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The Watcher's Daughter

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Summary: AU first season: Rupert and his daughter Willow Giles fly from England to Sunnydale to train the Slayer, Buffy. (Temporary Hiatus)

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Drama
BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Cast: Scooby Gang
pezgirlFR1368,0841434,99122 Jun 089 Jul 08No

Chapter 2

Willow walked up to the wardrobe and selected a pair of green jeans and a green long-sleeved shirt that had darker green patterns. She and her dad had already been in Sunnyhell for a week and although she had walked around outside she hadn’t met anyone interesting, unless you count a couple of vampires but she doubted that they would show her around the school.

Willow had knew that tonight, and every other night, would be warm even hot so the shirt she was wearing was of a very thin material and if you looked closely was almost see-through though it wasn’t obvious at all. You’d have to look pretty hard to tell that it was see-through.

She then grabbed some shoes while thinking about what her dad would say if he knew she was wearing the shirt; he’d probably polish his glasses, stammer slightly and give her a big, fat, black overcoat. She was daddy’s little girl and she was sure that he’d throttle any guy who came into contact with her expecting more than a PG-rated night.

Smiling, she brushed out her bright red hair and walked out the door after grabbing a wooden stake and putting it in her purse along with a bottle of holy water and a wooden cross. Her dad was out looking for the Slayer again, he hadn’t much success in the past week though that could be because the Slayer was settling into her new house with her mother.

As she walked to the Bronze she fingered her silver cross necklace feeling a twinge of sadness as she remembered her mom, she had died when Willow was little and she didn’t remember a lot about her. She remembered a woman with red hair exactly like her own and a pair of warm emerald-green eyes just like hers, she remembered vaguely coming into her parents’ bedroom- leaping up onto their bed and trying to read the newspaper they were reading. The memory faded after that.

Pushing the more-than-a-little sad feelings away she quickened her pace towards the night club, she didn’t feel like fighting any vampires at that moment.

She flashed her ID at the bouncer and headed inside the building, the music was loud and made the floor vibrate a little, or maybe that was the ton of feet bouncing around on the floors.

The redheaded witch shook her head in exasperation; this was great feeding ground for vampires, all that energy, the adrenaline, the excitement, the boiling blood rushing through their veins. Then there was the body heat, the club was like a beacon for vampires.

She sent out a stream of magic that probed every part of the club, she felt around magically for vampires or anything supernatural. No vampires.

She pulled back her magic and started exploring the club curiously, pushing her way through the crowds of teenagers; finally she ended up at a table which was empty except for two boys chatting animatedly to each other.

“Look Jess, there’s no way that Super Girl could beat Cat Woman,” one of the dark-haired boys was saying to the other. “She’d wipe the floor with Super Girl!”

Jesse shook his head, “No, no, no, there’s no way that Super Girl would-

The other boy rolled his eyes, “You’re just saying that ‘cause you have a crush on her!”

Jesse’s face went red with embarrassment, “That’s got nothing to do with it, Xander!”

“Yeah, yeah,” taunted Xander smirking at his buddy.

Jesse caught sight of her and smiled, “Hey!” he waved smiling goofily. “I haven’t seen you around here.”

Jesse looked at the redhead, she was pretty and looked friendly as she smiled at them; he waved her over to them. She walked over to their table and sat down; then she said, “I moved here a week ago with my dad.”

Xander grinned, “Oooh, British accent!” he smiled wider as her lips quirked up into a smile. “I like British girls.”

Jesse snorted, “Xander, you’ve never met British girls!” His friend could be such a dope sometimes…actually, most of the time.

The young man flushed with embarrassment and gave him a look, “Oh yeah,” then he cocked his head slightly looking sarcastic, “Shut up.”

Jesse rolled his hazel eyes at the boy and then looked at the girl, “He isn’t scaring you, is he?” He wondered what her name was.

Xander looked indignant and said, “Hey!” Jesse just smirked at him.

Willow shook her head still smiling at the boys’ antics, “No, I’ve seen crazier… people.” Then she added as an afterthought, “My name’s Willow Giles.”

Jesse smiled, she had a pretty name. He shook his head slightly willing that thought to go away and introduced himself, “I’m Jesse McNally,” he pointed to his friend. “This goofball is Xander Ha…Calendar.”

Willow noticed that Xander’s last name didn’t roll of his tongue in the way that ‘McNally’ had. She’d think about that later.

“Are you in Sunnydale High school?” she asked hopefully. These guys looked interesting, fun and friendly; maybe they’d show her around school.

The boys nodded, “Sophomore.” Jesse stated and then looked at her questioningly.

She caught the look and said, “We’re in the same year, then.”

“Looks like,” nodded Xander then he looked surprised, “Whoa, did you say that you’re last name was ‘Giles’?”

Willow nodded curiously, “Yeah.”

Xander grinned, “You’re dad is the new librarian for Sunnydale High!” Jesse gave him a strange look.

“How can you know that?” asked Jesse looking surprised.

Xander gave him a ‘Duh!’ look and explained, “Mom’s the computer teacher at High school.”

Jesse looked sheepish, “Oh yeah, I forgot.” Jenny Calendar was Xander’s adoptive mother; because of her the boy hadn’t had to put into a ton of foster homes after he was taken away from his parents Tony and Jessica Harris.

Those events leading up to Xander being taken from them had been hell, he could still remember what had happened even after it had been nine years since then.

Xander and Jesse didn’t talk about it a lot but they were both glad that Mr. and Mrs. Harris were behind bars where they belonged.

Willow and Xander were looking at him, he tried to stop himself from blushing as he realized that he’d just zoned out. “Uh, what?”

“I was just saying that I was surprised that both of us have parent’s working at the school, that’s all,” explained Willow.

Jesse berated himself for looking like an idiot in front of her, then he said, “Oh.” Then he continued. “Well, I’m…surprised too.”

Well done, Jesse cringed slightly as the voice in the back of his head clapped slowly and sarcastically at him.

The girl just turned back to Xander and asked, “Do you know where I can get a drink?”

Xander jumped off the stool he was sitting on and mock-bowed, “I will take you there, milady.”

The redhead smiled and said, “Thank you, kind sir!”

Xander turned to Jesse who looked like he was telling himself off, “Jess, we’ll be back in a minute.”

Jesse nodded distractedly and continued frowning slightly.

Willow and Xander walked off talking animatedly to each other, pushing through the crowds of teenagers to get to the counter.

She was glad that she’d found these two to show her around school, she didn’t know what the others were like.
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