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Changing time

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Summary: What happens when Willow casts a spell and it goes wrong? What if she is transported to Hogwarts to the time of the marauders? Will she befriend with them or a certain bullied Slytherin or even a blond pureblood! UNDER REVISION!!!

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Lucius Malfoy
Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Severus Snape
(Past Donor)SchizophrenFR151043,98403516,75421 Jun 081 Apr 10No

Mashed Potatoes and Werewolves

This is my newest Buffy Fanfic, it will be Willow centered and it plays in the fourth season, after the episode “Wild at Heart” in which Oz leaves.

And she is sixteen then. (I know she isn’t but I want her to be!)

Buffy will appear in the later chapters and will be an important character too.

Oh and Snape, Sirius, James, Peter and Lily are in their fifth year (1976). Narcissa is in her sixth year, Lucius Malfoy and Giles are in their seventh year (I know Giles, Narcissa and Lucius are older and never went to school with the marauders, but hey, my story)

The persons in this fanfic may be ooc, so if that bothers you, don’t read! ;D

Well, the rest you will get to know, when you read the story!

Now have fun and don’t forget: I OWN NOTHING!!

Oh, and please review!

What happens when Willow casts a spell and it goes wrong? What if she is transported to Hogwarts to the time of the marauders?

Will she befriend with them or a certain bullied Slytherin or even a blond pureblood?!

Willow sighed deeply and fell onto her bed. This day had been hell, well almost all days had been like that since Oz left to learn how to control his lycanthropy.

And on top of that, he had cheated on her, with that Veruca girl.

She would get over him, very soon. That was something she had promised herself, though she wasn‘t sure how.

Willow broke out of her thoughts when someone knocked on her terrace door, confused she got up and walked over to open it. When she did that she smiled.

“Hey Wills, I just wanted to check if you are okay. I mean, after everything that happened, I don’t know…” Buffy said and smiled at her best friend.

Willow hugged Buffy and sighed:

“Thank you Buffy. I wouldn’t know what to do without you.”

“Hey, that is what friends are for. So if you ever need me, just tell me!”

“I will.” Willow promised and yawned.

“Well, I guess I see you in school tomorrow then. I have to go home, or my mom will freak, you know?!”

Willow laughed and nodded. They said their goodbyes and Willow closed the door behind her friend.

She walked back to her bed and sat down onto it.

Soon she though about Oz again. She couldn’t really be mad at him, though she wanted to, but he hadn’t cheated on her with purpose. It just accidentally happened.

He just wasn’t himself when he was a werewolf.

If she could help him to control his lycanthropy then he could come back and they could try it again.

That was when it hit her. When she found a way to help him, he could come back to her.

She hurried to her wardrobe und began to search through the bottom. There she hid some books about magic she had taken from the school library before it exploded on graduation day. Of course Giles didn’t know about that. He would flip if he knew that she trained her magic secretly.

Finally she found the book she was searching for, a book about magical creatures.

She flipped through the pages and stopped as she saw an interesting spell.

“To obtain magical knowledge, not only about magical creatures, this spell is meant to help the person who is in search for answers.”

Well, that sounded pretty good. The spell under that paragraph was in Latin. She spoke some Latin, so she just understood a few words. It said something about old knowledge and about search.

She would have to try it. A little voice inside of her head, told her not to do it. It could be dangerous after all, but Willow ignored that voice.

Determined Willow took some candles out of her cupboard and closed it. Then she hurried to her door to lock it. She didn’t want her mother to come in, in the middle of a spell.

Willow lit the candles and knelt down on the floor. With a deep sigh she concentrated and began to chant:

(a/n: Sorry I don’t speak Latin so these are translations I found on the internet.)

“Devoco me ex locus, circum invenio responsio, vetus scientia!”

She could feel her magic energy rising in her chest, so she chanted it again.

“Deveco me ex locus, circum invenio responsio, vetus scientia!”

As soon as she finished the spell, everything around her became dark.


