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Personal Wars

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Summary: Sam's broadened his horizons; Evil!Sam and Dean take a pet to torment in any way they please. Basically a PWP. Inc.

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Supernatural > Spike-CenteredLycanFR2114,3630276125 Jun 0825 Jun 08Yes

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Title: Personal Wars
Summary: Sam’s broadening his horizons; Evil!Sam and Dean take a pet to torment in any way they please. Basically a PWP.
Warning: AU. One-shot. Abuse, Anal, Angst, Bond, CBT, D/s, Inc, Language, M/M, M/M/M, N/C, Oral, SoloM, Spank, Toys, Violence.
Age: NC17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.
Author’s Note: It’s like a PWP with a bit of mindless violence. It’s the first time I’ve ever written something like this.

He liked to see the bruises form on pale flesh.

He liked to tie wiry limbs down with the thickest chains to the bed, the chains padded with soft material so that no scars were caused accidentally. Any scars that formed had to be formed by HIS hands on PURPOSE and not by accident.

He liked to straddle the bound figure, knife biting in and drawing down sharply and splitting pale skin, red blood staining bed sheets.

He liked to brand his name into upper back or buttocks, have the bound figure screaming in agony behind the gag.

Unfortunately, the cuts closed and the bruises faded far too quickly. Burns by a branding iron, too, faded, lasting months at best. Bites placed by teeth that tore chunks of flesh and hit bone lasted sparingly, which only made him angrier.


Sam rested on the bed, his pet chained to the wall and lying on the cold floor, naked and beaten. His big brother lay beside him on the bed, curled around him, protecting him.

They were different now, so different from how they were just years ago.

So Dean wasn’t protecting him the way he had originally wanted, but he was still protecting Sam - even if Sam STILL hated it, hated his brother putting his life on the line for him, afraid that he was going to loose his brother once and for all.

Dean shifted in his sleep, murmuring into his little brother’s neck as his hands tightened.

Sam smiled, raising a hand to run it over Dean’s head. He nuzzled his brother, pleased to be with him.

He sighed, knowing he had to get up and start the day. He kissed his brother’s cheek, smiling with teeth as Dean smiled in his sleep and leaned into his touch.

He gently untangled himself and stood, stretching with a yawn. He made his way into the bathroom, uncaring of his nudity. He ran the bath, making sure that it was mostly filled with hot water. He then sunk into it, sighing as the water washed away all his aches and the bit of blood still attached to his form.

He just sat there for a full half hour, before washing his hair and body.

It was a full hour before he returning to his bedroom, drying his hair with the towel. He dropped it beside him as he stood in front of the walk-in wardrobe before he opened the door and, well, walked in. He picked out blue jeans and a shirt, his hunting boots, a hoody, and his jacket. Just because he was batting for the other team, in more ways than one, didn’t mean he had to mess with his style. It worked for him. Hell, he was in charge so he only had to dress up when mood struck him.

He walked out of the walk-in and made his way to the cupboard, pulling out his knives and guns and slipping them into their rightful places. He left the Colt for Dean, as always.

He kicked his pet as he walked by him. The chain rattled.

“Get dressed.” He ordered, sitting down on the bed to watch. He ran his hand through Dean’s hair but let him sleep, knowing his brother needed it.

He watched with a smirk as his pet put on the despised chastity belt, tightening it around his waist but not attaching it to any of his ‘bits,’ leaving it instead for Sam or Dean to do. Sam did nothing but sit there, growing more and more amused as his little pet fidgeted from the place on the floor, clearly uncomfortable.

“You goin’?” Dean asked, his voice still heavy with sleep.

“Hmm.” He turned. “I thought I’d let you sleep. You want to come?”

“Sure. Give me a minute.” He ruffled the pet’s hair as he passed. He went into the walk-in, shouting back to call as he dressed. “What’s up for today?”

“Not much.”

Sam stood and moved to crouch in front of his chained pet. He reached out and took the flaccid penis into his hand, stroking it to hardness. His pet shuddered but didn’t move. Sam stroked him until the cock started leaking clear fluid. He wiped his hands on the floor and stood. He gestured to the bed and his pet crawled along the floor and over to it.

Dean returned, fully dressed. He stood by the bed as the pet raised up just enough to lean over the bed, displayed for the brothers.

