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Keys to Pegasus

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Keys to Pegasus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Battle with the First is about to start and suddenly Dawn is alone in another galaxy. She must survive. After years by herself people come bearing a symbol she recognizes. Maybe she has found her destiny...

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredHermionetobeFR1836123,39948333274,73426 Jun 0815 Sep 08Yes

4 Years Later

Disclaimer: Chapter 1

Chapter 2: 4 Years Later

“The Wraith have returned!”

He was twenty yards from the river when a spaceship hit him with a beam and he vanished…

4 Years Later

The Ancestral Ring closed behind Atlantis’s premiere team.

Doctor Rodney McKay double checked his readings of the new planet. His team surveyed the surrounding area.

Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard looked relaxed as he asked Teyla about the planet. His hands however belied his ease as he examined the area over his left shoulder. Teyla was completely at ease, her superhuman abilities allowed her some leeway when it came to reaction time. Ronon however was absorbed in examining the area around them. His years as a soldier than a Runner made his highly sensitive to things his teammates would have to be twice as close to notice.

Ronon turned his attention to Sheppard and Teyla. “This planet is a culling planet.”

Teyla raised an eyebrow, “What makes you say that?”

“A feeling.” Ronon replied. He wasn’t being purposefully vague, he truly knew no other way to put it. He always had a bad feeling where the Wraith concerned, it was like a hand ghosting around his throat waiting to strangle the life from him. This however was different, he felt as though something big was coming, something he couldn’t escape. The thing that was coming, it was likely to change everything.

“I sense nothing,” Teyla replied with a tilt of her head.

“Then let’s have a look,” Sheppard suggested.

Rodney gaped at his team leader a moment before muttering to himself, “I am starting to think we willingly walk into this.”

Having heard McKay, Ronon nodded his head in agreement.

Sheppard saw the first signs of a road about a mile from the gate. Ronon could smell smoke, verifying they were headed in the right direction. Teyla pointed out the first signs of a village. At this point they were two and a half miles from the gate. Sheppard took point, his entire body prepared for attack. Teyla shadowed him. Rodney looked around rapidly thinking if he never settled he’d be able to see anything come out at him. Ronon was watching their six, his hand had his gun halfway out of its holster.

When they reached the village it was nothing like what they expected. There was little left but burning ruins of huts. Three corpses had been fed on and left in the town square.

Sheppard raised a hand to Ronon. “No saying ‘I told you so’.”

Ronon shrugged, “But I did.” Sheppard glared at him.

“I believe Ronon was right,” Teyla spoke as she studied the landscape. “This planet is one that has been culled for centuries.” She pointed at the foothills, “There look to be burned remnants of a village there.”

“Maybe we should – uh…uh,” Rodney stuttered, “maybe it would be wise to return to the Starg--”

A war cry sounded as a figure flew at Ronon. McKay jumped out of the way as the ex-Runner took the defensive. Teyla and Sheppard stared over their guns. The figure was humanoid, fast and lithe, with long brunette hair. They knew Ronon could take care of himself. So they simply watched.

Ronon had enough of blocking and went on the offensive only to have a knife shoved into his left arm. He growled. He stayed on the defensive until he caught the creature’s mistake. He waited for a swing and when it dropped its left shoulder he was able to catch his attacker. With a growl he pinned the fighter between himself and a tree.

With a satisfying thud, the breath left his attacker. Even as the fighter fought for breath it struggled to be free of his trap. Ronon pinned both its wrists with one hand. Sheppard, McKay, and Teyla now stood behind him.

“We do not wish to hurt you,” Teyla’s pleasant, understanding voice said. “We are peaceful explorers…”

‘Speak for yourself,’ Ronon thought catching sight of the weapon embedded in his bicep.

With his free hand Ronon pushed aside the curtain of brown hair, determined to see his attacker. Blue eyes met his unwaveringly, they were angry and somewhere within their depths was an emotion he recognized but he could not remember from where.

Quickly he accessed his attacker. Pixie features caught his attention. A woman. The body he was pushed against was lean and athletic but unmistakably female. Her hair was matted and knotted, parts of it kept in braids. She was young, in appearance, except her eyes. With a shock Ronon realized what he’d seen in her eyes: weariness, loneliness, and a type of desperation he well remember from his years as a Runner.

“If you promise not to attack anymore,” Sheppard said from Teyla’s side, “if you would talk with us the big guy will let up.”

Her eyes finally flickered away from Ronon and to his team. Suddenly she was riveted to Sheppard and McKay. She gave a small gasp and went completely still, no longer struggling against Ronon. He gave a little space and before he could blink she had wriggled lose of his hold, used the tree for leverage, and with her bare feet knocked him to the ground.

Within seconds the brunette was past the men’s guns and touching their arm patches. Tears welled in her eyes as she started to shake. Looking into Sheppard’s eye she whispered a barely audible “Earth!” And fell unconscious.


Ronon watched as the Pixie fainted.

“Did she say Earth?” Rodney asked his face cynical and astonished.

Sheppard looked Gob-smacked. “She did Rodney… she really did…”

“The ‘flag’ design on your arm,” Teyla commented, “she recognized them.”

Ronon stood and pulled the blade from his arm. It was an impressive blade, six inches long, a slight curve, the weight and handle were perfect for someone with thin hands and long fingers.

He tucked the blade into his waistband as he stalked over to his team. He was irritated that she had gotten under his guard and that she knocked him down. Not to mention she had stabbed him.

He nodded to reassure his team that he was fine. Suppressed curses caused his anger to make a growling sound in his chest. Decisively he leaned down, gathered her in his arms and preceded to carry her bridal style towards the Ancestral Ring. His teammate followed.
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