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The Watcher's Daughter

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Summary: AU first season: Rupert and his daughter Willow Giles fly from England to Sunnydale to train the Slayer, Buffy. (Temporary Hiatus)

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Drama
BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Cast: Scooby Gang
pezgirlFR1368,0841434,99122 Jun 089 Jul 08No

Chapter One

AU Buffy: first season

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything

Chapter one

Willow cringed as the heavy suitcase she was carrying banged her on the knee painfully, she rolled her eyes and growled irritably; she was usually very mild-tempered but the Jet-Lag made her temper less than mild. The headache that she could feel behind her eyes wasn’t helping much either.

A man suddenly crashed into her and made her dropped her ‘case; her head throbbed and her temper spiked up, she was about to glare at the man who hadn’t even noticed what he’d done when her father put an arm around her shoulders; she felt herself relax immediately but she still felt angry.

“Willow, you know you shouldn’t focus any negative emotions on people while you’re upset,” reprimanded her father firmly. “Look what happened to Rhiannon last year.”

Willow looked a little ashamed and ran a hand through her short red hair; she glanced up at her dad and met his greenish-blue eyes which were behind glasses. “Sorry dad.”

The brown-haired man smiled at his daughter warmly before giving Willow back her ‘case, he had two ‘cases himself and wished that the airport was less crowded; especially as his daughter wasn’t at her best at that moment. The last time she had gotten angry, which seldom ever happened, she had sent a coven member flying through the air and into some bushes by accident.

The very same coven had been teaching Willow about magic and the power that she possessed, the power that she had tapped into and also the power that she hadn’t yet.

She had been a witch since she was five, she had the power in her since she was conceived but the Watchers’ Council had decided that letting her access the power inside her before she knew right from wrong would have disastrous consequences.

Technically she shouldn’t have started using her magic until she started Secondary School which was in England near to where she and her father lived.
She had been a little older than the students in her year because of her intelligence. Most kids that started in Secondary School were ten to eleven years old she had been a year younger than everyone there.

American schooling was probably a little different though so she was staying with her own age-group: students age sixteen.

The year that she was in was sophomore…what a weird name. If she’d stayed in England she’d be in College by now.

But the fight against the forces or darkness was a lot more important; she had been raised to believe that, and with a Watcher for a father and a witch for a mother she had taken up the fight with enthusiasm and a little caution.

The reason why she had been using magic since the age of five was because they had been given little choice in the matter, a particularly nasty demon named Kadin had gained his own power by kidnapping magic-users and using a ritual to drain them of their power core.
The ritual rarely ever killed the victim but the loss of magic had ghastly physiological effects on them; worse case scenario the victim slowly went insane, best case scenario they became very depressed and withdrawn; they also had a deep feeling of emptiness.

Kadin also had the ability to sense untapped power; he came after his daughter and tried to kidnap her, they had barely managed to get her away from the man. The cost had been dear. Several of the coven members had been either critically injured or killed, one of the casualties had been his wife- Willow’s mother.

Willow’s mother, Danielle, had been an extremely powerful woman who had managed to open a portal to another dimension but the opening had only managed to stay open for a minute or two which was barely enough time to send Kadin through. But it worked; the consequence was that Danielle hadn’t recovered.

Kadin’s attack had already been close to killing her but she had used up her energy to send him away for good to a hell dimension where he would find very difficult to survive in.

Danielle had been protecting her daughter and before she had fought the warlock she had shielded her daughter’s presence by making her invisible to not only his eyes but also to his magical senses. Fearing that her daughter would try to help her she had, guiltily, bound her physically with magic.

He had found his wife sprawled on the grass, blood coming from her nose, mouth and ears. She had managed to tell him where Willow was before going limp in his arms; swallowing back his grief and shock he’d unbound his daughter who was several feet away from her mother; tears streaming down her cheeks she had hugged her dad.

With the next few years filled with counseling they’d managed to deal with what had happened to them and what they’d witnessed; they had helped each other through it.

During the warlock’s attack Willow had accessed her magic and had been close to unbinding herself, after that the Watchers’ Council had stated that it would be impossible for the five-year-old to squash her power down until she was older; she would eventually use the power with or without their knowledge, it would be in everyone’s best interest to start the training. Not just magical training but also the physical kind; a lot of witches control depends on their physical fitness, breathing control and how much control they have over their bodies.

As Willow and her father walked out of the Airport they felt the rush of hot American air and felt the blazing sun on their skin; the younger of the two winced as the sun shined in her eyes brightly making her head ache even more than it already was.

She jumped slightly as she felt something cover the crown of her head; she looked at her dad who was smiling after putting a sun hat on her head. She smiled slightly at him and looked around.

The streets were alive with people running around, cars and busses driving by and people on holiday or on business here like they were. Her dad pulled out a letter and read it quickly, then he looked around distractedly and handed her the letter.

He muttered something about the ‘dreadfully sunny weather’ and put his bags down relieving himself of the weight.

Willow, feeling bored, looked at the letter to skim-read…

Mr Rupert Giles

The plane taking you and your daughter to North America, California in the USA will embark at four in the afternoon on Saturday 12th July.

There will also be a car to take you and Miss Giles to your new house in the afternoon of the 13th,

Your job as librarian starts in September, the position has already been secured for you. Your daughter has been accepted in Sunnydale High School and will be entering as a student on the 8th September at 9:00am on Monday.

Mr Giles, your primary goal there is to locate and teach the new Slayer.

The Council of Watchers’

Quentin Travers
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