Dean, however, continued on over to the cupboard after giving his brother a quick peck to the cheek. He pulled out his weapons, careful to slip the Colt into its resting place. Sammy, his little brother, may be stronger and be in a position of power, but he still viewed Dean as his brother, his protector. He mostly followed Dean’s lead, just like back in the day, only taking control when it was desperately needed.

Sam reached for the oil and liberally coated his fingers, not wanting to have more blood spill just yet. He stuck one finger into his pet, insistent and wriggling.

“Are we gonna have some fun?” Dean asked. He hadn’t had a decent kill in months and it was making him antsy. Demons out there, hundreds of them, wanting to kill Sam and him both, for their work before and for the destiny that had been set and taken by the younger Winchester brother.

“Yeah.” Sam replied, adding another finger and stretching his pet’s rectum. His pet wriggled a little on the bed as Sam jabbed at the prostate. “There’s a few of them that visit this club.” He added a third finger.

Dean nodded and reached for his jacket. He didn’t put it on, just pulled out the notepad that was in it. He considered what was in it for a few minutes, before crossing out three of the things written in there by his own hand. “I’ll meet you in the car.”

Sam nodded, catching another kiss from his brother before he left. Dean made sure to reach out and pinch the pet’s perineum as he kissed his brother, chuckling at the tiny jump.

The younger Winchester brother added his little finger to the three already inside his pet, stretching the anal ring further before pulling his hand out with a wet sound. He moved from the bed and over to the draw they kept for the pet, pulling out a few of his toys. He made his way back to the pet, greased up one of the toys, and slid the vibrator into his pet’s rectum. He tugged until his pet was lying on the bed face-up before he reached down to continue to stroke the erection.

He played with the remote he’d pulled form the draw, hitting the ‘on’ button and setting it moderately low, causing the pet to jump as the vibrator started. Sam continued to stroke until his pet was near-climax. He grabbed the cock ring that was attached to the chastity belt and snapped it to the base of his pet’s erection, causing the pet to buck harder into his hand.

Sam turned the dial on the remote and watched the pet writhe on the bed. He continued to stroke the bound erection as he reached for the other toy he’d brought from the draw. He tightened the metal ring over his pet’s ball sac at the top, binding and separating the balls harshly, cold metal biting into equally cold skin. He rolled the pet over once more and brought up the chain dangling from the back of the belt. He forced the chain between his pet’s butt cheeks, forcing the vibrator in deeper and angling it to his the prostate. He connected the chain to the bottom of the cock ring, making sure it was pulled tight.

He stepped back and his pet stood on shaky legs, staring at the ground.

“Get dressed.” He ordered. He watched as the pet reached over and pulled on the leather pants, wincing at the tightness. Sam walked over to the pet’s draw and pulled out two more items of clothing. A pair of tight leather trousers and a loose long-sleeved blue shirt. Sam’s little pet quickly put the clothes on, submitting then to the tight collar going around the throat. Sam leaned close, hand going over to stroke a bound erection covered in two layers of leather. “Be a good boy tonight,” He said, voice quiet, “And I’ll let your jaw free. Maybe even let you feed straight instead of having it pumped into your stomach. But be bad and,” His hand tightened suddenly, squeezing painfully, “Well, it’s fairly obvious to say you won’t like it.”


Sam followed his brother into the bar, their pet bound and unconscious in the boot. They went immediately up to the bar and ordered a drink, two beers. They then grabbed a table and casually observed their surroundings, mostly taking note of those around them.

“I wonder if this will be like when we faced the Seven Sins.” Dean commented, curious and amused.

Sam snorted, the cute smile still fitting onto his face. “Nah.” He replied. “There’s not enough.” He scanned the crowd and sighed. “They’re not here yet.”

They were drawing attention from some of the more…unsavoury members of the crowd. They also got the attention of the under-sexed patrons, male and female alike.

They downed their beers and left, leaving just enough money on the table. Leaving the car in the car park, they scouted the town before heading into the thick woods.

They were there barely five minutes when they were tackled. Them and their foes tackled each other on the ground, each fighting for dominance.

Knifes and guns drew, bullets flying and metal shining.

They weren’t fighting demons or werewolves or spirits, just…men.

“I guess they knew you were coming.” Dean called, head butting his victim.

