense that it gave her goose bumps.

“I want that too.” Willow answered and that made Lucius smile, a real smile and not a smirk and she loved that smile.

“Where is Willow?” Buffy asked, when she saw that only Severus was waiting for her beside the pitch.

“Lucius appeared…” he just said and Buffy understood, she laughed and put her hand on Severus’ shoulder to steady herself.

“Guess we will see a happy Willow very soon.” she grinned and Severus nodded.

“Hey, Snivilius get away from her.” They heard a familiar voice and with a groan Buffy turned around.

“Get lost!” she growled, but Sirius just kept walking towards them.

“What?! He is a Slytherin, you cannot trust him, don’t forget what he is, a dirty disgusting snake, even the people from his house have seen it, that’s the reason he has no friends.”

Buffy could see the hurt and anger in Severus’ eyes, but she knew he was way too nice to attack this bastard. Too bad for him, that that doesn’t count for her.

“Take that back.” she tried it before really hurting him.

“Come on Sirius, it is enough, let’s go.” James said from his side and grabbed his arm.

“No, someone has to tell him what he is and that he cannot come and steal our girls from us.”

“You are crazy. This has nothing to do with stealing a girl. I like him, he is my friend and you are an asshole.” With that she lunged forward and punched him right in the face.

Everyone stared at them fighting, not sure how to react, when they finally caught on, James and Severus tried to stop them. Buffy just shoved James hard and he flew through the air and hit the pitch a few meters away.

Severus was shocked, he couldn’t believe that she actually attacked Sirius because he was mean to him.

Finally Severus was able to catch himself, he grabbed Buffy’s arm and hoped she wouldn’t do the same with him she had done with James, after all she was the Slayer, which was the reason Sirius stood no chance against her.

“Buffy, stop it, he is not worth it.” he tried and indeed Buffy let go of a bleeding Sirius. It seemed like his nose was broken and there were already bruises forming on his face. Severus couldn’t help himself, he had to grin by the view in front of him.

But that grin disappeared when they heard an angry voice.

“What happened here?” They all turned to Professor McGonagall who stormed over the pitch towards them.

James helped Sirius to his feet, when the Professor reached the group.

“Well?” she demanded to know.

“He insulted Severus.” Buffy finally said pointing at Sirius, not even out of breath.

“You attacked me, you broke my nose, are you crazy?” Sirius shouted back, blood flowing out of his broken nose over his face.

Buffy wanted to answer but a glare from Professor McGonagall silenced all of them.

“Detention for all of you.”

“But…” James began, after all he hadn’t done anything.

“No buts Mister Potter. You will report to Professor Slughorn’s office tonight at 8, I heard he needs some help. You will help him the whole week. Oh and of course 25 points from Gryffindor for insulting a fellow student, Mr. Black. 50 points from Gryffindor for attacking a fellow student Miss Summers. I hope you learn from this and it will never happen again.” with that she turned around and stormed back towards the school.

Buffy was still angry and felt the urge to punch Sirius some more, but he was still bleeding, so he probably had enough...for now!

“Okay, we should get you to Madame Pomfrey so she can take a look at your nose.” James said and steadied Sirius on his way back to the castle.

“We should go too. I want to eat something before we have detention.” Buffy said to Severus and he nodded, so the two made their way back to the castle too.

Lucius sat by Willow’s side at the Gryffindortable, ignoring the glares he received not only from members of the Gryffindor house but also from his own.

But he didn’t care, as long as was finally able to be with Willow.

“Is that Black?” Lucius asked when he saw the dark haired teen passing by, still bleeding from his nose. Willow looked up and had to suppress a giggle.

“Seems like Buffy had enough. I bet she did it.”

“Probably.” Lucius said and the two saw Buffy and Severus enter. Buffy dragged Severus along over to the Gryffindortable, Willow could see that he was really uncomfortable with the thought of sitting there. But when he saw Lucius, he relaxed at least a little.

“So what happened, we saw Sirius!” Willow asked smiling.

Buffy smiled too, but not because of Sirius, because Lucius sat close to Willow and had his arm around her waist.

“Well… he was as always. Saying things he should have better not said.” Buffy answered, which made Willow giggle, she was in a good mood and it was about time that Buffy did something to shut him up.

The thought of detention later on made Buffy stop smiling.

“But we got caught by McGonagall. She was furious, we lost 75 points because of the insults and the attack. And all of us, which means James, Sirius, Severus and I have detention later on with Slughorn. For the whole week.” Buffy whined.

“That’s not good. Now we will loose the house cup to them.” Willow said pointing at Lucius and Severus.

Lucius just laughed and ruffled Willow’s hair.

“Well the best house wins.”

“Hey, that’s not nice. So are you telling me, that my house is not as good as yours?” Willow pouted.

“When I say yes, you hit me, right?” He asked amused while Willow just nodded.

“I guess I have to say then that you would have made a good Slytherin. So this house may be not as good as ours but you are.”

“I can live with that.” Willow smiled and gave him a short kiss. Which made Buffy smile again. She turned to Severus, who seemed as glad about this as she was.

