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The All-Spark Child

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Human All-Spark". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: What if there was a good reason why Xander is a demon magnet? Transformers Movie crossover. First in The Human All-Spark series.

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > Xander-CenteredAlmadynisFR1867,3161514140,13525 Jun 085 Jul 08Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Innocence Lost

The All-Spark Child
Innocence Lost

Disclaimer: See Chapter One.


Xander had woken up eventually, but the twins had already killed all of the demons that had shown up to kidnap the little All-Spark again and had time left over to clean everything up. So when the teenager awoke, all that could grab his attention was the still form of his surrogate father that had been gently laid out on the ground, the only sign that he wasn’t just sleeping: the gaping hole where his blue spark usually resided and glowed.

What had worried the twins more than anything was the lack of reaction in the human. He didn’t cry. He didn’t scream, or yell, or punch the nearest object. He had just stood there for minutes on end and stared at the shell of his Angel.

That was a month ago and school was almost ready to begin again, he would be starting his sophomore year, and he hadn’t come out of the Xander-Zone since the incident. He had ordered the twins to carry Angel’s body to the large table in the Zone and then had shooed them back to their duties as Sunnydale Protectors.

Since they couldn’t defy the boy, all the twins could do was make sure their creator was protected.


It had been almost twelve years since the main event that had blacked out three states, but finally, the Cube had responded to something and the scientists sat back in stunned awe and fear as a small cell phone jumped up and started to attack the box holding it. They stared and then fired the creature.

They couldn’t understand why the little thing was so violent.

The Cube knew though. He had separated the purest forms of his soul, the largest piece, and placed them in that boy, so all his power could do anymore was animate one large Cybertron, or many small new robots. His power was no longer infinite, and his soul in such a state could only last so long, he but had a feeling that he would be needed soon…so he stayed with the little ants and rested. Rebuilding was strength he was capable of to be as much of a help to his creations as he could.

And as he felt the buzz of another small ant touching his coating, he hoped that the boy was able to keep his innocence and purity of heart.


I know, once again it is short, but this too has a reason. It’s the only way that I wouldn’t go insane from over-flow of ideas. Yes, a sequel is in progress, I should have the first chapter out within the next couple of days. It will be called "The All-Spark Teen" in "The Human All-Spark" series. Thanks to everyone who reviewed, you guys keep me going.

The End

You have reached the end of "The All-Spark Child". This story is complete.

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