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Key to the Covenant

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Summary: After the fall of Sunnydale, Dawn decides that graduating from a premiere prep school on the east coast might be fun. The Sons of Ipswich may never be the same. Dawn/Multi, Het

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Comes the Dawn

I don't own the Covenant, more's the pity. I also don't own Dawn or any other BtVS character that may appear herein. This was partially inspired by Alcharma's Matching the Covenant, except I don't particularly like Buffy so I'm using Dawn instead. Dawn will be influenced by HumbugGirl's Ipswich Hunt and dragonfan's Dawn Winchester series because I really like those Dawns.

Set post-series for Buffy, during and after the movie for the Covenant. Dawn and Tyler have just turned 17, Reid is about 6 months older, Pogue is 4 months older than Reid and Caleb is only a month older than Pogue. This will have Dawn paired with all four boys with their knowledge eventually.

EDIT: The last line was a little confrontational so I fixed it.

EDIT THE 2ND: Changed the timeframe forward a couple years.

Dawn pushed the door open to her new room at Spenser Academy, dropped her duffel bag to the floor and sat on the foot of the bed. She was still pissed at being sent here, but she could understand it. The kidnapping by Harmony of all ditzes, again, was apparently the last straw. Everything and its spawn wants to kidnap the Slayer's sister, so send her somewhere where no one knows she's the Slayer's sister.

She got up and started to unpack when her phone rang. "Hello? Yes, I got here fine," she rolled her eyes, "Thank Giles for getting me a single, would you? How're Willow and Xander? Give them hugs from me next time you talk to them. Yeah, talk to you later. Bye." She hung up the phone and dropped it on the bed.

Her unpacking was interrupted again by a knock on the open doorframe. A girl with long dark hair was standing there with a blonde. "I'm Kate Tunney, this is Sarah Wenham. We're across the hall."

"Dawn Summers."

Dawn shook hands with Kate and Sarah before returning to her unpacking. The silence stretched for a moment before Kate broke it saying, "There's a party down at the Dells tonight. Kind of a last hurrah before school starts, you know? Do you want to come with us?"



"Okay, the first thing you need to know is that Aaron Abbot is a prick. He treats girls like dirt."

Dawn looked where she was pointing and saw the mildly attractive brunette in the letterman jacket and made a mental note, "Good to know."

Sarah noticed a cute dark-haired guy watching them and asked Kate, "Who is he?"

"The new guy. Don't know much about him, but I intend to find out." She looked toward the cliffs and noticed four boys walking toward the party. "There they are," Kate motioned to the four boys walking over the hill, spookily back-lit.

Sarah and Dawn both asked, "Who are they?"

Kate grinned and answered, "The Sons of Ipswich."

Dawn raised an eyebrow as the boys walked up and Kate grabbed the long-haired one and staked her claim. When the kiss reached ten seconds and Sarah was just exchanging dopey smiles with the tall brunette, she grabbed the bull by the horns and extended her hand to the shorter brunette, "Dawn Summers. And this is Sarah Wenham."

He looked startled for a minute then shook her hand and smiled charmingly, "Tyler Sims. This is Caleb Danvers, Reid Garwin, and Pogue Parry is the one attached to Kate at the lips."

Dawn waved and smiled as she was pushed out of the way by a girl wearing a fur collared jacket.

Tyler steadied her as the girl stepped between Caleb and Sarah and said, "Hi, Caleb."


"How was your summer?"

Caleb didn't take his eyes off Sarah but responded, "Uhh..."

She turned around and spoke to Sarah, "I'm Kira."


"Oh, right, from the Boston Public. Tell me, how does one go about getting into Spenser from a Public?"

Dawn had had enough, "Tell me, how does one go about getting those bitch lessons? Or is that just a natural talent?"

"Excuse me?"

"You're excused, see ya."

Everyone laughed and Aaron Abbot got in Caleb's face and asked, "What are you laughing at?"

Caleb sighed and answered, "I don't want any trouble."

"I bet you don't."

One of Aaron's flunkies chimed in, "These poseurs make me wanna puke."

Reid took offense to that, "Is that right, Bordy?"

Caleb held Reid back and got shoved by Aaron while he was distracted. The new guy stepped in to stop the fight and looked at Dawn saying, "It was a pretty good shot."

Reid used the new guy's interference as cover to use his Power to make Bordy puke all over Aaron's back. Dawn shivered and rubbed her arms which had sprouted goosebumps, then looked from the puking boy to the Sons and back consideringly.

Her considering was interrupted when a guy by the DJ saying, "Uh, guys, dude just called. Said he saw three cop cars heading this way on Old Dell Road."

The party-goers scattered with the Sons, Kate, Sarah, Dawn, and the new guy all going the same way through the trees.

Caleb thoughtfully asked, "You need a lift?"

Dawn answered from beside Tyler, "I'll take one if you're going back to the dorms," at the same time as Kate answered, "No, Sarah drove us."

Tyler smiled at Dawn and nodded, "We're going back to the dorms."

Pogue leaned toward Kate and asked, "Meet you at the dorms?"

Kate responded, "I think I'm just going to crash. Call me tomorrow?"

He nodded as the new guy caught up and said, "I could use a lift."

Kate looked back at him and responded, "No problem."

Caleb introduced himself, "Nice going back there. Caleb," then offered his hand.

The new guy shook his hand and answered, "Chase. Yeah, I thought me and that guy were about to go at it. His friend's puking sure came at an opportune time."

Reid slapped Tyler on the back and agreed, "Didn't it though."

Dawn smirked at Reid from the other side of Tyler, "I wonder if Aaron will be able to get the smell out of his hair."


When they got to the cars, Dawn climbed into the middle of Tyler's SUV between Caleb and Pogue while Kate, Sarah, and Chase got into her car which was parked next to it.

Sarah opened her door and called out, "My car won't start."

Reid offered, "Come climb in with us."

Sarah looked at him and said, "I can't just leave it here."

Reid gave a wicked smirk and opened his door, "I can fix it."

Caleb leaned forward and tried to stop him, "Reid!"

Dawn looked at Caleb confusedly and ducked toward Pogue as Caleb lunged forward trying to stop Reid.

Reid's smirk widened and he said, "It'll just take a second."

Reid lifted the hood of Sarah's car and used the cover to let his eyes flare and use his Power to fix the car. As Caleb felt Reid Use, he noticed Dawn jump and shiver, then start rubbing at the goosebumps on her arms. Reid put the hood down and told Sarah, "Try it again!"

She turned the key and it started right up. She called out, "Thank you!" closed the door, and drove away.

Reid ran around to the driver's side of Tyler's SUV and told him, "Scoot over!"

"It's my car!"

Pogue laughed, "Move over, baby boy!"

Dawn, meanwhile, was watching Reid wide-eyed and when Caleb noticed, he asked her "What?"

She answered, "Didn't you guys feel that?" without taking her eyes off Reid's in the rearview mirror.


Thank you for reading! I've never written het before, but I'll do my best.

Now for the informal poll:

What should happen to Kate and Sarah? The point of this story is to have Dawn with all four boys, so I have to do away with the extraneous girls somehow. I am now accepting suggestions.
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