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Halloween World: Snapshots of the Hallow Earth

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Summary: An addition to Spaceman’s Halloween World universe. Random ficlets about people, places, and events in the world plunged into endless Halloween.

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Chapter One

Title: Halloween World: Snapshots of the Hallow Earth

Author: DarkGoddess (aka Empress of the Azure Skies)

Summary: An addition to Spaceman’s Halloween World universe. Random ficlets about people, places, and events in the world plunged into endless Halloween.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of the other series used in this story. Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and all others are property of their respective owners. Halloween World was created by Spaceman and I’m responding to a challenge by him to write stories taking place in his universe.

This story is on both my account Empress of the Azure Skies and my Twisting the Hellmouth account DarkGoddess.


After the world was changed on the October 31, 1997, aspects of popular culture associated with the Halloween holiday were affected differently than the rest of the world.

The colors orange and black became colors of power. Inanimate objects that were these colors were more likely to absorb the chaos magic and come alive. Magic users utilizing these colors in drawing spell circles or adding them to potions found it granted their arcane greater power.

Animals associated with Halloween such as crows, owls, spiders, bats, and black cats often gained magical abilities and human intelligence.

Scarecrows, associated more with the fall season, but also Halloween to an extent, found themselves given life. Some became friendly like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, while others were possessed by demons and slaughtered innocents.

Houses decorated as haunted houses became homes to restless spirits and all sorts of monsters.

Bobbing for apples became dangerous as any tubs of water with apples floating in them became either home to demons that drowned anyone who tried to take the apples or watery portals to other dimensions, most notably the dimension of nothing but shrimp.

People who were on hayrides when the event occurred found themselves being driven aimlessly through different worlds, never to return home.

Killers from horror movies found it easy to escape into the world from television sets and even VHS tapes of their movies. Ironically many of them found themselves fodder for monsters that were once children terrified of them.

The supernatural aspects of Michael Jackson’s song Thriller made it a very interesting power. Anyone or anything which heard it had to reenact the music video until the music stopped, which would be never in some cases.


In one of the many vast wastes of a battle was raging. A group of identical blond teenage boys in orange were doing battle with an army of vampires and demons. This group of blonds was composed entirely of different versions of Naruto Uzumaki. This group has been nicknamed “The Seven Eyes.” Each member of this group possessed a different set of eyes, each with unique powers. Each has adopted a new surname to be able to reflect their different eyes

The three leaders of the group possessed the Three Great Doujutsu of Naruto’s world: the Sharingan, the Byakugan, and the Rinnegan. Others possessed eye techniques from other worlds including the Ultimate Eye of Pride from Fullmetal Alchemist, the Millennium Eye from Yu-Gi-Oh, the blue eyes of Fai D Flourite from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, and the Jagan of Hiei from YuYu Hakusho.

A huge, snake-like demon attempted to wrap itself around Naruto Samsara, the Rinnegan user, only for a vampire to leap on its back on snap its neck. The snake looked confused as it died, thinking the vampires had been on its side. What the monsters didn’t know was that Samsara had five other bodies, all of which were vampires and demons that blend in with the others.

Naruto Hyuuga was using the Hyuuga family’s Jyuken on a vampire. The Jyuken is a style of taijutsu that uses the Byakugan to see the chakra points in an opponent’s body, and then block them by striking them with the user’s own chakra. Naruto was improvising it to overload the vampire’s body with the spiritual power contained with his chakra. After a few hits to areas that would be vitals in humans, the creature turns to dust and he moves on to another enemy.

Naruto Uchiha was having a much easier time than the other two. He simply released the black flames of his Amaterasu technique and watched as a large group of demons are burned down to nothing.

Naruto Bradley had to fight the old fashioned way. However, his Ultimate Eye allowed him to easily predict his enemies’ attacks. The two vampires fighting him are growing increasingly frustrated by his ability to dodge all of the punches they threw at him. He creates several Kage Bunshin to distract his enemies, then forms an Odama Rasengan. When he releases it, the bunshin and vampires are both obliterated.

Naruto Pegasus wasn’t fighting directly, instead he used the power of his Millennium Eye to summon Duel Monsters. He held up the Toon World card, bringing forth a huge story book. The book opened to reveal a pop-up town. From the book emerged the Toon Summoned Skull, Toon Blue Eyes White Dragon, and Toon Dark Magician Girl. A blast from the mouth of the dragon obliterated several vampires and the other two combine dark magic and lightning into an attack that takes out nearly a dozen demons.

Naruto Flourite was moving his fingers in the, leaving a line of strange runes in their wake. The monsters looked hesitant to get to close, and they found they had good reason to be afraid as several blasts of magic energy shot from the runes and ended their lives.