With a thud Willow hit something hard. She could hear the sound of glass breaking and her hand was in something warm. When she looked at it, she saw that she had her hand in a bowl of mashed potatoes. That confused her, why were there mashed potatoes in her room?

That was when she heard the voices, slowly she looked up and gasped. She was in a huge hall with hundreds of people in it, who all stared at her.

Willow felt her cheeks beginning to burn. As always when she was nervous or embarrassed she began to babble.

“Well it seems like something has gone terribly wrong with my spell. I mean, I never wanted to go to another place. But when I think about it, it is pretty logical, 'cause I wanted answers and maybe I can get them here. Oh, I have to call Buffy and Giles. He will be so mad at me for just doing a spell on my own…!”

She stopped when someone to her right chuckled and said:

“I think it would be the best if we go to my office and talk about everything. This isn’t the place nor the time to do it!”

Willow blushed deep red and smiled at the man with the long white beard and brown streaks in it.

“Yeah maybe.” The man helped her off of the table and they walked out of the hall. Willow was glad when they left the hall, finally out of view. She sighed.


“Well that was interesting…” Remus said looking at his friends.

“I wonder how she came here and who she is?” James answered rubbing the back of his head.

“She is pretty cute!” Sirius grinned and earned groans from his friends, they were used to it. Sirius was after every pretty girl.


“So you are telling me, that you are from another time and you have never heard of Hogwarts before?” Dumbledore summoned up what Willow had told him.

“That is right! And I messed up, 'cause Buffy is not even born yet and Giles…” she began to babble again, but was interrupted by Dumbledore.

“Are you talking about Rupert Giles?” he asked amused.

“Yes. Do you know him?” Willow asked surprised.

“He is a student of my school. He is in Ravenclaw.”

With an open mouth, gaping like a fish she stared at the Headmaster that had introduced himself as Dumbledore. Then she grew angry.

“Oh, that little sneaky British librarian. He didn’t tell me about this school though he knew, that I am witch. When I see him again, I will have a word with him.” She growled not really sure how to insult Giles.

That made Dumbledore chuckle again.

“Excuse me Miss Rosenberg, but can I ask you how old you are?”

“Sixteen, why?”

“Well I don’t really know a way to get you back into your time, so until I find one, you are welcome to join the students in their fifth year. Though you should be aware that there is a lot for you to catch up. So that you have no problems in the fifth year. If you are interested I would assign you a tutor to every subject until you learned everything you need to know.”

Willow's eyes grew wide. She could visit this school? Oh that was awesome! She really could learn how to control her magic. With a smile she realized that this was what she wanted all along.

“Of course I want. You will see that I catch up soon. I am a fast learner.”

“We will see about that, but before you can start your classes, you have to go to Diagon Alley to buy some things you need and then you have to be sorted.”

Dumbledore had shortly explained everything about the different houses though she wasn’t really sure what it meant, but she would see it for herself, soon enough.

One thing was still bothering her, though.

“But what do I tell the students when they ask me where I am from and how I just appeared in the hall?”

“Stick as close to the truth as possible. You shouldn’t tell them that you are from the future, that would cause too much confusion. But you can tell them that you messed up a spell and that brought you to the great hall.”

Willow nodded slowly and sighed.

“Now don’t make such a face. I will ask my groundskeeper Hagrid to accompany you to Diagon Alley to buy your school supplies.”

“But I don’t have any money.” Willow finally realized.

“Don’t worry about that. We will pay for everything.”

“Really?” Willow asked excited and Dumbledore nodded with a twinkle in his eyes.


Willow looked around, it was too much. She wished she had more eyes to see everything this Diagon Alley, as Dumbledore had called it, offered to her.

It was awesome, Buffy and Xander would love it. She sighed when she thought about her friends. They weren’t even born yet. She missed them so much, hopefully that headmaster found a way to get her back, though she wanted to stay a while to train her magic.

“First to Ollivander’s t’ buy your wand.” Hagrid, the giant beside her said.

Willow grinned like mad.

