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Was it Something I Said?

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Summary: Continuation of 'Say Your Right Words' How will the Wizardry world react to a Harry Potter that has been raised by the White Knight and the Goblin King?

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SioFR1543,689510028,04024 Jun 0827 Jul 10No

Part 1/?

Was it Something I Said?

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, The Labyrinth, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I am not making any money off this fanfic, please don’t sue me…I am a student and poor.

Rating: hmm lets say FR15 on average, higher rated chapters will of course be marked as such.

Warning: SLASH!!!!!!!!!! Not beta’d

Author: Sio

Summary: How will Hogwarts and the Wizardry world handle a Harry Potter that has been raise by Xander Harris and the Goblin King Jareth?

A/N: Enjoy!


Part 1/?

When Harry’s acceptance letter arrived from Hogwarts Jareth was not surprised. His son was astoundingly powerful, magically speaking, and even more so since the adoption ceremony that had turned the boy into a member of the fey race. Xander had been adamant on the matter of fully adopting Harry when he had heard how the young boy had become an orphan, the true story of what had happened, not the fable his pig of an uncle had concocted to diminish the memory of the boy’s biological parents. Xander didn’t want the wizardry world to have any power over the boy’s future.

It was obvious that the judgement of the wizard in power was suspect, leaving a child in an abusive house when he was supposedly the magical worlds salvation from the dark. It made Xander grind his teeth in anger. Now that Harry was Fey he no longer had to follow the laws of the Ministry of Magic, in fact he had diplomatic immunity. Not only that but it was not a good idea too anger the heir to Gringotts bank (where every wizard kept ALL their gold) and the someday king of the Goblin Kingdom. Goblins and Wizards had many wars in the past, too many to count, for some reason the wizards kept forgetting the power of the Goblin nation, go figure.

Jareth and Xander were very much surprised to find job offers for the both of them included in Harry’s letter. Xander was invited to take up the Muggle studies teaching position that had just been created to help the pureblood students blend into the Muggle world. Jareth was asked to be a guest lecturer on the Great Goblin Wars of the past millennia. Xander was of a split mind, he didn’t want Harry alone in that world, but he also wanted Harry to have some independence and friends his own age. In the end Xander decided that it would be a good idea for Harry’s first year, to have familiar faces in a foreign environment. Not to mention the bad feeling that Xander was having in the pit of his stomach.

Jareth was worried that Hogwarts curriculum would not be challenging enough for Harry. Both husbands had found that if Harry felt bored, mischief ensued shortly thereafter. Xander blamed it on the fey blood and Jareth blamed it on too much time spend with Xander. Perhaps Drumstrang was a better option, they tailored the learning to the student, but Harry wanted to go to the school his biological parents had gone to. Needless to say that Harry won that argument and was going to Hogwarts in the fall.

A trip to the Topside was in order. Jareth decided to show his husband and son the secret passage way from the Underground to the vaults in Gringotts bank up to Diagon Alley. Harry was in awe at the magnificent of the bank. Xander had a small smile on his face as the magic in the building spoke to him. Xander had developed an affinity with magical and mundane buildings while he had helped recapture the magnificence of the Labyrinth . Jareth was pleased at both their reactions and the reactions of his subjects upon seeing his chosen partner and his adopted son. His Goblins where respectful but in such away that they did not draw the eyes of the wizards going about their business in the bank. Jareth speedily withdrew some money from his vaults to buy the supplies the three of them would need for the year.


The street was full of bustling people wearing wizardry robes, thankfully for the three visitors, Fey clothing seemed to blend in seamlessly. The family of three quickly picked up the books they had pre-ordered from the book shop. Quills, paper, and a caldron were also bought quickly. None of them wanting to linger over boring things when there was a pet shop and wand shop to visit.

They went to the pet shop first to let Harry pick a pet.

“Anything I want? Right Dad?” asked a happy Harry.

“Within reason, nothing that will grow to the size of Hugo, if you don’t mind.” Replied Xander with a lopsided grin. “Your father would go nuts…on second thought.” Jareth made a sound of disagreement, which made Harry giggle.

Harry went about looking at the kittens, snakes, and birds. Then Harry spotted it. On a shelf a thick layer of dust covering what looked like a rock in the shape of an egg. These wizards had no idea what they had under their noses. (Which didn’t fill Harry with much hope for their educational system) Marketing an earth phoenix egg as an aquarium rock. Harry picked it up, it tingled in his hand his magic activating the tiny embryo that had been laying dormant within the egg. Jareth looked startled when he saw the egg cradled in Harry‘s hands. Still he paid for it as if it was just a rock, no use driving the price up by explaining to the shopkeeper what the rock actually was. Harry put the rock egg into the inner pocket of his robe, so that the egg rested over his heart. They left the shop with an extremely happy Xander petting the ginger kitten that Jareth had gotten him, it purred contently in its new master‘s arms.

Ollivander’s was an interesting experience to say the least. Harry had gone through a lot of wands, all the different kinds of wands in fact, the entire shop looked like a war zone.

“I am sorry dear boy, but I don’t seem to have your wand in stock, that’s very strange, very strange indeed.” The old man’s eyes seemed to glow pale white in the dim light of his shop.

“Perhaps we could commission one?” asked Jareth sniffing at the state of the dusty establishment. The Wandmaker frowned but nodded.

“Of course, of course. Your Wand hand if you please?” Harry extended his left hand. The hand was hummed and ha’d over for a few minutes, measurements taken with a magic tape measure and quick-notes-quill. Then Mr. Ollivander disappeared into the back of his shop bringing out several hollow wands. “See which feels the best in your hand, no rush, take your time.” Harry picked up each but only one sang to him.

“This one.” stated Harry pointing at it when he had examined all his choices.

“Ah, Mistletoe very rare for a wand wood, good choice.”

“Ironic.” muttered Jareth.

“How so?” asked Xander.

“Mistletoe protects against Fey stealing human infants while they sleep if it is hung in their cribs.” Replied Jareth making Xander chuckle.

“Now I need three drops of your blood” Stated Mr. Ollivander “to find the center for the wand, if you please.” The man pricked Harry’s finger and squeezed three drops of blood out onto the wood of the wand. “This shouldn’t take too long, I’ll be back in a jiffy.” The old man headed to the back of the shop as Harry grinned happily at his both his Dads. “Aha!” could be heard from the backroom. Jareth raised an eyebrow upon Mr. Ollivander’s return.

“Here we are Mr. Potter, Mistletoe eleven inches, core of mermaid heart, voluntarily given of course.” Xander coughed and paled slightly, mumbling under his breath, something about a swim team experience. They paid and were out the shop’s door seconds later. Watching them leave, Mr. Ollivander shook his head, Albus had wanted the boy to have the holly wand, but the wand chose the wizard not the other way round.




A/N: Please point out any glaring mistakes, I hope you enjoyed this first chapter. The next chapter will be a flash back to Harry’s childhood after being wish to the underground.

For those of you eagerly awaiting the next instalment of “Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus” I’m workin on it, don’t worry!
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