Naruto Jagan was a bit different from the others of the group as his eyes were both normal and his Jagan was a third eye on his forehead. Additionally he used the Jagan differently than Hiei did. Hiei used it for hypnosis, remote viewing, and telepathy (all of which Naruto also does), but also to amplify his natural powers and to control the hell fires of his home. Instead of these latter abilities, Naruto used it to control the powers of the Kyuubi, allowing him to go as high as a six tailed state before losing control and he believes with training he could stay in control with all nine tails. A concentrated blast of chakra from his mouth in his six tailed state is all that is necessary to wipe out about a quarter of the enemies.

As the Narutos stand victorious they all shout as one, “Let’s celebrate with some ramen!”


A lone cloaked figure walked down a well worn path. All around it were trees in shapes that dwell in the darkest nightmares of children. At the edge of them were brief flashes of light, like hungry eyes watching potential prey. The red sky above provides very little light even without treetops in they way, so the forest is pitch black in some areas. Even in this terrifying scene the figure walked without hesitation or even taking note of anything around it.

The path abruptly ended in clearing bathed in the light of the full moon, disturbing since the moon is no longer visible through the red sky. The figure moved to the center of the clearing and removed the cloak to reveal an obviously female form. She lifted her arms to the sky and muttered something in a language that would make most men shiver in fear. Around her the forest seemed to blur and was suddenly gone, replaced by what appears to be some sort of temple.

The place is filled with an unearthly glow that doesn’t appear to be generated by anything in particular. In this light the woman was in full view. She was wearing a simple but tight red dress that accented every detail of her impeccable body and showed off her ample cleavage. Her pale skin was contrasted by her long, jet black hair. Her most striking feature was her eyes. They had red irises that seem to almost glow.

All around were figures of various shapes and sizes in black robes, their faces hidden in shadow. Some were chanting in various languages. Others are sobbing or cackling madly. A few are simply sitting silently and staring upward. The faces of those looking up were visible, reveal a mix of humans, humanoids, and non-humans.

The woman also looked up and smiled. Above them was a shifting cloud of darkness that seemed to drain all the light that dares to approach it. As she stared at it, it seemed to whisper to her. She couldn’t make out what it was saying, but knew whatever it was, it would probably drive most mortals to insanity.

“Lady Ayu,” a deep voice interrupted her contemplation.

She turned to see a large person in a robe covered in intricate designs.

“Ahh, High Priest Gorilar,” she replied in rich and seductive voice, “just the man I wanted to see. Have you prepared the ritual?”

“Yes, milady,” he answered, “we only need you to complete the Dark Evocation of Blood.”

She grined and her eyes seem to glow more intensely.

“Well then, lead the way,” she said sweetly.

The pair walked silently through a maze of corridors. Lady Ayu’s face gradually began to show signs of boredom and the glow in her eyes lessens. At last they reach a wooden door with various symbols painted in blood on it. Gorilar stands off to the side and Ayu opens the door.

Immediately her sadistic grin returned and her eyes are eyes are literally alight. Hanging upside down from the ceiling was a young man. He was badly beaten and blood is flowing from several wounds. He had sandy brown hair, though currently it is caked with blood, and he would’ve been quite handsome if not for his injuries.

“Our F-f-father…who ar-art in Heaven” he sobbed, “h-hallowed…b-be thy n-n-name…thy kingdom come…thy will be…”

Slightly irritated, she waved her hand and he could no longer speak.

“The only god here is Plaxuel, The Vile Blasphemous Controller of the Forbidden Woods and shall deliver only eternal suffering. Consider yourself fortunate that you will help to bring about the Age of Plaxuel. The corrupted soul of a fallen priest like you will make a fine sacrifice. You are worthless to your own God”

She extended her hand and a sword appeared in it in a cloud of black smoke. The sword’s blade had a black hue to it and there were trees engraved in it. The guard resembled bat wings, the grip was wrapped in red leather, and the pommel wass shaped like a skull. In a fluid motion she cut him down and then drove the blade through his heart as he hit the floor. She raised the sword high over her head, her eyes shining more brightly than ever, her face in an expression of mad glee.

“All hail Plaxuel!”


Author’s Note

I hope you enjoyed my take on Halloween World. I’ll update as I get ideas. I appreciate constructive criticism.


Doujutsu: Eye Technique
Samsara: Cycle of Reincarnation, Rinnegan draws its name for the Japanese word for this.
Kage Bunshin: Shadow Clones
Odama Rasengan: Huge Spiraling Sphere, a larger version of the Rasengan.
Jagan: Evil Eye

Many of the aspects of the third part, such as the sword design and Plaxuel, come from Seventh Sanctum.
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