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A.L.H. Quartermain

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Summary: YAHF - One Shot. Xander dresses as a historical figure who is also a relative.

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Comics > League of Extraordinary GentlemenLianwaFR1311,26810235,43723 Jun 0823 Jun 08Yes

Authors Note:

I have no idea where this bunny came from but it would not leave me

alone. If anyone wants to take part of this then feel free. Just let

me know so I can read it.

I don't own Quartermain or any of the Buffy characters.

Xander huffed in irritation as a little kid grabbed the last

automatic weapon from the bargain bin in the costume shop.

"Great, now what am I going to do now."

Xander dug through the bits in pieces in the bin slowly pushing

things to the sides until he found something buried under the rest of

the assorted crap.

"A bolt action rifle, it's metal even, and hey it has moving parts."

All of a sudden the creepy store owner materialized next to Xander.

"Ah yes, a good find there lad, that was a reproduction piece used in

a movie that was half finished shooting when one of the main

characters died. A pity that was the only part of the costume I got

in my last shipment. Do you have a costume it would go well with?"

"Yes sir, my grandfather has spent most of his life in Africa and

this is the sort of weapon he favors. He also left some of his

clothes behind to make room for souvenirs. I'll just wear some of his

bush clothes and the hat he gave me."


"Yup, should make a decent costume to go as Quartermain on safari.

Snyder wanted us to go as a historical figure, this'll work as well

as a Medal of Honor winner. That's what the soldier costume would

have been."

Ethan completely ignored the last part of Xander's statement, "Did

you say Quartemain? The Quartermain? "

"Yuppers, my parents might not be much but my grandparents are

something to be proud of."

"I guess so lad, wait here a moment while I take this in back and get

the price tag off for you."

Ethan all but ran to the back of the store to up the power of the

spell on the rifle while Xander looked confused.

"But it doesn't have a price sticker on it; it was in the bargain


-----scene break-----

A month had passed since Xander had dressed as his grandfather for

Halloween. He now understood why his Grandfather would get to certain

points in his bed time stories and pause a minute before skipping

over some of the things that had happened, the man had seen some

truly horrific things in his life and knew more about demons in the

guise of men that he had ever wanted to.

Vampires were just the tip of the iceberg as far as monsters in

Africa were concerned. Many villages revered Quartermain as the man

Africa wouldn't let die. The fact that he still tried to help out the

various villages with their demon problems made him very popular and

he was considered a holy man. Which explained why Spike had exploded

after drinking from Xander on Halloween. Of course the fact that the

spell had already ended when this happened had made Xander more than

a little nervous. Xander had been relieved to hear from his

grandfather two weeks later when the man had reached enough

civilization to get a working phone he could use.

Xander was down right thrilled to find out his grandfather was coming

to visit. Mr. Quartermain remembered all of the details of the night

that had had Xander riding shotgun in his own body. He was not

pleased with Ethan Rayne in any way shape or form and fully intended

to track him down and "chat" with him at length.

-----scene break-----

"Your too young to drink in here kid, Slayer's friend or not."

"I'm not drinking here Willy, I'm just getting my grandfather for

dinner. Mom made a roast and she'd like him to join us."

"What are you on kid? There's no humans in here tonight unless you

count the one in the corner and that's kind of iffy all things


Xander looked over and saw his grandfather sipping whiskey and

looking through a journal, the rest of the bar was giving him nervous

looks and staying away from him. Xander was pretty sure the reason

for this involved the fresh bullet holes he could see in the walls

that were ringed with dust and slime.

"Yup that's him."

"Oh shit."

The demons in the room who had overheard were now looking at Xander

with a new kind of respect, being the friend of a slayer was unusual

but being related to this living legend was different. Slayer's were

fairly common and had a notoriously short lifespan, the fact that

this human had broken a major prophecy had given him a small amount

of notoriety but possibly his relation to the man who won't die was

part of the reason instead of it just being a fluke. The fact that

Quartermain was known to leave the peaceful demons alone or even help

them if the situation warranted deserved a nod as well. Maybe this

one wouldn't try to kill everything that didn't look human like most

other hunters.

-----scene break-----

Four years had passed and Xander had finally had it with the self-

important slayer and his former best friend. If it wasn't for the

mystical knowledge that Xander had used to create protections on his

home and person, then Xander would have become nothing but a

glorified gofer for the slayer by now. It seemed like Willow was

trying to layer new spells on him every week or so. Fortunately he'd

set up a decoy that absorbed all of the spells aimed at him, it also

noted in a journal when the spell was cast, what it would do, and the

name of the caster. The original idea had been to avoid mind control

spells cast by demons. He had been disappointed to find out four-

fifths of the harmful magics he encountered originated from Willow.

Xander was grateful that he'd been allowed to learn from the village

shamans while spending summers with his grandfather. The knowledge

he'd earned had saved his life more than once.

Xander had been working construction to stay occupied during the days

and to keep the girls from wondering where he was getting money. They

did NOT need to know about his trust fund. Cordelia knew and thought

it was funny as hell, she kept quiet in exchange for a pair of shoes

and a nice lunch out once a month. Plus the skills he learned would

always be useful.

Anyanka had been scared out of her mind once she realized just who it

was she had propositioned. She had originally been upset when Xander

declined her gracious offer. Xander calmly explained that in the

memories he had access too every woman who'd started a relationship

that way had eventually tried to kill her partner, if she tried to

kill him he'd be forced to defend himself, then he asked if she was

suicidal? Anya decided she wanted to live and Sunnydale wasn't the

best place for that. She'd finally left after the second time

something she was used to ignoring as a minor irritant almost killed

her, no one had heard from her since.

Now it was time for Xander to leave as well. Jessie was gone,

Cordelia was gone to L.A., Willow was lost in her magicks, Buffy was

a bitch, even his parents had left town.

There was no longer anything keeping him in Sunnydale, Africa was

calling and it was time to go home.

The End

You have reached the end of "A.L.H. Quartermain". This story is complete.

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