Sam easily killed his opponent and stood, leaning against a tree and stroking himself through his jeans as he watched his brother kill the rest of them, only helping when his brother was in the most serious danger, which was just once.

“There’s still all night.” Sam replied, grabbing his brother and kissing him hard and thoroughly.

Dean took his brother gently on the ground, but they were both desperate for something rougher.


Sam and Dean changed in an alley, changing into tighter and more expensive clothing, made of leather and silk. They made their way to the car side by side, aware of their power even as people watched them with wide eyes.

The car park was mostly deserted when they returned yet again. They stowed their other clothes, stuffed in a duffel bag, into the backseat.

Dean popped the boot open and pulled their recently-conscious pet from the trunk. He undid the ankle and wrist restraints, easily tugging the shirt from the pliant body as his brother slipped a tight button-up onto him, white and mostly see-through.

Dean took the drivers seat as Sam closed the boot and pushed the pet into the backseat. He then went into the front passengers seat and climbed in, closing his eyes and smiling as rock blasted from the stereo.

The elder Winchester took the remote from the dashboard and turned it on, immediately setting it on ‘medium.’ He watched through the rear-view mirror and chuckled as he watched the pet jerk in the backseat, prostate hammered relentlessly.

He set the remote back down, leaving it on, and drove to their new destination.

Sam didn’t open his eyes until the engine cut off. As one, he and his brother stepped from the car and slammed the doors shut. Dean put the remote in his pocket, being sure to turn it off. He opened the backdoor and pulled the pet out, scowling at the shining eyes that immediately looked away.

Sam ran his hands over his shirt, straightening it, before they stepped in to the bar.

Sam chose the darkest corner by the bar, putting his back to the wall and pulling his pet into his arms. His brother wandered off, acting as if they’d never met, as if he’d just caught him walking in at the same time. The younger brother smiled slightly, his hand moving down to the pet’s groin. He stroked the bulge there gently.

Every now and then, Dean turned on the remote sitting innocently in his pocket. He gulped at his drink as he watched the pet writhe in his brother’s arms.

Sam brought a few drinks, dallying for hours on end. Finally, he sent his pet away, watching with narrowed eyes as he brother discretely followed.

Dean pushed his pet up against the bathroom wall, easily tugging the leather trousers and pants down to pale knees. He unlocked the chastity belt and tucked that into the pet’s trousers, out of the way. He pulled the vibrator out and dropped it. He pulled a cock ring from his pocket to replace the other and then unzipped himself, freeing his erection. He placed his hands tight on the pet’s hips, bruising him, and slammed up hard and insistent into his pet’s rectum.

He pounded hard and fast, aimed to hurt the pet in the most delicious ways possible. His pet supported them, hands against the wall, pushing back into Dean. The elder Winchester let go of one hip to reach around and grip the bound groin, alternating between squeezing harshly and caressing gently. He paid no mind to the people coming into the dirty bathroom, to busy enjoying his pet’s channel clenching around him.

“That’s it.” He panted. “Fuck! So tight…hmm…all mine.” He let go of his pet’s hips completely, using his now free hand to reach up and grip the pet’s hair, pulling the head back sharply and biting just above the collar. He held the pet close, tighter and tighter as his orgasm drew closer, his hand squeezing a bound groin unmercifully, causing the pet to try and curl. He slammed into the body harder and faster, shuddering, but was silent as he released.

He pulled back and zipped up, bending down and sliding the vibrator back in, sealing his release inside his pet. He put everything back in the rightful place and sent the pet out before making his way to the urinals.

Sam opened his arms to his pet as he drank the whiskey. He rested his head on his pet’s shoulder as his arms held the pet close to him, pressed intimately to him. He scanned the crowd, noticing his brother leave the bathroom ten minutes later.

A long time passed before he shoved his pet towards the bathroom once more.


The pet of Dean and Sam Winchester entered the bathroom for the second time that night, only to be shoved against one of the walls. Five human men attacked, pawing and pulling and laughing.

“Little whore.” One said. “I saw you, faggot. All over one fairy and shagged up the arse by another. You like that, little bitch? Taking it for anyone and anything? Yeah, I bet you do.”

The pet was turned, mouth opened.

“Little fucker’s mouth’s wired shut. Looks like he’s getting it from all of us in just one place, then.” Another said, punching the pet to the floor.