Until they heard a high pitched scream.

“Lucius?! What are you doing with that Mudblood?” Narcissa asked shocked, staring at the two.

“What does it look like?” Lucius asked, not once taking his eyes off of Willow.

“Your father will not like it. You will marry me after graduation.”

“I don’t think so.” Lucius replied now looking at her.

“And you can tell my father, that I don’t care what he has to say. I will do what I want and that is the complete opposite of what he wants.”


“Don’t you understand, that this was your cue to leave?” Willow asked getting annoyed. Narcissa glared at Willow and hissed:

“He will come back to me anyway after he had his fun with you. Mudblood.”

“Say that again!” Buffy growled, getting up, only a moment before Lucius did. Both of them glaring at Narcissa.

But Willow took hold of Lucius’ hand and tried to pull him back down onto the bench.

“Sit down, she is not even worth it!”

Lucius looked down and into Willow’s beautiful green eyes, then he nodded and sank back, but Buffy did not.

“Buffy. Stop it, you are already in trouble.”

“Exactly, so what more can happen, if I give that blond bimbo a piece of my mind.”

“Who are you calling a blond bimbo?” Narcissa screeched.

“Hm… I don’t know… maybe the only one who is talking to me?!” Buffy grinned and flopped back down onto the bench. It was just too easy to hit her.

“I will tell your father, about all of this!” She said to Lucius and then stormed off.

“I guess we should head to Professor Slughorn’s office now!” Severus said and Buffy moaned.

“But I don’t want to. Can’t we say I died?”

“And then what on Monday?” Severus asked, a smile tucking at his lips.

“We just say I came back from the dead. It would not even be a lie.” Willow laughed and nodded, because Buffy was right, though the boys did not understand what she meant.

“That is a long story. I can tell you on the way!” Buffy said getting up.

“Okay, bye you guys, I see you later.” She waved at Willow and then the two left the room.

“So what are we gonna do now?” Lucius asked, raising his eyebrows which made Willow blush.

“Let’s go to the room of requirement. There we can talk and I mean talk.” she added when she saw his face.

Lucius nodded and took hold of her hand, when they stood up, now that he was finally able to touch her, it was like he couldn’t stop it. He wanted to touch her as often as possible.

They left the hall and ignored Narcissa’s angry glares and climbed staircase after staircase.

“What is this room of requirement, anyway?” Lucius asked after half of the way upstairs.

“Oh right, you don’t know. It is a secret room, which only appears if you know how to summon the door. But it is really cozy in there, with those armchairs and pillows and no one will listen to what we talk about.”

Lucius nodded and soon they reached the corridor where the door was hidden, Willow surprised Lucius when she made the door appear in the wall.

“And here I thought I know all secrets of this school.” he chuckled and followed Willow into the room.

It was as she had told him, it was cozy in there.

“So what do you want to talk about?” he asked sitting down into one of the armchairs in front of the fireplace.

“Well there is a lot. But the first thing would be that there is something huge you don’t know about me and I think it is only fair to tell you, because I don’t want to start this relationship with lies.” Willow began, feeling very unsure of what would happen next, how would he react, when she told him about her secret?

Lucius saw how nervous she was, so he took her hands in his and said:

“Just tell me. Don’t worry about my reaction.”

Willow smiled at Lucius and took a deep breath.

“I guess you remember the day I appeared in the great hall?”

“How could I forget that, that day my life changed.” Willow was touched by his words and couldn’t stop herself from kissing Lucius. He smiled shortly at her lips and deepened the kiss, while he placed one of his hands in her neck, so he could pull her closer.

Soon Willow realized what she was doing and ended the kiss.

“No, I want to tell you first.”

“So that means after you told me, I can kiss you?!”

“Yes.” Willow sighed defeated, though smiling, because she loved kissing him.

“Then tell me quickly.”

Willow shook her head amused and said:

“Dumbledore told you all that it was a spell that went wrong which brought me here and that is true, but that’s not all. Because the year I disappeared from was 1998.”

Lucius furrowed his brows, while looking at Willow.

“So you mean you are from the future?”

“Yes.” Willow answered unsure.

“And that is the big secret you were so nervous about?” Willow nodded and was confused even more, when Lucius began to laugh.

“Hey, what is so funny?” Willow asked.

“Just the fact that you worry about something like that. I mean, I don’t care which year you are from. Now you are here and I will not let you go, so it doesn’t matter to me.”

Willow smiled grateful, she should have known that he would not change his mind about something like that.

“So now that we have this, if I remember right, you promised me a kiss.” Lucius smirked, leaning in to kiss her. Willow giggled and leaned in as well until their lips met. Lucius put his arms around her small form and pulled her closer and into his lap. Willow snuggled up against him and kissed him with all those feelings that had grown for him over the past weeks.

That's it, finally some Wollow/Lucius cuteness, I hope you enjoyed it, it did have fun writing it!
So until next time and don't forget to review :D

The End?

You have reached the end of "Changing time" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Apr 10.

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