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Was it Something I Said?

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Summary: Continuation of 'Say Your Right Words' How will the Wizardry world react to a Harry Potter that has been raised by the White Knight and the Goblin King?

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other
Movies > Labyrinth > Xander-Centered
SioFR1543,689510027,95824 Jun 0827 Jul 10No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Part 1b/?

Disclaimer: See part one

Warning: slash, not beta’d FLASHBACK CHAPTER!

Rating: FR13

Author: Sio

A/N: Enjoy


PART 1B Flashback

Xander searched frantically for his little princling, where in the Underground had that child gotten to? One minute Harry had been in the throne room happily dancing around, when a loud bang of a falling goblin dressed in armour had startled him. The next second Harry had disappeared right before Xander’s eyes with a loud pop. Xander had called for Jareth urgently, when the King arrived it was to one completely worried and agitated husband who babbled about Harry’s disappearance.

“What if someone’s kidnapped him? What if he’s hurt? I’m the worst parent in the history of the universe.” declared Xander wailing in panic.

“Calm down Xander, We will find him.” Jareth had assured his husband before organizing his army into a giant search party for the little boy.

Xander, who was not about to leave his little boy’s fate in the hands of beings that were barely a meter tall, most with an attention span shorter that a two year olds, started his own search. He went to all Harry’s favourite places in case Harry had not been kidnapped but had in fact somehow zapped himself away from the loud noise. Xander after two hours of desperate searching found Harry sleeping cradled gently in Ludo’s arms. Xander had never been so relieved in all his life. Xander had thanked the large gentle creature profusely, as he took his baby into his own arms. Harry’s head resting against his shoulder, never once waking as he settled into his Dad’s arms.

Once Xander returned to the castle the search was called off, Jareth scooped up both Xander and the still sleeping Harry into his powerful arms and barricaded them all into the bedroom he and his husband shared, for some very necessary family bonding time. The three of them snuggled down into the huge bed. Jareth and Xander shared a comforting kiss over Harry’s head assuring themselves that everything was alright and as it was meant to be.


Once Harry got a hang of what Xander called his Zappy power there was no stopping him, he got into all sorts of trouble exploring every part of the kingdom. Then came the other accidental magics, such as every one walking on the ceiling in one room of the palace and swimming through the next. Jareth decided it was time for a fey tutor since his son was obviously an early bloomer and had a lot of potential for mischief if left unschooled.

End Flashback


A/N: My internet is still giving my trouble. Grrrrrrrr.
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