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What Now?

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Summary: What would happen if Buffy wasn't revived after she died at the hands of the Master? Eventual slash pairing, not sure how explicit it's going to be.

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterDirectorLadyFR1535,353054,49324 Jun 083 Jan 09No

SSH! We're Hunting Masters!

SSH! We're hunting Masters!

Required Disclaimer: I am not Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon, Fran Rubel-Kuzui, Kaz Kuzui, or anyone else that has any rights to Buffy. If I was, this probably would be canon. If someone sues me, they will get my laptop, my puppy, and a box of Twinkies.

Giving Credit Where It's Due: The premise for this came from a oneshot by 3dmaster on the XanderZone Archive called Chosen to Destroy.

Summary: The premise for this story is simple: What if Buffy stayed dead in the Master's cave?

Warning: Character death in this chapter but nothing graphic. Slight profanity and violence.

“What do you want?” Angel said exasperatedly as Xander pushed past him into the apartment.

Xander turned to face him. “Buffy went to face the Master alone because of you and Giles, so you’re taking me to him so I can help her.”

“It’s a prophecy, boy. There’s nothing anyone can do.”

“I don’t care about prophecy, I care about Buffy. I thought you did too. Let’s go.” Xander motioned toward the door.

“If I take you down there, we’re both going to die.”

Xander brought a shotgun around from where it was slung across his back and pointed it at Angel’s face. “Pretty please with buckshot on top?”


They had been in the sewers for 20 minutes when Angel said, “You could have helped out with that demon.”

“The Scourge of Europe needs help with one little demon?”

“I’m not Angelus anymore,” Angel snapped. Then, “I’m just saying, it would have been faster if you would have just shot it.”

“It also would have told everything in the sewer that we were coming.”

Angel didn’t have any response for that as he turned the corner ahead of Xander and was grabbed by the throat then slammed against the wall.

“Angelus!” the Master grinned gruesomely. “I see that the Slayer’s death has returned your testicular fortitude," Angel gasped around the grip the Master had on his throat, "Nothing to say in your defense? Pity. I suppose--”

The Master was so focused on taunting Angel that Xander was able to slip behind him and blow his head off with the shotgun.

“Actually, no, it didn’t. It still took a shotgun to get him down here.” Xander paused as they started running toward the Master’s lair. “You know, that’s a lot more fun when the bad guys are still alive to react.”


They reached the Master’s lair and found Buffy lying on the ground, dead. No CPR would save her. They were too late. Xander picked her up and told Angel, “Take me back to the surface.”

They were silent until they got to the library when Xander told Angel, "I don't want to see you in my town again. If you had stopped trying to make her fall in love with you and started trying to help her, she might still be alive. You can stay until after her funeral, if you feel you have to, but then I want you gone or I'll dust your cryptic, pedophile ass myself."

Angel blinked and nodded in response then disappeared into the shadows.


If you think this chapter looks familiar, it should be. New chapters start next time. This rewrite is in response to my recent affection for Dawn and wanting to see her included in this story. In this story she is really Joyce and Hank's daughter, whether she has the Key stuck into her later remains to be seen. Stay tuned, beloved readers!
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