Hand tugged on leather trousers and pants, kicks and punches aiming and hitting their mark. They paused when they saw the chastity belt, tugging at it and laughing.

“Little bitch was right.” The third said, hand coming down to grip the bound sac. “We can get it off him.”

The pet jerked as the vibrator turned on, turned up to the full intensity. The others laughed as they realised what it was, fingers pushing it further into the pet’s rectum and moving it about. The pet struggled but hands and laughter followed until the pet was slammed over the low wall between one toilet and held still and open.

Somehow the chain was broken, after many jerks and tugs until one drew out something and tugged hard at the chain with it until the chain between the pet’s butt cheeks broke. The chain was shoved out of the way and they played with the vibrator before they grew bored and tugged it out.

Zippers lowered.

“I’m goin’ first.” One announced. “Bitch’ll still be tight enough for me.”

Sam walked into the bathroom, soon followed by his brother.

The fight broke out.

Bones broke and blood poured as the brothers fought, humans meaning very little compared to what they fought everyday. But some of these men were possessed, the ones they had been looking for.

The Winchester brothers' pet had been stripped completely from the waist down so that movement wasn’t restricted, and had joined the fight.

The humans died quickly but the demons lasted longer.

Dean finally drew out the Colt and shot, twice in rapid succession when he realised the first had somehow gone wild.

Sam took care of the other two demons easily and then the brothers surveyed the carnage.

Dean locked the door and Sam threw the pet to the dirty floor, stomach-down. He followed, settling on his knees between spread legs. He noted the broken dildo and chain and clucked his tongue. Quickly unzipping himself, he thrust himself into the tightness of his pet. His upper half raised, holding the pet down with a firm hold on one shoulder. His other hand gripped hard at hair, forcing his pet’s face to the ground, cheek against the piss-stained floor.

He thrust harsh and wildly, hand in hair tightening and tugging as the hand on the shoulder curled, nails digging in and drawing blood.

His brother stood by the door, stroking himself through his leather trousers. Dean watched as Sam brutalised their pet, snarling, thrusting, and tugging to his pleasure.

Sam’s teeth bit into the collared throat on the other side of his brother’s bite mark. He shook his head, ravaging the bite as he thrust into his pet harder still, using his hand that was in his pet’s hair to raise the head and slam it down harshly on the tiled floor. He did it a few more times, lost in his wildness as he thrust to his completion.

After, he allowed himself a moment of two before standing and fixing his clothing. He kicked at the pet, still on the floor.

“Get dressed.”


Dean held his pet over his knee, his hand raising and falling to strike a bared buttocks.

Sam stood across from them, masturbating.

The pet was once again naked, broken chastity belt tossed out and clothes folded away.

A new cock ring was fitted on, though the bindings on his balls stayed put. The collar was also left where it had sat all evening, two angry bite marks on either side of his neck.

Dean struck again and again, until he knew that their pet wouldn’t be sitting down for a few days at least. He pushed the pet to the floor and watched his brother.

Sam grew close to orgasm, stepping over to his brother to engage him in a kiss as he came over the pet, staining from face to chest.

The brothers continued to kiss, trusting against each other just to enjoy the friction. Dean was hard but Sam needed a few minutes to recover. The elder brother reached down and pulled the pet from the floor, leading them both into the bedroom. He laid the pet on the bed, immediately eagle-spreading the limbs and tying them down tightly.

He sat next to a hip, one hand reaching to stroke the erection. “You were a good boy tonight.”

The pet leaned into his touch as Sam finally joined them, sitting by the headboard. He had something in his hand and opened the pet’s mouth with the other.

Dean continued to stroke the erection as his brother unwired their pet’s jaw.

“One word and it’ll be wired shut again.” Sam warned.

“You can make noises though.” Dean added.

Sam tossed the objects across the room and reached into his pet’s mouth. He started pulling the cloth from the mouth. The cloth was rough, balled up in the pet’s mouth and reaching down the throat to the stomach. It was a good thing the pet didn’t need to breath. Sam pulled and pulled, the pet’s stomach heaving as the throat convulsed. A minute or two passed before Sam reached the end of the material, tugging it from his pet’s throat and tossing it across the room to join the others.

“Perhaps next time we’ll use a softer material.” Sam said, rubbing soothingly at the pet’s ravaged throat.