“A wand? You guys use a wand, that’s awesome.” Hagrid chuckled into the bangs of his beard.

The walked into a small, weird smelling shop, an old man smiled at her, his pale silvery eyes were staring right at her. A shiver ran down her spine, but she shook her head and stepped towards the man.

“Hello.” she tried to smile.

“Well Miss Rosenberg, you seem quite early if I am allowed to say that. I haven’t expected you until 2010.”

Willow stared at him, how did he know her and he had expected her?! That guy really was weird.

“Miss Rosenberg is here on Professor Dumbledore’s wish to receive her first wand.”

“Very well then. Hm… Miss Rosenberg you indeed need a very special wand. Let’s see.”

He searched through some of the thousand boxes that filled the small shop.

He took one and opened it to Willow.

“Ash 11’’ with dragon heartstring. Try it.”

Willow took the wand not sure what to do.

“You have to wag it.” Hagrid whispered smiling brightly at her. Willow shrugged and did as she been told. The boxes to her right exploded immediately. With shaking hands Willow put it back down and said:

“I am so sorry. I didn’t meant to destroy something.”

“It is okay my dear. But this certainly was not your wand. Well let's see…”

He disappeared into the back of the shop but Willow could hear him talking to himself.

When he appeared again he said:

“You are indeed a powerful witch with much potential. I hope you will use it wisely. This wand, I made decades ago and it never chose a witch nor a wizard, I wonder…”

Willow looked at the wand and Ollivander said:

“Willow 12’’ with the blood of a werewolf, rare to get.”

Willow gasped, that couldn’t be! Werewolf blood?! She immediately thought of Oz.

“Try it!” Ollivander said offering it to her.

With shaking hands Willow took it and felt a warm feeling raising in her chest. The wand began to glow bright red.

“Well it seems like after all those years it has found it’s witch. I just hope I will hear great things of you.”

Willow nodded still staring at her wand. It had chosen her?! But why?

Hagrid paid for the wand and the two of them left the store.

“He is weird.” Willow whispered and Hagrid chuckled again.

“Yes he is. But he is the best damn wand maker in the whole wizarding world.”

Willow nodded until Hagrid stopped in front of another shop.

“Madam Malkin’s robes for all occasions.” Willow read out loud.

“Jup, you will get your school robes there and Dumbledore said that you should buy a dress robe too.”

Willow nodded slowly not sure what to think about these robes.

But she followed Hagrid into the shop. A lumpy woman walked towards them and grinned.

“How can I help you two?”

“Well, Willow needs Hogwarts school uniforms and a dress robe.”

“Good my dear. Get on that pedestal in front of the mirror and I will take your size. What color do you want for your dress robe?”

“I don’t know…” Willow mumbled not sure what to say.

“Hm… You have so pretty red hair. I think green will look good on you and it will bring your eyes out.”

“Well green it is then.” Willow smiled gratefully at the older woman.

That was when the door of the shop opened and a small women stepped into the shop. Willow immediately had the feeling that she knew her, though she couldn’t say why.

“Can I help you?” Madam Malkin asked.

“No I don’t, I just….” She sighed deeply and looked at Willow.

She seemed confused, they really resembled each other.

“Do I know you?” The older woman finally asked.

Willow shook her head.

“I don’t think so, though I have the feeling that I know you.”

The woman began to smile and played with a strand of her hair, like Willow always did when she was nervous.

“That is why I came in, I walked past the store and saw you… and… I am sorry. My Name is Molly Weasley and yours?” That was the moment Hagrid stepped out of the shadows.

Molly smiled at him.

“Hagrid, it is nice to see you again.”

“Nice to see you too, how are Arthur and the little ones?”

“Working, a lot of work to do in the ministry, you know! And the children are just fine, though Bill cannot wait to go to Hogwarts soon.”

“Of course.” Hagrid said and Molly’s attention turned back to Willow.

She remembered the question and said:

“My Name is Willow, Willow Rosenberg.”

“And you are a Hogwarts student?”

