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The All-Spark Child

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Human All-Spark". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: What if there was a good reason why Xander is a demon magnet? Transformers Movie crossover. First in The Human All-Spark series.

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > Xander-CenteredAlmadynisFR1867,3161514140,15325 Jun 085 Jul 08Yes

Creating the Child

The All-Spark Child
Creating the Child

Disclaimer: I don’t own Hasbro, I am not Joss Whedon, and I have never been to the Hoover Dam.

“Mommy, I have to go potty!”

The little four year old twisted and squirmed as he stood in place, an interesting expression graced his face. The whole family, consisting of two tired parents, one of whom had drinking and rage management issues, were visiting the Hoover dam. The tour guide was boring even to an adult, to a little boy who had to really go to the bathroom, she might as well have been telling him how the sky changed color at night. He just didn’t care at the moment.

However, despite his apparent heritage and age, the boy was smart and saw exactly how much his parents never paid him any attention and quickly concluded that he could probably slip away to the restroom and back again without anyone being the wiser. Under normal circumstances, he would be right.

But since when have any Sunnydalers had a normal existence?

The brunette child ran for the nearest door, having only rudimentary language skills he couldn’t read the sign that said ‘Employees Only!’ and only could deduce that no one else whet through the door because they didn’t have to go to the bathroom. So, the little boy slipped through easily since he was barely big enough for the door to move that much.

Going through that first door lead him to a long stairway down, so the little boy, being as careful as he always was when his daddy had all the brown bottles around him, he slipped silently down the metallic staircase. He got several scrapes in the process, but paid them no mind. Even as young as he was, he was no stranger to big pains and these were only small ones, barely noticeable.

Finally, after what the little four year old thought was forever, he reached to bottom and there was another door, this one conveniently had a big person going through it so he wouldn’t have to figure out a way to hold the door open and squeeze through. The oblivious scientist didn’t notice that the door stayed open longer than normal as it was his first day on the job and was fidgeting from side to side whenever he stopped for a checkpoint.

A smart older person would correctly deduce that the man was overly nervous and probably smile reassuringly at him to settle him down. A four year old that had to go to the bathroom and had nothing else on his mind just concluded that the big person had to go potty as much as he did, therefore must know where the restroom was and therefore the little boy stuck like glue to the big person’s white coat. Being underdeveloped from a lack of nutrition and used to being out of sight made no one the wiser and the child slipped past ever security checkpoint and measure the United States Government had implemented to guard their most prized possession.

Which the new scientist was about to get introduced to as he was the leading astrophysicist in the States, and his government wanted to know what planet this big beauty had come from, if any, and what the planet might be like.

All the little boy saw when he came into the big gigantic room that held the large cube-like object was that he couldn’t see anymore doors that might lead to a bathroom…except that the huge block had to have a bathroom in it someplace, because anything that big could only be a hotel. Maybe it was one of those special hotels that Daddy went to sometimes that Mommy didn’t know about?

So the four year old went from one person to another, always with the not-heard-and-not-seen adage in the back of his mind that he had learned since birth, and still no one noticed. Which was good if you were a little boy looking for a bathroom (and since it had been such a long time he really needed to go!) but bad if anyone wanted to keep their jobs for letting a four year old breach containment.

Finally, he reached the big cube and this close he was awed by the detail and texture of the piece, momentarily forgetting that he had to go pee. So engrossed, he didn’t notice that all the other big people were scattering, scared. He did however notice that blue sparks that danced across the outer shell of the cube and giggled when they touched his skin. “That tickles!”

Then people noticed the child, but it was too late.

“Oh God, it’s a kid!”

“Get him away from that thing! It’s going to blow!”

Yelps of pain, “Sir, we can’t! The Cube won’t let us near it or the boy!”

“All we can do is pray.”

The Cube had been asleep for millennia. It tossed and turned sometimes, causing surges in it’s energy output, but none of it’s children ever came to visit and it didn’t think that anything else could be that important. Besides, it was tired after giving birth to an entire species. You would be too.

So it slept. Sometimes it registered that there were tiny scurrying things around it, but how annoying can ants be anyway?

But then it felt something. Something it hadn’t felt in a very long time. A pureness and an innocence and a…playfulness that it hadn’t experienced since it was a tiny Block itself.

It woke up to find the source, making every little ant around his body scatter as sparks flew as it unknowingly blew every transformer in a tri-state area from a massive power surge. All it’s attention was on the little being that was gently grazing it’s shell with tiny appendages. The Cube smiled to itself and went gently into the ant’s mind and within nanoseconds had processed all of the data files that the ant…boy had.

The Cube was old, older than any human memory, but this was the first time that it…he had ever experienced remorse, pain, and feelings. Instantly, the Cube knew that he had to do something to help this precious pure spark…soul that this little boy had, to preserve it, cherish it like no one else ever had. The Cube, now with full knowledge and wakefulness and with absolutely no regrets, made a decision.

The Cube was old. Older than even he knew.

The Cube was old. He was tired.

The Cube was old. It was time that someone else take his place.

The Cube was old…

The transformer blowout caused the biggest blackout in history, spanning over three states. Deep underground the Hoover dam, the only light was the emergency generators kicking into gear the green backup lights…and the blue lightning skimming over the entire surface of the Cube. Seconds later, the lightning stopped as if in thought, or surprise, and then there was a gigantic burst of blue lightning arching to one spot and into a small four year old boy (that no longer had to go to the bathroom) that arched his own back in intense pain, but he never cried out.

After what felt like forever to anyone watching but was in fact only 42 seconds, the blue lightning ceased and the observers had to blink for several seconds so that their eyesight could adjust to the near-dark that the bright flash had produced.

By the time they had regained their sight, the little four year old boy was gone.

No matter how much they looked, the scientists and government officials never were able to find the little boy.

Alexander LaVelle Harris suddenly found himself back beside him parents with no need to go to the bathroom and no knowledge that anything was wrong. The surge of lightning had caused his short-term memory to erase. As far as he knew, everything was normal.

Well? What do you think? Should I keep going? Etc. Reviews would be really nice! Thanks!
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