They got into position; Dean on his back on the bed and Sam over him, the pet between them and facing Dean.

Dean thrust into the pet, causing their pet to pant, exhilarated by the freedom to be able to do so after so long. Dean thrust hard and fast as his brother held the pet still.

Dean orgasmed, fingers clenching bed sheets as his back arched. Panting, he pulled out of the pet and moved to sit at the head of the bed relaxing. He watched his brother shift his hold and thrust into their pet, Sam groaning as his brother’s juices surrounded his cock.

Sam, having come quite a few times that night, thrust slowly and lazily, content to take this one slow.

Dean, having come quite a few times that night, took ten minutes before he could get another erection. He knew he’d be able to climax again, but he’s stop after the next one or two.

Thinking on it, he shared a heated look with his little brother before gripping their pet by the hair and shoving himself into the wet mouth.

They should have let the pet rest his mouth, they knew that, what with the material having chafed and rubbed his insides raw for the past month, but Dean couldn’t be asked to wait. Their pet’s comfort meant little, only managing to concern them when the little pet couldn’t keep them happy.

Dean held tight as did Sam, both savaging their pet between them as they sought yet another release. Blood finally poured from the harsh treatment, the pet’s little abused rectum already swollen and torn from the wild thrusting from earlier, the throat savaged by a cloth then by a cock. Their pet’s hips were marked with fingerprints, as the buttocks was red and bruised by Dean’s hands, the pale throat angry and bruised more by the bite marks.

Sam came first, filling his pet’s hole with the final release, shuddering and gripping tight, eyes open but unseeing as seed dripped out and landed on the bed.

Dean came soon after, his pet’s tongue dancing on his penis, peeking out to poke soft and wet at the balls, sore throat massaging the head of Dean’s cock.

Then, as the pet laid cold and shivering at the bottom of the bed, Sam gently took his brother as they shared their final released.


“I was going to do this yesterday, but we got a little distracted.” Dean commented, stroking the pet’s bound groin as he watched the tongue poke out to lap at the warm blood in the bowl. It was the third time he’d filled it, but his pet had been well behaved. “Last one, though, and it’s time for bed.”

The pet slowed down as the bowl emptied, staying in position until Dean himself decided to stand. He led the way to the bedroom and placed his pet on the bed, face-up. Sam was already there, prepared to go to sleep.

He leaned over their pet as Dean continued to stroke the pet’s bound cock.

“Would you like to climax, little pet?” Sam asked, hands pinching nipples until they hardened. “Hmm? You can tell me.”

“Y-Yes.” A whispered word from a sore throat, wet with water and blood.

Dean moved away to get ready for sleep and Sam’s hand replaced his. He pulled the restraint off of his little pet’s balls. He stroked, bringing his other hand into play.

“You do?”

The pet writhed on the bed, pushing up into Sam’s hands. Release was sought after so long. Panting followed, mixed with little whimpers as the Winchester’s pet fucked into Sam’s palm.

“P-Please…” The pet fisted the sheets, head tossing. “Please…” A little cry escaped as Sam’s finger slipped inside his hole and pressed against his prostate. “Let m-me. Oh!”

“Ask me properly.” Sam ordered, hands torturing. “This is what you got into trouble for last month. Insolence. Ask me properly or you stay tied up and gagged with your jaw wired shut.”

“P-Please.” His pet pleaded, broken. “Please, let me…please.” The pet arched into the hold, moaning in pleasure as the prostate was hammered unmercifully and cock and balls were stroked. “Let me! Please…” When the hands began to draw away, the little pet arched to follow them. “Please, Master! Master! Master!”

Sam smiled, pleased. “Good boy.” His moved his hands back.

“Master, please. Let me. Let me!” His little pet begged, desperate. “Fuck! M-Master! Please! Let me, please. Master! Master! I’ll do anything, Master. Please. Please!” Out of breath, his little pet pleaded, writhing and crying and arching. “Master!”

Sam released the cock ring.

The pet came hard, shuddering, experiencing one of the hardest orgasms ever. The body shivered violently as the cock released shot after shot, seemingly never ending even when eyes closed.

Sam laid back, pleased. Dean joined him.

And Spike knew no more.



The End

You have reached the end of "Personal Wars". This story is complete.

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