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Victory Nonetheless

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Summary: A snapshot following the war (Deathly Hallows spoilers)

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Harry Potter > General > DramanannabelleFR1314610185025 Jun 0825 Jun 08Yes
This is just a one shot that came to me today at work. I hope to get back to some of my other stories this summer. Hope you enjoy! I own nothing. Spoilers for DH.

Harry stood next to Buffy and stared at the carnage before them. The wounded were being treated in the Great Hall. Casualties were being lined up against a far wall until families could be found and notified. Both turned as a wail errupted to their right. Ron was holding his mother back as she caught her first glimpse of Fred's body. George was on his knees sobbing as Arthur held him. Harry headed in their direction. His grief nearly crippling him as Buffy steadied him, he slowly approached the mourning family.

"Ron, I'm so sorry," Harry said quietly.

Ron nodded stiffly to his best friend and hugged his mother tighter to him.

Harry felt Buffy tense next to him and turned to watch as she moved from his side to intercept Ginny and Willow. He couldn't hear Buffy's words but knew she was breaking the news gently to Ginny. He felt his own first tear fall as Ginny collapsed where she stood. He felt almost numb as he stood amidst so much sadness. He wasn't even aware that he was crying until Luna took his face in her hands and gently wiped his tears away. More came and Luna smiled at him.

"We won," she whispered.

"At what cost?" he sobbed back.

"A very high one. A very high one indeed. But we did win. Now, go mourn with your family." She gave him a firm push towards Molly and Ron.

Harry resisted, saying, "I have no family."

"We're all your family, Harry. Don't you know that?" This came from Xander who was the last to arrive, along with Hermione. Hermione moved immediately to Ron's side and was pulled into the embrace by Molly.

"Luna's right, Harry. Go to them," Buffy said softly. He hadn't realized she had left Ginny and Willow. He turned to see Ginny engulfed by Charlie and Bill. He felt a push again and this time allowed himself to approach the Weasleys. When he was close enough, Arthur reached out and clasped his arm. He fell willingly to his knees and clung to the only father figure he'd ever really known.

He lost all concept of time as he allowed his grief to pour out. All the losses: his parents, Sirius, Dumbledore, Hedwig, Lupin and now Fred. Finally, finally he felt a pressure ease. He allowed the thought to enter his mind: it was over. Voldemort was truly dead. The last of the Horcurxes destroyed. The war was over. They had won. It was a bittersweet, hollow victory; but a victory nonetheless.

The End

You have reached the end of "Victory Nonetheless". This story is complete.

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