“Yeah… somehow.” Molly looked confused at that, but didn’t asked more questions, for that Willow was grateful.

“Well it was nice meeting you, but I have to go now. Arthur will be home for lunch I don’t want to be late.” With that and a last look towards Willow she left the shop.

“Okay, Here are your robes.” Madame Malkin said and Willow took the bag from her. Hagrid paid and they began to buy all other things she needed, like her books, though Willow didn’t want to leave that shop. There was so much knowledge about the wizarding world and magic. She wanted to stay there and learn everything she could. After Hagrid dragged her out of the shop they bought a cauldron and other school supplies. When they had everything Willow needed, they walked past an owl shop.

“You are allowed to bring an owl, a cat or a frog to Hogwarts, you want one of these?”

“Oh my god. I would love to have an owl.” Excited Willow stepped into the shop, there were so much owls and she didn’t know which she wanted, so she walked down the corridors looking at the animals. Until one got her attention. The owl wasn’t white, nor brown, something in between. She had almost the same color as Buffy's hair.

“I want her!” Willow said pointing at her.

Satisfied she left the Shop with Buffy in her cage. Hagrid waited in front of the door.

“Oh she is a pretty one, how do you name her?”

“Buffy.” Willow said grinning.

“Why Buffy, I mean that is a pretty weird name.” Willow laughed and nodded.

“I know, but it is also the name of my best friend, and somehow I think of Buffy when I look at the owl, so I will call her Buffy!”


Willow had returned to Hogwarts and was dressed in her robes. Her remaining stuff was in Dumbledore’s office but it would be transferred to her room after the sorting ceremony.

She would be sorted before dinner and she was so nervous.

Now she stood in front of the great hall. A lot of people were already in there, she had to wait until everyone was there, then she would be sorted.

She broke out of her thoughts, when she heard a voice behind her.

“Oh, hey you are the girl that appeared out of the blue.” Willow turned around and saw a boy her age with unruly hair. He had brown eyes and wore round glasses.

“Yeah, that was me.”

“So you are going to Hogwarts now?” He asked looking at her robes.

“I will be sorted before dinner.” Willow confirmed his words.

“Oh cool. But can I ask you something?”

“Sure!” Willow said, though she wasn’t really sure what he would ask, or what she would answer.

“Where did you come from and why?”

“Well, to make a long story short. I used a spell to get some answers and it went wrong. I was transported here.”

“Oh, okay…” That was when two other students stepped beside him. One with longer messy black hair and one with brown hair that fell into his face.

“Ey James, you made a new friend?” the black haired boy grinned. Somehow Willow immediately disliked him. Though she couldn’t tell why.

“By the way. I am James and these are my friends Sirius and Remus.” Willow smiled, especially at Remus, because he appeared to be a nerd, just like herself.

“My Name is Willow…” she was interrupted when Professor McGonagall walked towards her.

“Miss Rosenberg, it is time!” Willow smiled one last time at the three boys and said:

“Wish me luck.” Then she follow McGonagall into the great hall.

She began to play with her hair while walking towards the podium where a small chair stood with an old hat on it.

Confused Willow looked at it and stopped when Professor McGonagall did it too.

That was the moment Dumbledore rose from his chair and said:

“My dear students, just one thing before you can eat your dinner. We will sort a new student today, her name is Willow Rosenberg und you may recognize her as the girl that appeared in the great hall yesterday.”

Willows eyes traveled over the students and her heart began to race.

“Now Miss Rosenberg have a seat.” Professor McGonagall said and mentioned for Willow to sit down. She did and the Professor put the old hat onto her head.

“Hm… A tough one…” she heard a little voice in her ear.

Willow was silent and listened to what the hat was saying.

“Well you are definitely a brave person that would be Gryffindor, but you are also eager for knowledge, you are a smart one too, that would be Ravenclaw. Hard to choose…. But I think it would be the best for you to be in….”

Love it hate it? Tell me…. Though I hope you all like it, cause I really like the beginning

Until then and don’t forget to review!!
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