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A New Family

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Summary: Cordlelia comes to Hogwarts with her daughter to meet her late husband's son. (Deathly Hallows spoilers - Full Summary Inside)

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Harry Potter > Cordelia-Centered > Pairing: Lucius MalfoyCaolinnFR726,424063,06925 Jun 0825 Jun 08Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer - J.K. Rowling is the owner of all things Harry Potter and Joss Whedon is the owner of all things Buffy and Angel. I just write for fun and not for money and intend no offence to either Ms Rowling or Mr Whedon.

Summary: Cordelia comes to Hogwarts with her daughter to meet her late husband's son. Dumbledore alive and well in my story, as neither Draco nor Snape tried to kill him. Voldemort defeated by Harry Potter quite recently, but this is not a 'Golden Trio' story.

“Ah, excuse me – anyone here called Snape?” asked Cordelia. “I’m sorry, I’ve interrupted your meal, but it’s kinda important I speak to a Severus Snape, if maybe somebody could just point him out?”

Cordelia stood in front of the Professors’ table in the Great Hall at Hogwarts holding her two year old daughter, Susie, and was immediately aware of two things – the deafening silence in the room and that every eye in that room was upon the two of them. She’d never minded being the centre of attention, but for once it was making her uncomfortable. Had she been wrong to come here, she wondered, suddenly not so sure of herself.

Professor Dumbledore was shocked out of his normal calm by seeing a couple of people apparate directly into Hogwarts, something he had understood to be impossible. Determined to gain control of the situation he rose to his feet somewhat unsteadily and managed to get out “Er, children, please return to your rooms and don’t be alarmed – there is no cause for concern”. Professor McGonagall rolled her eyes at the comment, which had been delivered with little assurance and which she knew the children wouldn’t believe for an instant. Meanwhile, Professor Snape simply glared at the young woman holding the child as if doing so would somehow tell him all about her and why she was there and why for Merlin’s sake she had asked for him. He scoured his memory for any recollection of her at all, but nothing came to him. He looked at her, this lovely young woman clutching a toddler and looking around defiantly at them all.

The children left the hall neither quickly nor quietly, annoyed at missing out on what was obviously quite a story but eventually they had all gone and the professors and Cordelia looked each other up and down. Dumbledore walked towards Cordelia and the child and introduced himself. “Good evening, my dear and er my child, my name is Professor Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of this school – and er, you might be …?”, he trailed off uncertainly.

Cordelia looked at Dumbledore hard for a moment and thought ‘Oh right, Gandalf, I’m getting it now’ and then smiled as winningly as she could manage and said, “I’m Cordelia Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy’s widow and this is our daughter Susannah”. If Cordelia had wanted to top the sensation caused by her apparating into Hogwarts, she could not have hoped for better. There was a look of complete and utter shock on the faces of every professor.

McGonagall recovered first, “But, my dear, how is that possible – Lucius Malfoy was killed by Voldemort 4 years ago,” she gasped. Cordelia looked at the professor and bit out icily “I can assure you, it is true, but he is dead now – killed in battle two months ago in California”. Shrinking back in the face of a Cordelia glare, McGonagall looked to Dumbledore to continue the conversation.

Snape, who had so far said nothing, coolly scanned the young intruders’ auras and satisfying himself that they were both reflecting good and not evil, he stepped forward and said “I am Professor Snape, Madam Malfoy – how can I be of assistance?” Cordelia looked Snape over and smiled to herself for he was just as Lucius had described him, every bit as tall, dark and glowery as Angel, but not nearly as handsome. That hair was a disaster area and she fought back an urge to critique his entire ensemble, which the old Cordelia – the nastiest girl in Sunnydale High would certainly have done. But she had come here with a mission and she couldn’t jeopardise that – she owed it to Lucius not to upset his old friend.

Swallowing hard Cordelia realised that this was the moment she had rehearsed in her mind for days now – the big reveal. She wondered briefly how much she should say, how much she could safely explain, but then realised that it was a school of magic and nothing she could say was likely to shock them. “As I said, Professor, my name is Cordelia Malfoy. There’s a lot to tell, but I’ll just cut to the chase, so to speak.” Cordelia smiled faintly at the pun on her old name, but didn’t elaborate and the Profs looked on bemused. Sighing, Cordelia continued “I am a Seer for the Powers that Be and Lucius was my Champion. Lucius was left for dead by Voldemort and saved by the Powers, who decided to offer him the chance of redemption if he had the courage to take it. Rehab, if you like – he would atone for the evil he had done by dedicating himself to the forces of light. He accepted their offer and came to Los Angeles to work for my friend Angel, who you would know as the vampire known as Angelus and one of the quartet who were named ‘The Scourge of Europe’. His agency dealt with supernatural and demonic happenings in that area giving help to all who needed it. I am their Seer and that’s how I met Lucius. He became my Champion and we fell in love and married.”

She was aware she was leaving out a great deal, but now wasn’t really the time. Then Susie, who had been sitting quietly in her mother’s arms turned her head and looked at all the professors. She smiled – a lovely sunny smile and there they were – those distinctive Malfoy eyes, the same brilliant blue of her father’s with the familiar silver flecks and dark blonde heir tied into bunches at the side of her head. She was a beautiful child and the professors returned her smile with even Snape managing the very tiniest of smiles.

“Well, Madam Malfoy, perhaps you, your daughter, Professor Snape and I could adjourn to my office and continue talking there,” said Dumbledore with his customary twinkle. “Minerva, could you organise some accommodation for our guests, please?”

“Of course, Albus,” said McGonagall somewhat tartly, rather annoyed at being excluded from the meeting. In a move worthy of her alternate persona as a cat she whirled round and swept off.

Dumbledore extended an arm to guide Cordelia and Susie to his office and Snape followed behind lost in his thoughts. “What could this be about,” he wondered. “Lucius really never ceased to be surprising, even now when he’s dead. Trust a Malfoy to die twice”, he thought rather exasperatedly.
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