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The One Who Sees Atlantis

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Summary: Xander comes home from Africa to spend time with his brother... and gets more than he ever expected.

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Chapter One

A/N: Disclaimer! I don't own anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Stargate SG1 or SGA, or the Sentinel. Also, this idea came from lisaroquin's fab story Sentinel & Guide here on TtH - I did email her a few months ago about my fic but got no response so hopefully she won't be peeved at me... I really wanted to see Xander in Atlantis... so here we go!

Chapter 1

“Time to come home, Xander.”

Those were the words Giles had said, the words that had ended his two year expedition into hell – or Africa as it’s known by most.

Of course he wasn’t really ‘home,’ home was a crater and while the Scoobies had relocated to England, Xander just couldn’t get used to it there.

So where exactly was a one-eyed-ex-carpenter, Indiana Jones looking Watcher wannabe supposed to go when on a hiatus from globetrotting Slayer hunting?

Cascade, Washington.


Well, not really duh, but Giles had ordered down time and Xander couldn’t stomach his empty little flat on the new International Watcher’s Council grounds so he’d come here, to see his long lost big brother Blair.

Blair had contacted him not long after Sunnydale collapsed, babbling about his Mother finally telling him who his father was – Anthony Harris – and him being ecstatic about having a younger brother. He wasn’t sure really how Blair had managed to track him down, hell he’d had trouble getting a hold of his own records after the Initiative thing but Willow and Andrew had confirmed it – he had a brother.

They hadn’t been able to meet then, Xander had already been in England with plans made to go on to Africa but they’d written – often.

He could tell there were things Blair left out of his letters, but who was he to judge – there were volumes of stuff Xander hadn’t written. He didn’t expect a man he’d never even seen to reveal his deepest, darkest but the letters had helped him stay sane… or at least not stark raving mad.

Of course the knock down, drag out that had followed his arrival in Cascade had revealed most of his brother’s secrets – and several of Xander’s own.

Blair’s roommate Jim Ellison was apparently something called a Sentinel and that allowed him to sense the Primal Hyena spirit in Xander’s head. The Hyena woke up, the Sentinel growled and all hell had broken loose – glowing green eyes and cackling included.

It was a good thing Blair’s neighbors were either away that night or they were the oblivious type.

Three black eyes, six cracked ribs and various dislocated joints later they’d wound down and explanations were had by all.

Xander didn’t give the pair the full down and dirty on the supernatural, just told them that there were things out there that the police couldn’t handle and he recruited folks that could. It came out sounding very Justice League-y only without the spandex.

Blair and Jim had, in return, explained that Sentinels were people with enhanced senses who used a Guide to focus their abilities and were charged with the protection of their ‘village’.

It sounded like a type of Slayer to Xander, only to protect against humans instead of demons and he couldn’t help but think that the world could use a few more of those.

Again, he knew there were things Blair left out but Xander knew it was because his brother loved the big man at his side even if Jim didn’t seem to notice and he didn’t begrudge the secrecy.

Secrets were a way of life for him.

The Hyena and the Blessed Protector came to an uneasy truce. They were both Alpha, but it was Jim’s territory. Blair was pack to them both but the Hyena backed off because Jim was Blair’s chosen mate – which, while not true to the physical sense, was blindingly obvious on the emotional one… at least to Xander and Hyena.

Of course denial was his own bread and butter so who was he to complain about sharing the meal?

Over the last week they’d shared stories, mostly the mild and happy kind, although last night he’d told Jim a few of the one’s that made him keep a bottle of prescription meds on his person wherever he went.

The big ex-ranger had been a little pale when he went to bed.

This morning Jim and Blair were at the police station doing detective-y things and Xander was lying on their couch enjoying the sounds of civilization going on around him. With Hyena’s demonic senses enhancing his own he could hear the traffic outside, the little old lady across the hall putting dishes in the dishwasher, someone downstairs running on a treadmill and listening to music on their walkman – they tape reels clicked as they spun – and a small group of people entering the building.

He was so busy seeing just how far out he could push his hearing that it took a few minutes to realize someone was knocking at the door. Well, pounding on it really.

“John, they’re not here,” a voice complained.

The pounding didn’t stop.

Xander tugged his jeans up on the way to the door – no need to scar Jim and Blair’s friends with his Cable Guy boxer shorts. His wrinkled white t-shirt would have to do though. With a quick check to make sure his eye patch was in place he opened the door –

- and found his arms full of person that, from the lack of frontal padding, he assumed was male. He couldn’t tell for sure though because the persons face was glued to his neck and it was only Hyena’s input that kept him from shoving the guy off and going for a stake.

He heard a lot of sniffing going on.

In the hall stood two other men. The fair skinned brunette in a blue polo and jeans was clearly shocked, mouth gaping open; while the second, extremely tall with long dread locks in a white button up only partially done up and jeans looked stoic but Xander could detect a trace of concern.

He closed his arms around the frantic man, running a hand down his back and making a comforting noise.

“It’s so loud,” the man whimpered, “and bright and stinky and-“

Xan shushed him as softly as he could, keeping an eye on the two men in the hall.

“Concentrate on my voice – only my voice. Nothing else matters but me,” he kept his hands running up and down the tense back.


“I know – picture a dial, like a… a… an Ipod. You need to turn the volume down on the Ipod until I sound like a whisper, can you do that? Just turn it down… down… till I’m just a whisper in your ear.”

The man relaxed a little in his arms.

“Now your eyes. Same thing – see the Ipod wheel and slide it back slowly until things look normal – probably about half way down, maybe a little more. Got it?”

He nodded.

“Now look at me,” slate gray eyes blinked up at him, slowly coming into focus. “Can you see me – my whole face, not just the pores?”

“You only have one eye,” the man murmured.

“I had noticed that – with one eye even. Let’s concentrate on smell – picture the Ipod again –“

“I can’t hear you!” The voice was strained, panicked.

Xander quirked an eyebrow at the man and waited for him to figure it out.

“Oh,” the man said, eyes going wide, “I can hear now.”

Xander smiled, “Ok, let’s picture five different Ipods in five different colors; black for sight, white for touch, green for smell, pink for taste and blue for hearing. Got it?”


“Good, now dial back scent.”

After another nod the man pulled away slightly and straightened. He closed his eyes taking a deep breath and Xander could see the tension roll off the man.

“Thank you.”

“How are touch and taste? Okay?”

“For the moment,” the man answered, opening his eyes and studying Xander.

They all stood there, staring at each other until Xander rolled his eye and held out his hand, “Hi! I’m Xander Harris, nice to meet you.”

The man flushed, “Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard. This is Doctor Rodney Mckay and Specialist Ronon Dex.”

Xander nodded to each and then focused on John. “So what’s the military want with me?”

“Actually,” Rodney broke in, “we were looking for Blair Sandburg and Jim Ellison to discuss a certain fake thesis.”

Xander frowned.

Blair had told him about his thesis on Sentinels and subsequent expulsion from Ranier, well he’d glossed over it really and Jim had filled in the details later - that his brother had sacrificed his career and professional reputation to protect his friend.


Rodney opened his mouth but tall and tan stepped forward, “We should go inside.”

“Yes, yes,” Rodney stuttered, his train of thought derailed. When neither John nor Xander moved he waved his hands, “Well? Move!”


“Jim is so going to kill me,” Xander muttered waving them inside and heading for the phone.”
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