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Was it Something I Said?

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Summary: Continuation of 'Say Your Right Words' How will the Wizardry world react to a Harry Potter that has been raised by the White Knight and the Goblin King?

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other
Movies > Labyrinth > Xander-Centered
SioFR1543,689510027,94224 Jun 0827 Jul 10No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Part Three

Title: Was It Something I Said?

Disclaimer: See part one

Author: Sio

Rating: FR:18

Warning: This chapter contains badly written m/m sex. *face palm*

A/n: I could have sworn I posted this…I guess not….enjoy



“So It’s true then? What they’re saying? Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts.” Drawled a blonde boy, with a smirk. “Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.” Behind Harry Ron snickered. Harry looked at Ron, what was so funny? Draco didn’t get the joke either. “No need to ask your name, hand me down robes--” Harry interrupted before the slurs could fly.

“Still, it’s only polite to ask.” said Harry with a raised eyebrow. Draco had the grace to blush, and Ron looked down at his tattered shoes, surprised that Harry had stood up for him. The professor ushered them into the great hall. Harry couldn’t help but smile when he spotted his parents at the head table. His dad looked nervous on his behalf while his father was very much a king on his throne. Harry smiled at his parents and waited for the sorting to start, he could hardly wait.


Xander sat beside Jareth who was sitting to the right of Dumbledore, he tried not to fidget under the looks some of the students were throwing his way. Or maybe they were staring at Jareth, who was rather good looking hunk of fey. Yup, Xander was a lucky man. Jareth caught his adoring look from the corner of his eye and smiled at his husband, taking his hand and giving it a comforting squeeze.

The large doors opened and a stampede of young children entered the room. Xander’s eyes searched for his son of their own volition. As if Harry felt his Dad’s eyes he looked up and smiled wide and excited. The children where being called up and sorted one by one. A blonde boy named Draco was called up, Xander wondered if there was any relation to Spike.

The hat shouted out Slytherin without even touching the boy’s head. Several more students were called up and sorted, then it was Harry’s turn. Harry sat on the stool and the hat was placed on his head. Then the waited for the hat to shout out the house, and waited, and waited. After what seemed like forever the Hat yelled out Slytherin. A hush fell over the crowd and no one clapped, Xander frowned at the student body. Finally the Slytherin table started clapping.


Harry turned to look at his parents and shrugged, these wizards were weird. He made his way over to the Slytherin table feeling all the eyes in the room burning into his back. Harry sat beside Draco and raised his eyebrow at everyone, meeting the gaze of his observers unflinchingly. Finally the next child was called and sorted. Ron Weasley was also surprised by his own sorting, being the first Ravenclaw in his family for seven generations maybe he wouldn‘t be in his brothers shadows after all. Harry clapped happily for Ron, gathering some gazes from the Slytherin. Harry shrugged, like he cared what they thought, in two hundred years they’d be dust and he’s still be kicking around creating mischief, fun, taking children and turning them into goblins. Mwahaha!

When the meal was over and the first years followed the prefects down into the dungeon, where their head of house was waiting for them. Severus looked over his new charges with a serious face. It was a pity to Severus’s mind that these innocent faces starring up at him would soon be hardened to the world. Green eye’s stood out among the rest of the new baby snakes, they gleamed with mischief and Severus groaned inwardly at having James Potter’s son in his house. Still there was one ray of hope; the boy would have to be very different from his father to get into Slytherin. Severus began is usual start of the year speech, and then sent the students off to bed.


In their quarters given to them by the headmaster, Xander paced the length of the living room. What if Harry missed them? Had a nightmare? What if the other kids were mean to him because he had two fathers? Jareth didn’t seem at all concerned. Xander forcefully reminded himself that Harry was far more advanced than his year-mates, more advanced than most of the fifth years, he could wipe the floor with them.

Jareth watched his agitated husband from his reclined position on their bed and sighed mentally. With a flex of mental power Xander was wrapped in silk scarves that were slowing undressing him, teasing him with smooth touches.

“Jareth” Groaned Xander, this pleasant torture taking his mind off his concerns for his son.

“Xander, I’m feeling rather neglected.” pouted Jareth drawing his now naked husband closer, near enough to share body heat but not close enough to touch.

“Tease.” accused Xander making Jareth grin. Xander flexed his fledgling power, he was no match for Jareth in any real sense but he could still vanish the scarves that bound him. The scarves dropped away and dissolved. Xander pushed his husband down on to the bed, before the fey could bounce twice from the force of the push, Xander was on him kissing the available skin.

It was Jareth’s turn to make noises as Xander’s talented finger’s robbed him of his clothes and tickled the newly revealed skin. Finally they were both equally naked and very much aroused. Jareth nipped at Xander’s throat and shoulder making the younger man thrust against him in retaliation.

“Xan- I want you” Said Jareth breathlessly. Xander smiled down into mismatched eyes his love for the now desperate fey shining through the lust that was also present.

“Your wish is my command, my King.” Replied Xander snaking down Jareth’s body leaving love bites and kisses in his wake. Jareth groaned loudly as Xander’s teeth connected with the fey’s inner thigh, drawing a few droplets of blood. Xander savored the taste as he materialized a jar of scented lubricant.

Several seconds later an increasingly desperate Goblin King moaned as his husband slowly and thoroughly prepared him, teased him, tortured him, pleased him, with two fingers then three, by way of readying him for a larger invasion. Finally his husbands thick length slid inside him, the friction driving both of them wild.

After a short pause, to make sure that Jareth was ready to proceed, which of course he was, Xander withdrew stopping just before he completely left his partners body then he thrust in again. The angle was perfect, Xander hit the magic spot within Jareth, and the fey bucked, his body almost completely leaving the bed. Jareth demanded harder and faster, which Xander gave to the inflamed fey.

There bodies moved together in a dance of pleasure that spiraled higher and higher. Finally after what seemed like an eternity of suspended pleasure they both came, Xander spilling his essence deep within his husband and Jareth’s own spurting out between their heated bodies. They lay together stated, happy, sleepy, but above all…sticky.



A/N: Point out any glaring mistakes and I’ll fix’em. Some suggests on what should happen next would be welcome, I’ve been have trouble writing the next chapter of this fic.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Was it Something I Said?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Jul 10.

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