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Keys to Pegasus

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Keys to Pegasus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Battle with the First is about to start and suddenly Dawn is alone in another galaxy. She must survive. After years by herself people come bearing a symbol she recognizes. Maybe she has found her destiny...

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredHermionetobeFR1836123,39948333274,70326 Jun 0815 Sep 08Yes

Not on Revello Drive

Buffy/Stargate: Dawn’s Gate Challenge 3285

Disclaimer: Yeah yeah…. Own nothing, just enjoying my ideas with Joss’ characters and the extensive Stargate family.

The Battle with the First is about to start and suddenly Dawn is alone in another galaxy. She must survive. After years by herself people come baring a symbol she recognizes. Maybe she has found her destiny...


‘Sunnydale does not have open spaces this wide and… green…’ Dawn Summers thought as she studied her surroundings. She was alone. Of that she was sure.

She looked at the twilight sky taking in the grand sight of two moons a—

“Two moons?” her yell echoed in the clearing. “Oh Goddess… Willow what did you do to me?” She blinked a few times to clear the tears in her vision before refocusing her eyes on moons above her head. She thought back to her house and the chaos that led her to this moment.

The First had been in the house. Buffy had yelled something at Willow. Willow had ran for Dawn and touched her shoulder… than nothing… she woke in the green clearing beneath two moons.

“Buffy is going to be sooooooo mad.” Dawn mumbled miserably. They had barely been on speaking terms the last few weeks. Not so much for lack of trying as the numerous people camped out in their house. Thirty-odd Potential Slayers, a wanted Slayer, a barely sane souled vampire, the only Watcher, the hostage-turned-guest, a recovering magik addict, and an outcast vengeance demon.

Revello Drive was Grand Slayer Station and she, like Xander, was only a potential victim, hostage, and dead weight.

‘Seventeen. On some alien planet and barely enough potential to fill a leaf.’ Dawn’s cynical side reared its ugly head.

‘No.’ The optimistic side argued, ‘Buffy and Xander spent the summer teaching you to stay alive. Spike told you how to get what you need from the land. And you have spent your entire life watching people and the last three years secretly handling weapons. You can do this!’

With renewed rigor Dawn surveyed her surroundings. To her left was a series of hills. Behind her she could heard running water. In front of her and the entire area to her Right was forest. ‘Trees, trees, trees… and look more trees!’

Turning a 180 degrees Dawn headed for the sounds of water. After walking roughly 150 yards she found the source: a river. She followed the river towards the foothills, looking for signs of life, shelter, and something more dangerous than a stick to defend herself with.

Buffy looked frantically at Willow asking again, “Where is Dawn?”

Willow was pale as she explained, “Buffy I swear I didn’t use any magik--”

“Then where is my sister?”

“I felt a tug,” Willow told the room for the fourth time since the chaos had ceased, “it felt like somebody had snapped something back into place. This wasn’t a small power Buffy. It was huge.”

“I. Don’t. Care. I simply want Dawn back!” Willow looked at Giles for help.

“From what Willow has described of the magik signature and the feeling around the universe…” Giles sighed heavily. “Buffy whoever, or whatever, did this was not intending to harm Dawn. In fact it sounds like she is somewhere she is supposed to be--”

“No Giles.” Buffy yelled, “it can’t be. She is mine, and I want her back!”


Anya’s question hung in the air, stopping all arguments and leaving the eyes of all involved glued to her.

“Excuse me?” Buffy asked slowly.

“Willow said the magik was not harmful. It was not intending to harm Dawn. From what she described it actually sounds like the Powers stepping in. Why – if they took her out of harm’s way – would you want her here? Here – where we are barely keeping our heads above water in the fight with the First?”

Everyone stopped a moment to consider.

Spike was the first to respond.

“I hate to let the Powers-that-fuck-with-people get away with anything. But I have to agree with Demon-girl. Whoever is left when all is said and done will be responsible for finding Dawn.” He looked at them one by one in the eye. Giles, Willow, Anya, Xander, Faith, lastly he looked at Buffy. “Agreed?”

“Yes.” Everyone but Buffy responded.

“Maybe this is one thing you aren’t supposed to fight,” Xander replied nodding.

“How can you say that? This is Dawn! She’s too young to be on her own!”
“Most Slayers are younger when they are sent to fight the darkness,” Faith said quietly.

“But she’s not a Slayer! Or even a Potential!” Buffy replied.

“Pet,” Spike turned attention back to him, “when all Hell comes knocking on our door what were planning to do?”

Buffy paused. “I was going to send her as far away as I could.”

“Maybe that is the Power’s way of making sure she is where she needs to be when all this goes down.”

Buffy made no more argument as she stalked out into the night.


After two weeks Dawn had a suitable cave that didn’t flood from eight straight days of rain she had endured after only a few hours on the planet. She had fashioned a throwing spear for fishing, a crude ax, and a decent knife. She hadn’t seen any signs of civilization from what she’d been able to scout. Though she hadn’t traveled far from the cave she expect that the river to be teeming with intelligent life.

This morning however she was awoken to the distant screams and a sound like wind shear off a jet. Scrambling from her bed of moss and soft packed dirt Dawn grabbed her jean jacket. Running quickly along the foothills with her ax and knife in hand she headed for the screams.

She stayed in the dense brush of the foothills. She could see a man running towards the river. He was yelling a warning.

“The Wraith have returned!”

He was twenty yards from the river when a spaceship hit him with a beam and he vanished…
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